Why are you so against Brahmakumaris organisation?

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Why are you so against Brahmakumaris organisation?

Post15 Aug 2012

Why are you so against Brahmakumaris organisation? Is there any personal problem?


exiting BK

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Re: Why are you so against Brahmakumaris organisation?

Post15 Aug 2012

Because they are fooling people in the name of GOD. Building up huge properties. They are not Godly but lower than the worldly. They think that they are future Deities but they still have to learn to be HUMANS.

AND WHERE IS THE DESTRUCTION ???? According to their knowledge Krishna should be of the age of 13 years by now ...

HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR MEGA PROGRAMMES? All Celebrities became the marketing people for them. Are they Pure ... do they follow Shrimat ... have they done 7 days course .. and understood Gyan? All of them are marketing for them with modern dresses, loose hairs ... which a surrender BK can not even think of ... they are not Godly... they are MADLY Brain washed ... who still think that the world is going to change in 2-3 years ...

My Personal problem is that i am still paying for the stupidity of following them in my young age ... and I am becoming older and still no where ...
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Re: Why are you so against Brahmakumaris organisation?

Post15 Aug 2012

puneet wrote:Why are you so against Brahmakumaris organisation? Is there any personal problem?

I am not *against* the Brahma Kumaris ... I am all *for* them being honest and doing something practical for the world ... and especially for the poor, the women and children in India ... with all of their wealth, political power, and the time and energy of their followers.

What you have asked is a common piece of propaganda that the leadership spreads about this website and BKWSU critics. Thank you for being honest, reasonable and asking us about it.

No, for me there was no personal problem. I did not leave for the sake of vices, nor did I ever seek respect or a "high position" within the BKWSU and was not given them ... which are the other excuse they try and use against critics. I was never a center-in-charge or anything like that. For a long time after I left, I used to speak well of the BKs and encourage people to go and do the course.

I left because I got sick of their chasing after VIPs and wanted to do something worthwhile with my life.

Unfortunately, a long time afterwards, I started to discover over the abuses, the corruption and the money making of a few, the suicides and then just how much historical revision they had done ... how many falsehoods they had told about Destruction and so on.

It reached such a degree that my conscience told me I had to speak out to change it and to protect innocent people.

I am very sorry to read of your loss and abuse 'because.parmeshwar'. Like you, I was encouraged to throwaway my education, career and give up a family, and so I know it is real. Sadly, there are 100s or 1000s of people like all around the world.

Who I feel more for are the innocent partners and families who have been destroyed by the selfishness of the BKs decade after decade, the ones who lose children and so on. They did not ask for it. They did not go looking for the BK ... they were just crushed by the huge, greedy BK juggernaut coming crashing down on their lives.


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Re: Why are you so against Brahmakumaris organisation?

Post12 Oct 2012

Just because they are themselves the biggest Maya which currently exists on this planet (lie, fraud, cheat etc etc the list is just too long) and tell the whole universe about what Maya is. For them, actually truth is Maya and Maya is truth. This is what they study themselves and make others believe by brainwashing them completely. Bloody inhuman pigs.

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