This Murli point says it all

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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This Murli point says it all

Post17 Oct 2011

I am sharing with you some very important Murli point which will make you think over what you do, who you follow & where you go.

If you choose not to heed it, its your choice, but if you apply little bit of your intellect, you can see the truth in black & white.

Respected Brothers and Sisters of Godly family,

The BKs & PBKs are arguing since long regarding the corporeal presence of God Shiva right now.The following is an av, Vani, in which the mother of the Godly knowledge, Brahmababa through Gulzardadi clearly mentioned about the (1)Support of corporeal God Shiva on earth after BB’s demise(2) His activity as an instrument (nimitt) after BB’s demise (3) presence of His family.

“ व्यकत में भी अभ भी सहारा हैं| जैसे पहले निमित्त बना हुआ साकार तन सहारा था वैसे ही अभ भी ड्रामा में निमित बने हुए साकार में सहारा हैं| पहले भी निमित्त हीँ थे,अभ भी निमित्त हैं| यह पूरा (अडवांस) परिवार का साकार सहारा बहुत श्रेष्ठ हैं| अव्यक्त में तो साथ हैं हीँ....साकार से स्नेह अर्थात सारे सिजरे से स्नेह| साकार अकेला नहीं हैं, प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा तो उनके साथ परिवार हैं...” (अ.व. १८.०१.१९७० पृ १६६ अंत)

Please ponder upon the following points:

1) Brahmababa’s [BB] sermons through Gulzar Dadi is known as Avyakt Vani then in 1970 for whom BB through Gulzar Dadi did refer to “ व्यकत में भी अभ भी सहारा हैं”| He was emphasising “अभ भी” which indicated that the Brahmins of the Yagya were sure no corporal assistance of Shiva was available but BB insisted upon, that very assistance of Father Shiva was available.

2) जैसे पहले निमित्त बना हुआ साकार तन सहारा था (that was BB) वैसे ही अभ भी ड्रामा में निमित बने हुए साकार में सहारा (who was that sahara in 1970 ?) हैं| साकार में सहारा means व्यकत में सहारा, not the अव्यक्त सहारा of BB through Gulzardadi. Hence BB was not referred to as व्यकत/साकार तन सहारा. Let us consider that the व्यकत/साकार तन सहारा was Mr. XX.

3) पहले भी निमित्त हीँ थे,[( at the very beginning of the Yagya, BB’s business partner, Sevakram governed him to initiate the Yagya. Oldest Dadijis know that. Proof from Murlis—“बहुत अच्छी २ बच्चिया जो मम्मा बाबा के लिए directionले आती थी, ड्रिल कराती थीं | उनके direction पर हम चलते थे----“यह बच्चिया भी जानती है” (मु .ता.२८.५.६९ पृ २ अंत ) “मनुष्य समझते है अडोम ब्रह्मा, इव सरस्वती | वास्तव में यह रोंग है |----“ (मु .ता.१७.०५.७८ पृ २ मध्य ) -----“ ब्रह्मा-सरस्वती भी वास्तव में मम्मा बाबा नहीं है |” (मु .ता.३१.०३.७२ पृ १ मध्य ) Hence, some other were Mama and Baba=> Mr. XX. “अभ भी निमित्त हैं” Hence one man with corporeal body in 1970 was the निमित्त as per the declaration of BB. Who was that man in 1970??

4) “अव्यक्त में तो साथ हैं हीँ “ Here BB confirmed his incorporeal rather the अव्यक्त support which affirms that his support without body was not the व्यक्त support at the least. Then who was rendering the व्यक्त support after BB’s demise?

5) साकार अकेला नहीं हैं, प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा तो उनके साथ परिवार हैं...” BB expired before 1970. Then, who was that Sakar, प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा accompanied by his family by that time. Proof from Murlis ” क्रिएटर ब्रह्मा को नही कह जाता (मु .ता. १३.०२.७५ पृ २ मध्य )
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Re: This Murli point says it all

Post17 Oct 2011

At this site we're not interested in pondering Murli points, we know they are false and no-one really knows who wrote them and we don't care.
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Re: This Murli point says it all

Post17 Oct 2011

What I would be interested in is if anyone actually went off and tried to discover more about the reality of Narain Sevak Ram. He must have had some family who remember him, perhaps some papers still exist. It strange how BK/PBKs will sit arguing over paper but not just go and meet the person.

What does not fit into the equation easily is that Narain Sevak Ram, who the PBKs see as the founder of the religion and, I understand, believe Virendra Dev Dixit is a reincarnation of ... was actually the secretary for the Anti-Party, or the Bhaibund Om Mandli Committee as it was called. We have that noted as being true in court proceedings.

Sadly, as Mr Green points out, the Murlis are regularly re-written, utterly inconsistent and illogical. They are not "proofs" at all. As usual, the word "proofs" has been taken and turned into meaning something different to BKs/PBKs. It is strange.

In a sense, for a religion, they are perfect because they can be taken at will and used to mean or justify anything the user wants, and manipulate anyone as the current leaders wish. We see this even moreso in the add ons the BKWSY makes, the essences and notes at the end.

Jann posted one recently, "Obey the Seniors". That was not said by their god spirit, it was written by the secret Murli Monkey in Mount Abu who was being told what to do by the usual suspects.


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Re: This Murli point says it all

Post17 Oct 2011

Correction, it was said by their god but was left out on the public side soulchemy here ... ation.html

Probably not to show people on has to obey Seniors because then it looks like a cult.

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