Gandharva Vivah (Yagya Marriage)

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Gandharva Vivah (Yagya Marriage)

Post27 Jul 2011

In the Murlis, we had been hearing many times about "Gandharva Vivah" (Yagya marriage) and the most popular example of the same is BK Ramesh Shah & BK Usha, who also celebrated their Golden Jubilee (50th marriage anniversary) before BK Usha left her body some time back.

The Facebook Profile of BK Ramesh Shah reveals that he married with Usha on 27 November, 1960.

Some other examples include:
    Mr. & Mrs. Shukla from Delhi.
    Shukla Didi is now one of the senior BK Sisters in Delhi, just like BK Asha, ORC.
    Mr.Shukla is still there alive, I think.
Now, I would like to ask the users of this forum whether anyone of you know more about "Gandharva Vivah"?

I had heard that Brahma Baba had arranged Gandharva Vivah of many BKs and then many of them left Gyan and then the concept of Gandharva Vivah was dropped.

One more question arises and that is why did Brahma Baba Himself arrange Gandharva Vivah of many BKs?
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Re: Gandharva Vivah (Yagya Marriage)

Post27 Jul 2011

truly_awake wrote:One more question arises and that is, why did Brahma Baba Himself arrange Gandharva Vivah of many BKs?

Good question and interesting observations or historical record which I accept to be true. However forget, "Brahma Baba". Let's not play their game. Call him by his name and say Lekhraj Kirpalani. A faulted human like us all, not a god.

The answer is simple ... it was for the sake of fraud. To defraud the families, usually of woman involved (... and one that I suspect the BKWSU probably benefited in terms of dowry and family inheritances).

In the West, we had another case. Dr Hansa Raval of Texas. In that case, it was to defraud the immigration department of the USA. Although she had left her husband and young child to join the BKWSU, allowing her to rise up the ranks, she married a foreign Brahma Kumar who was doing free renovations and extensions to her property. (She also attempted to defraud the US Immigration again later bringing in other Indian Brahma Kumar on the basis of them being "priests ... required to work in the community". I think the simple explanation would be more like they would bring in donations, their highly paid IT wages, to fund the center).

In Raval's case, I have no idea if it was "officially sanctioned" but the BK also left in a mess, leaving behind everything and giving over all rights to their joint "marriage property" and his work. It appears there were sexual/emotional tangles ... but still the BKWSU supports her. Why? I suspect because of "money" again. She gives money and held the center in her name.

If one was to be generous, one might say "to appease the parents of daughters who were subject to cultural demands and commonsense concerns about the future of their daughters in her old age and infirmity" but it is still a dishonest fraud. The BKWSU gives no welfare nor pension guarantees to surrendering Kumaris.

The BKWSU go a long way to "divinise" Lekhraj Kirpalani but he was also a tricky businessman and if you look closely as many of the moves he and his organization makes, it is based on deceiving others whether individuals, families or the authorities.

The other aspect of Lekhraj Kirpalani that I think this raises is a massive vanity or narcissism. Not something we have really look at.

Even though his predictions of Destruction kept failing, even though those he gave Golden Ages names and married off kept leaving, at no point does he seem to have questioned his own fallibility or godhood.

I would be very grateful for more reports of the Brahma Kumaris activities in Indian. Thank you for raising this.


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Re: Gandharva Vivah (Yagya Marriage)

Post29 Jul 2011

According to the Wikipedia, Gandharva Vivah is marriage against the wishes of their families.
Gandharva Vivaha: However when a man and a woman marry with each others consent but may not have the consent of their family then this wedding is called Gandharva Vivah or 'love marriage'.

Another example of BKs stealing a concept from Hinduism, a word from Sanskrit and changing its meaning and to use it for their own perverted reason.

One more point from the same wikipedia website:
According to Hinduism, marriage is a union between a male and a female with a commitment so that they can pursue Dharma, Artha (possessions) and Kama (physical desires) together. It joins two families. It is at once a gateway to earthly life of pleasure, progress, prosperity and joy as it is also an altar of elevation to a level of spiritual experience.

Clearly, Hinduism doesn't encourage celibacy. On the contrary, it encourages pursuing "Kama". What do the BKs have to say to this?

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