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ex-BK members on Facebook

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2011
by ex-l

Re: ex-BK members on Facebook

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2011
by jann
Checked it out! There is some Balert Bond character just copy and paste from this site ... and gets all the BKs jumping. ex-l?

Re: ex-BK members on Facebook

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2011
by ex-l
From Facebook, someone called Balert Bond posting. You have to log in to see it, I think, but it is all good stuff and proves the cause of waking the world up to the Brahma Kumaris is picking up.

No, I don't know who this individual is and it is more than just a "copy and paste" and it is certainly not me. They say, "Retired Teacher, studied at University of Southern California, lives in San Antonio, Texas. That is Dr Hansa "make mine a handsome blond Westerner" Raval's territory.
Balert Bond wrote:How can the BKWSU claim the title University? In the so-called BK Spiritual University, one only finds Murlis and propaganda books about the Brahma Kumaris, written by authors who are BKs themselves, or BK-supporters. It is a belief, a doctrine, not anything near a University. Most of the teachers are uneducated people who got involved, believing God is the Ocean of Knowledge and the senior teachers (most uneducated) are rivers of knowledge.

The Knowledge are the words of God, written down in Murlis. The tone of voice is quite childish, full of metaphors and symbolism and no solid explanation whatsoever for claims of purification through Yoga power, the world history repeating itself every 5000 years, a Golden Age with 8 emperors and empresses, golden palaces and flying saucers. But one is supposed to study.The characteristic of studying at an academic level is that you read many different sources of information, based on your own research, and reed all available literature on a particular subject.
Balert Bond wrote:Student: "If God Shiva comes to purify the world, and he does so by purifying a handful of people, how is it with animals in the future paradise? They just breed and eat each other."

The response of the Ocean of Knowledge in the Murli: "Don't waste your thoughts in such matters. The children's only concern should be to become pure. Baba takes care of the rest."

Student."And how about burning karma through Yoga power, what exactly is burnt and how does it work? Are memories being burned? Character traits? Emotions, desires?"

The response of a teacher at the academy: "These are things that only senior Dadis can understand."

Student "But why don't they tell us then?"

The response from the teacher: "Because our intellect is not pure enough to be able to understand."

Student "So all my questions remain unanswered until my intellect is pure enough to understand. But how can I study this way?"

The response of a river of knowledge, a senior Dadi: "Do not raise question marks, just put a dot. You are a dot, Baba is a dot. Put a dot to everything."

The BKSWU thinks this is the way people should study. By dis-encourage them to ask questions or read books.

It is forbidden for such an organization to call themselves a University. It is misleading, cheating and above all: extremely arrogant
Balert Bond wrote: Of course, the Seniors don't know either ... they keep you hanging on in the hope that one day you will discover there are mystical answers to all the great questions in life. But there is nothing. That is all you get. Pithy little aphorisms taken from Hinduism ... until you submit and conform.

Success within their framework is to be found in submitting and conforming to their norm ... and most of all, not rocking the boat by embarrassing their Senior Sisters. Many of the Seniors might be sweet and loveful as any good grandmother is, but they have the mental capacity of child with the morality of snake oil salesmen.

Not just the arrogance and stupid of the self-titling ... but the dogged resistance against truth, respect and reality, marks them for what they are.

But, of course, the con has worked. And it was inspired directly by the master conman himself (be that Lekhraj Kirpalani or BapDada) in the channelled messages, "call yourself a university and no one will mind".

And, of course, it gives the egos of the likes of Jayanti Kripalani - who herself is a university drop out - some pretense to hide behind and pretend when they go off to the United Nations and chase politicians, "oh, we are a university". Come on ... it's a huge ugly joke!

Show me one truly great ... or honest ... intellectual work written by the BKWSU, or any of the previously perfectly intelligent individuals. It does not exist. Despite all the millions spent on self-advertising and mediocre community entertainment (you cant really call them "cultural" events) ... what have their really achieved? "Sales-pitch ... deceptions ... polished fronts ... cover up ... outright lies. The fact is, the BKWSU rots and kills intellects. It operates on a lower, emotional, sentimentalist and psychic level.

With all that money spent, they could have started a real university. Instead, all those uneducated adherents trapped for years seeking "benefits" by shutting down their mental and intellectual capacities ... and the leaders know it damn fine. It's all about the tawdry business now. "This is the only true university. All the other universities are only limited universities giving limited benefits ... ignorant, they are stumbling in the darkness ... here you gain unlimited inheritance, unlimited benefits" ... give us your money.

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PostPosted: 02 Nov 2011
by Mr Green

Re: ex-BK members on Facebook

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2011
by maria
Superb-well explained.

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PostPosted: 06 Nov 2011
by lokila
My guess is Balert Bond took a close look here. While reading I had a feeling of a flash back. did not I read these words before? Eh...did not I wrote them actually? The exact same sentences? And no, It was NOT last Kalpa. It was several years ago. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2277

Why would Balert Bond copy paste text from here and place them at his Facebook account? I would appreciate it if my words just stay mine. Let him/her use his own words....

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PostPosted: 07 Nov 2011
by ex-l
lokila wrote:Why would Balert Bond copy paste text from here and place them at his Facebook account?

Well, this website is copyright free so anyone can take what they want. The truth is the truth. It is kind of hard to say it in ten different ways but, yes, it might have been nice to pay respect to the original author.

I am just really grateful someone else is spread the discussion elsewhere, although a lot of the Facebook BKs appear to be in 100% BK brainwash mode. Not many ex-BKs there yet but it reads like there are a few Indian anti-BKs onboard. I suspect there are a lot more anti-BKs in India than we realise.

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PostPosted: 07 Nov 2011
by ex-l
One of the better BK quotes from Facebook on a Brahma Kumaris page called Baba-2. From Sudeshna Dey who studied at S B Women's College and lives in Cuttack, Orissa.

I guess "Diamond Words" is a Brahma Kumarism, from Diamond Age etc, for "stuff we agree with". Good to know the Godly University is still educating its students so well.
BK Sudeshna Dey wrote:Diamond Words of Hitler

“One who wins without problem, it’s just VICTORY.” But “One who wins with lots of Trouble, He Creates HISTORY.”

Diamond_Words_of_Hitler.jpg (38.02 KiB) Viewed 7284 times

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PostPosted: 08 Nov 2011
by rayoflight