BK Dies, God Forgets

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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BK Dies, God Forgets

Post07 Mar 2012

On 19 February 2012, Brahma Kumari Wajeeha Al Habib died having spent much of her last years doing BK service in the Middle East, especially using their Living Values service programme in places like her private 'Kuwait American School'. (Does anyone know if Principle Peter Williams was also BK? He seems to have been involved in other BK service in Greece and Living Values work in China). Yes, believe it or not, when the school first opened its doors in September 1999, it had '108' students.
One of the greatest benefits of introducing Living Values Education in Kuwait is the developing use of 'quiet time' and 'visualisation'.

Wajeeha was the founder of Harmony House, the Brahma Kumaris centre in Kuwait and "other forms of services" in the Middle East. In August 2009, another notable BK, Helen Sayers, visited them. Although Living Values has since been spun off as being "independent" from the BKWSU, we were always a little critical of how it was used by the BKs as a front and to give credibility to their other activities. It started as a BK evanglist programme.

I wonder how much the BKs made out of her Will that they did not get in the 1 years she was with them whilst she was still alive?
Avyakt BapDada 19/02/12 wrote:She was number one in using everything in a worthwhile way and enabling others to do the same.

The funny thing is, despite all that she did the god of the BKs, the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Knowledge who encourages followers to remember him 24/7 ... could not even remember her name.


Avyakt BapDada 30/11/2008 wrote:... by serving abroad, they have prepared those' of other religions. There are the Christians anyway, but even in Muslim countries, so many children who were hidden have emerged and are moving forward. They are doing that in a different way.

BapDada had remembered the child. What is her name? The one who is opening centres.

Avyakt BapDada 22/02/2009 wrote:BapDada had remembered the child. What is her name? The one who is opening centres. (Wajeeha).

It is terrible when your own Father cannot remember you name. BapDada must be going senile.

The Kuwait American School is not to be confused with the American School of Kuwait which was founded in 1964.

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