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Why I left the Brahma Kumaris

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2011
by rayoflight
Here is a list I wrote a few years ago when I decided to leave the BKWSO. I thought it could be helpful and perhaps might inspire others to add their own lists.

Why I left the Brahma Kumaris

    • I felt that the principles were causing me more confusion than spiritual knowledge
    • I felt that there was less interest or care for people than I had hoped for
    • I felt a lot of negative energy especially at the level of jealousy and competition
    • I felt a lack of open-mindedness especially in discussing issues and problems with the principles and ideals of the group
    • I felt the coldness and fear of intimacy were unhealthy
    • I didn’t agree with the principles especially the negative spin on relationships
    • The rigidity was a real turn-off
    • I saw a lot of weakness in the leaders instead of strength
    • I saw a lot of ego in the leaders instead of spirituality
    • I started to feel physically weak
    • Too many people were physically ill
    • I didn’t believe in the karma that instilled guilt
    • I felt humiliated by my feelings for a Brother I liked
    • I felt disrespected as a human being and as a person
    • I was not happy anymore
    • I felt very disappointed in the lack of professionalism in the group
    • I felt isolated and abandoned
    • I didn’t trust the people in the group
    • I lost faith in the process
    • I lost faith in the group
    • The group tried to convince me of things I didn’t want nor believe in
    • I thought I found a group I could belong to, but that was not the case
    • I thought spiritual seekers were good people and wanted the best for others, but I was let down
    • I started to feel paranoid especially because I could read people’s minds
    • I was going through high highs and low lows
    • I really wanted to have kids and the messages in the Murli about destruction and kids being bad confused me. Also being in love with a Brother became an obstacle to finding someone “normal” to have a relationship with and a child with. I felt really blocked.
Why I joined the Brahma Kumaris

    • I liked the positive thinking course
    • I liked learning about spiritual values
    • I liked meditating and studying spirituality
    • I felt that all my questions were answered which completely blew me away
    • I was really taken by the sweetness of Sister _____, my first BK teacher
    • I really identified with the goodness that was being preached
    • My spirits were uplifted and gave me hope that life could still be worthwhile
    • I was learning something new and positive
    • I learned to pray
    • I found a way to channel my hopes and desires for happiness
    • I found a way to try to find myself again
    • I was spiritually insatiable and couldn’t stop reading and meditating
    • I was tired of my life and ready to do something deeper and more fulfilling
The hidden truths I would later find out

    • I found a way to get out of the vicious circle I was in (but found a new vicious circle much harder to get out of!)
    • I liked that I thought I was healing (although really I was being hypnotized and numbing myself)
    • I liked the self-confidence that being BK brought me (although it became more of a superiority complex than healthy self-esteem)
    • Spirituality renewed my hope that I could find a spiritual soulmate (but the Murli dashed it and negated it)

Re: Why I left the Brahma Kumaris

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2011
by shanti
Thank you for sharing so clearly and honestly rayoflight. Its interesting that our initial experiences are often so positive however there is something not quite right when it doesn't deliver in the long term.

Re: Why I left the Brahma Kumaris

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2011
by rayoflight
It's important to be clear and honest now (especially after leaving the BKWSO ...), because that is what I lost when I was following the teachings of the BKWSO.

Positive original qualities that were buried under the fear of being shamed ... so sad ... but thank goodness it is time now for all falsities to come out in the light, and the BKWSO will not be exempt ... the real Light is much much more powerful!!

Thank you for your kind reply.

Re: Why I left the Brahma Kumaris

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2011
by ex-l
Famous last words from the family of a notable Western BK.

    "The only thing the Brahma Kumaris taught our son do to was lie".
And 30 years later, Janki Kirpalani pretended not to remember who the individual was despite that he virtually single handedly opened up a multi-millionaire market for them.

(Not me by the way).

Re: Why I left the Brahma Kumaris

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2011
by shanti
Its time for honesty - Rayoflight I have been reading your blogs and particularly identify with the following:

"The duality of body and soul or body and mind is nothing other than ego's desire to cause separation and thus, destruction. Finding balance and equilibrium is our goal, not annihilating the body and the rest of the world. I don't know if God, karma, reincarnation or any other Eastern philosophy is actually true per se, but it doesn't matter anymore. Once you have faith in your own self, the rest seems to fall into place on its own. It is when we seek to be accepted that we fall into traps like a religious cult."

I really like this and have come to a very similar understanding that it is not 'out there' - it's within. When I was younger and joined the BKWSO I was seriously co-dependent and was happy to find a group who would foster that. But my higher self was not happy with that because it goes against everything that I am. The soul is not a wimp! Looking back I think thats at the heart of why I left. I had to make the painful journey from co-dependence to having faith in the self. I couldn't have made this journey within the BKWSO because it simply does not foster self acceptance which I now understand is the basis of spiritual growth.

In retrospect I wonder if in a funny sort of way whether my own experience actually helped me but not in the way that I thought it would. I was seeking love and acceptance, something warm and fuzzy and inner peace and instead I got a kick in the backside and lots of inner turmoil. Perhaps thats what I needed to become strong, however at the same time my own experience was that the lack of deep spiritual knowledge, questioning, honesty and sharing in the BKWSO was detrimental to the human spirit.

Re: Why I left the Brahma Kumaris

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2011
by rayoflight
The soul is not a wimp!


It is my turn to congratulate you on your honest post. You are right. the soul is not a wimp! I love that and I can attest to it as I write this because my spirit is strong now and my mind is clear. The BK experience is past - past is past! And I use it to help other seekers although everyone is free to make their own mistakes ;)
Famous last words from the family of a notable Western BK.

"The only thing the Brahma Kumaris taught our son do to was lie".

ex-l: this really gave me chills. The kind you get from watching a horror movie.

Re: Why I left the Brahma Kumaris

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2011
by Mr Green
I left because of the storms of Maya, and now I am in the clutches of Ravan, just awating Dharamraj before flying home like a swarm of mosquitos, or something

I left because I was lucky enough to awaken from their spell

Re: Why I left the Brahma Kumaris

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2011
by rayoflight
just awating Dharamraj before flying home like a swarm of mosquitos, or something

Heehee ... that's funny ... just curious do mosquitos have souls?
I left because I was lucky enough to awaken from their spell

Don't you think it's interesting that we all have this in common? We can relate to each other in ways that some of my closest friends would not even begin to imagine could exist in this world.

Re: Why I left the Brahma Kumaris

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2011
by ex-l
What that sentence brought up for me was "only thing" he learned ... as in for all the years one pours in, what does one really learn?

It is about the BKWSU taking what you already have and using it ... because Destruction is coming soon and there is no point in planning for the future. Destruction seems to give permission for them to pillage in the name of their god.

I have not looked closely at the more recent "leadership" courses etc but, mostly, such courses seem to me to be on the level of false confidences. As in a booster from a nice group experience but nothing real or substantial.

Yes, because of the craziness of the philosophy, one has to learn to be a liar. A split person for BK life and everyday life. Since we discovered all the historical re-writing, we now know the leaders are Master Liars who have covered up mislead and misencouraged individuals for decades.

For example, Janki Kirpalani telling her London-based followers to donate everything because the end of the world was coming in 1976, and then buying a freehold property the same year ... knowing damn fine that the same failure took place in 1950 and WWII. And not telling anyone. Not discussing it. Not warning people to be cautious as would the ethical thing to have done. And then her surrogate son, Jayanti Kripalani, keep quiet about it all to generation of Western followers.

When I heard of a "spiritual university" I genuinely thought it was a place of learning where philosophy, ethics and esoteric arts would be taught, not hypnosis, group manipulation and control. I fooled myself into hanging on thinking that something special was going to appear until I became trapped by habit and relationships within the community. Then I saw it was just what it was and got sit of all the stupidity ... the VIP chasing, the ridiculous self-importance and the invasiveness of the self-appointed gurus.