"Flirty Fishing" accusation from India against BK Dipanjali

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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"Flirty Fishing" accusation from India against BK Dipanjali

Post05 Dec 2010

Flirty Fishing is the name of a tactic used by one notorious cult that used attractive young women to hook new adherents. This is not the first such accusation. The issue of BK Sisters using their sexuality was first discussed way back in the 1980s by the famous BK Sister Denise to shock-horror amongst the BKs. I think now it is far more obvious given the sanctioning for BK Sisters to wear make up, color their hair, have beauty treatments, dress in "Wordly" clothes for the sake of service etc.

Reading the comments below made me re-thinking my own encultation into the BKWSU because I was most certainly the "favorite" of the center-in-charge. Given the separation of the sexes within Hindu society, I wonder how many men are sucked in by the attraction of the young (and not so young) Sisters? Lots of BKs Sisters are very sweet and I suspect have their own suppressed physical and emotional longings, not just for comfort and contact of a partner but also of children. What happens to it? Where does it go? Do we really believe that it is all channeled into one relationship with a ghost Baba?
pilatus wrote:Combined with other sessions I've attended where she's been present, I'd dare to claim that Sister Maureen's a pretty powerful yogi soul ...

I don't know. I think the Brahma Kumaris confuse the concept of Yoga and spiritualism or psychicism. I would agree many of the BKs are effective mediums of whoever or whatever the "spirit" behind the BKWSU is. But I do not think that equates to "yogi". I also agree that one can have many extra-ordinary experiences. I don't dispute that.

However, after observing the movement, others long term experiences and especially the effect on the world about them (breaking up of families, the 'robbery' of money and property under false pretenses, I came to doubt the nature of "the spirit" of the BKWSU. Most spiritualists or yogi types that I regard consider that the higher you go, the more discrete (I use that word instead of "subtle" as the BKs have their own definition of that) and refined the experience one has, not head spinning ones. It appears to me those head spinning experience are actually not of ones own control and volition, that they are being done to one by someone or something else. Again, to most spiritualists or yogis that is a sign of a lower level of spirituality or psychism.

Meanwhile ... poor old Maureen and the BKs are taking a kicking on the New Stateman articles she did, here: New Statesman: Something for everyone. That is funny because when the New Statesmen first put the articles up, they censored off my and others comments from her. It looks like they have given up and accepted that the balance of opinion on the BKs is not positive.
Rajib Sharma - 28 February 2010 at 17:50

The brahmakumaris centre/ashrams are run by Sisters who are mentally sick(BK Medhawati),these Sisters have little consideration for the emotional wellbeing of the students.The students are harassed for donations for running some of their stupid philanthrophies, instances are their where the young Sister (BK Dipanjali) uses manipulative tactics like flirting and seduction to gain money. I am a victim, mentally and emotionally abused. I got the scent after 5yrs (period 2005-2010), though i always had a suscipion. I might have landed in the wrong centre, Maligaon branch under Rupnagar, NE HQ, Guwahati, Assam.

The tradition of BK is so unique that it doesnt matches with any other religion. The fraudent ways with which each centre in charge acts, the cunningness, the deceptiveness and above all psychological manipulation are glaringingly seen in close touch with the centres. All these vices are committed for Baba,to make people know their Baba, to keep their members company with Baba. Now the question arises to become pure and be in the company of Baba, do anyone have to be a victim of these vices? If all these vices committed are pointed out the natural answer is drama, past is past, purusarthi and all the rubbish but if some members commit these vices simply he is ignored and kicked out. No mercy, but their Brahma Baba and Baba are said to have exemplary mercy on anyone. These BK Sisters are plainly hoodwinking people and are keeping their agenda of destruction alive to keep their cash box ringing.
Rajib Sharma - 07 March 2010 at 12:20

... The concept of ex BK comes only due to extremities of their practice for which many followers have to leave the organisation,either it maybe strict ascetism or CONCEALED WORLDINESS.The later seems to be more appropiate becoz Sisters especially in ASSam,India cannot live without AC, trendy vehicles of Brothers etc. So if you are married a your wife follows AND YOU HAVE A DESIRE TO "FLING" go become a BK, go to the centre with new fashionable car, give hefty donation AND REALISE THE NEW CONCEPT OF SPIRITUALITY SUPPOSEDLY 5000yrs old rajayoga.

... They horde properties in the name of God and starting a centre

B Singh - 08 March 2010 at 19:20

These BK women are really SICK. They will do anything to get donation from a member. I have seen families being destroyed because of them. From the day my Father has joined this cult, we have not had peace in the house. He has become mentally sick!!! seems like he is hypnotized. He thinks he is God himself.

What these BK's teach is bullsh**.

How can a man and wife call each other brother-sister? These BK's want the men-members for themselves. I have seen them flirting and acting stupid.
nonbk - 04 July 2010 at 18:50

my family life has been destroyed due to BKs

There is more of the same, link above.
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Re: "Flirty Fishing" accusation from India against BK Dipanjali

Post05 Dec 2010


Thanks for posting this. For a strange reason I got a 404 page. Had to copy paste complete link:

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