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Another BK Suicide

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2012
by ex-l
Terry wrote:I am saddened to report another BK has suicided.

I heard this morning (31/1/11) that a BK named Christine Presley died yesterday, as a result of injuries sustained a number of days earlier attempting to suicide by jumping from a high building. She was in intensive care. The medical staff thought she might be stable enough to be taken off a respirator, but apparently not so, and they were unable to save her.

Christine was originally from Melbourne Australia, became a BK the around 1979-80. She left after a number of years and married a high ranking policeman. He became ill a few years ago and died after a couple of years. Christine had returned regularly to the BKs in Sydney during and since that time. She was probably in her early 60's.

I did not really know her personally. Anyone who can tell us any more about her, please do.

Re: Another BK Suicide

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2012
by Mr Green
Sorry to read this.

Re: Another BK Suicide

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2012
by ex-l
No comment from the Reach Approach people, I see ... although they still promote the Brahma Kumaris on their website.

I wonder what it is going to take for the message to get through to them or what their response is?

How many years have we been banging on about 'Duty of Care' and so on for the BKs? How can you expect such total control over people's lives, minds and see them every day at morning class etc, and

    a) not notice they are falling to pieces, and
    b) make them them feel like they cannot come and talk to you about things.

I remember last year it was a woman from the Midlands of England. What must it take to want to throw yourself off a building?