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Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 16 Jul 2015
by ex-l
I have to be critical of the Kirpalani Klan's internal caste system; one option for the poor in India, a different from White. It's like having different carriages in a train; one for blacks, one for coloured and one for rich whites (a reference back to Gandhi).

From an Indian family law website ... why cannot they just offer the same options to all adherents and not cause so much conflict.

What's paradoxical is, the non-BK Father sees his son - who is being disturbed by all this and will likely remain scarred - as a "gift from god" ... but according the BKs, "God" see the child as a "scorpion or snake" (literal quote from the Murlis) distracting his gopi from adoring him and earning her high status in the future.
Family Law in India

Sir, I have been married to my wife since 2005. She started going to Brahmakumari's Ashram from 2008, I did not then realise it's a cult organisation. I did not oppose since I thought she would mingle with people and that gives both of us a fresh breath. Of course we used to quarrel frequently but my love, affection, respect for her never came down a inch. I still love and respect her the way I used to even more. After she started going to Ashram, she started following and imposing those cult rules(few given below) in the family. Started off with 'Not to eat food cooked by others' then

* Not use onions and garlic in the food
* Always Take bath after you come from toilet, no matter how many times you use toilet
* Not to allow others touch food cooked by her or she will not eat that food(she prefers throwing it or giving it to someone)
* Celibacy-No physical relationships, No romance, No physical contacts or whatsoever leading to romance
* Always talking and preaching about Bhrahmakumari(BK) principles.
* Not allowing anyone to enter puja room without taking bath(She told my Father who practiced starting a day with prayer in puja room applying vibhuti on his forehead, not enter puja room)
* She has started preaching the same to our son, 6+yrs now.
* Now, she has started saying we husband and wife are actually Brother & Sister by BK's principle
* That she would take birth in Lord Krishna's palace/empire, to come into existence very soon, 5-15yrs maximum, if she practice BK principles.
* That she will have houses built by Gold, animals like Lion, Tiger etc will be friends of people and live with people. Even wild animals also are Vegetarian i.e., they eat grass.

and so on...

I am really frustrated due to this kind of life. I am not able to come out of love and attachment i have with my wife. I do not know to live or end this life. I am worried about my son's future who has made no mistake is going to suffer. I must say she does her duties as a mother and as a wife, she cooks and maintain house. This is what BK askes to follow. Is marital rights limited to these?

My parents have stopped vising us. My son just loves to spend his time with my Father. He does not need us if he is with my Father. My Father also enjoys being with my son. I feel both are deprived of their rights to play with each other.

I am being treated for acute depression from past 1yr. I do not know what to do but i still love to live with her a good and happy family life. If that happens, it will be a greatest gift god can give and which i will cherish forever.
I would like to know what are my marital rights as a husband.

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 17 Jul 2015
by Pink Panther
It’s these kind of experiences that Western BKs deny because BKism has morphed in the West to suit the market - much more ecumenical and New Age in its presentation.

But the vast majority of BKs - even up to 99% - are in India and when Western BKs say "we don’t believe that anymore” or ”we have evolved” or whatever, it's ignoring the hard facts about the organisation they actually belong to, what it is they are advocating and supporting.

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 19 Jul 2015
by ex-l
Because it's comfortable for them ... or, essentially, they accept the class or caste element to Sindhi BKism?

That is to say, Indians in general and poor Indians specifically, are a lower class of BK?

"You get used to it" (preferential treatment), was what one leading academic BK said.

Then the inner circle keep the parties apart and control so that there are no concerns such as, for example, human rights, equality and - God forbid - wealth distribution *within* the BK "family".

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2015
by Free Speech
Nice worek ex-l.

You present your views with facts that even pakka BKs should not deny.

Unfortunately, due to induced mental malfunctioning that BKs get through BKism, they cannot justify facts & reject everything as a part of drama.

I felt sorry for this person whose wife is also becoming mental like many other middle aged female BKs. This is core target group of BKWSU - frustrated woman doing s***loads of chores, fulfilling so many responsibilities at a time eventually finds their existence within BKism.

If this person would be reading the post, I can suggest him that the only way to keep the marriage would be to tolerate everything that he, child & his parents are going through. As far as his child is concerned, I think he should shift him to a boarding school where he can grow normally. Yes, it is not possible to bring up a child like other normal ones in the typical BK environment as he described.

To him, "Please forget about your marital rights when your wife is a BK follower & you aren't, that will give you peace in case you wish the relation to last. Its like your real inner meditation to live with such a person who does not respect your emotions though you are ready to give it all you can. Forget happiness in the relation ... think about peace now. I faced similar situation but the last way for me was to end all expectations of anything good. The expectation of good behavior kept on rising but after millions of denials & refusals, I learnt my lesson. Hope so that you also learn it without going through endless pain. "

Response to different posts:
Matrimony for BK Followers.

Ha ha ha ha ha. Matrimony for Celibates, ever heard that? This means that unmarried BK followers no more want to be celibates. Policy revision needed urgently. ;)
2 of female friends who belong to BK want bridegrooms for them.

Friends ... ooo. Why in the first place do BKs need to marry when it is strictly prohibited under their system? Oh, I get it ... most Indian BKs girls must be unemployed (& illiterates women as well ) ... so the way to their livelihood can be an earning partner in form of grooms who can feed them endlessly until they deny the relation completely & surrender to BKWSU for further servant-hood.
This is a great initiative, but there should be some security measures ... like only those are allowed who are good in spiritual knowledge and following BK for at least 1 or 2 years, and it should be verified from his/her respective BK centre ..

Hm ... now center-in-charge will do this also. I don't think they will see it as problem if huge Dakshina (+ free PR) is confirmed.
What "security" is he talking about precisely? Padlocks in their underwear?

:D Hahahahahaha best BK joke. BTW, he forgot to mention the virginity clause.
Save a Brahma Kumari ... and find a nice wife. 2,016 members in three days.

It indicates pretty well how desperate & lusty BK followers are. Such people in 50s & 60s were referred by Lekhraj & other Dadis as lusty dogs & bi***es. Definitely, BKs are not applying to it just to get married for nothing.
Just have it written into the pre-nuptial marriage contract that if she leaves and go back, she takes nothing but her saris and loses everything. No property rights.

Indian laws are still weak when it comes to marriage contracts. It all depends on family's decision. If bride leaves groom, it's her loss ... after-all, who is going to pay lawyer for prosecuting her own source of income?
She married to Simon Blandford, who has also been a part of Brahma Kumaris Family at London. Simon has been a key person in Brahmakumaris IT Team and he had started the BK Forum, which has been very useful for all the BKs worldwide. [/b]

Ask Simon about it ... he will not think for a second to deny both his marriage & his association to BKWSU.

BTW, in the video what crones are wearing - a simple garland or a Varnamala? cannot deny ... they like live shows. Actually, they do have posh lifestyle & royal facilities ..... classical dancers of India being summoned to perform in front of them. Is enjoying senses at that age spiritual to any extent?
Even sex is really not that bad, if done well, and I encourage them(BKs) to practise their skills at it.

That's why they are following the Matrimony page. Forgive me BKs, if you are there to find a female servant who can manage your home or a male earning source.

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2015
by Free Speech
ex-l wrote:Even in the West, as Rowena Khanna was developing her relationships with Ravi, the Brahma Kumari center leader Rowena was exhorting other women to give up their femininity and forgo sex and relationships with men which, for women, have a short window of opportunity.

Now, this opens up a new debate on the partial grounds generated for common BKs & special BKs, like children of high profile BKs. Did Kanti Khanna responded to Shweta's request, I don't see the possibility. Silence - the safer side that BKs prefer to take in such situation. She preaches exactly the opposite to what she recommends & allows her son to follow.

The son seems more happy than his bride ... there is a reason to it. Money with Honey along with sprawling mansionS does not hurt anybody if you have to do nothing but give stupid lectures at BK centers.

Double standards. While she is pushing other girls & boys in BK-pit, she managed her son to follow a better path. Can surrendered BK Sisters question it? Or is there a new Murli point associated with it? You never know on what basis they are currently fooled.
Will the leaders apologize to those couples and families they have destroyed?

"No. Everyone is responsible for his fate." That can be an officially unsaid BKWSU statement.
I have personally sat and watched its leaders separate young couples, and yet here we have others being at least tolerated and used, if not celebrated.

I think what Hinduism calls as Ghor(intense) Kalyug will start from BKWSU & spread through its centers.
I see Indian Govt. is currently too weak to take over BKWSU but why is it spreading in other countries where Law is said to be in its place or do I have wrong information?
And, of course, as we will find out later, it's leaders weren't even that pure themselves.

What is the definition of purity? Does it include deceiving others as a mandatory criterion?

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2015
by Free Speech
An Indian BK allegation, or that which is commonly taught at all centers, about non-BKs husbands:

" Why males do not like their wives to go at centers? Because their vision is impure as they think the other male BKs visiting centers might corrupt their wives & they dislike the fact that male BKs teach their wives. The worldly husbands don't know that we treat each other as Brother and Sisters. Same happened to Lekhraj also. He used to give discourses which non-BK husbands of female followers hated. Also, they were not treated with lust by htier wives which infuriated them & they protested."

This BK denied that Lekhraj actually performed inter courses on married-unmarried females who visited his bungalows instead of discourses.

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2015
by ex-l
Yes, Lekhraj Kirpalani definitely practised physical intimacy with the women in a way that even today would be shocking to conservative Indians, and the BKs deny it and have covered it up. He hooked them by being their Krishna, literally.

The old books state that Om Radhe admitted he fed them mouth to mouth, sat them on his lap, bathed semi-naked, lay about and slept with them in his cot and "pulled" their breasts. I don't know what pulled means from Sindhi but I suppose 'fondled'. In short, behaved like a 40 odd year old millionaire playboy with the wives and unmarried daughters of the Hyderabad merchant elite.

The reaction of the community was not "against purity", as the BKs claim, but against such intimacy.

Om Radhe actually replied claiming that such action was "pure" as he was their spiritual Father, like Christ to the Christians. So it's the usual mental twist of words and events to invert meaning as the BKs usually do.

However, I think you have got this matrimony develop wrong. I don't think it's bad or because of "lust". I think for these women it's the only way and a sincere way to escape BKism within a society in which they have no other options. A return to normalcy.

Many of them will have been forced into the BKs by their mothers, or perhaps made some immature decision when they were teenagers.

I think it's great and I hope it is successful.

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2015
by Free Speech
Yes, I realize your opinion now that it is a great attempt by BKs themselves to come out of suppression that they had been going through. I weighed every BK according to same parameters which I consider wrong now as not every BK follows BKism strictly or wish to adhere to it throughout their life.

Specifically, I must mention that the comments were on those pakka BKs who project themselves as celibates towards non-BKs & inexperienced BKs & cast themselves as puritans, though they might be doing everything that goes against the system's beliefs.

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2015
by Pink Panther
FS the difference with BK celibacy as opposed to Christian or general Hindu or Buddhist celibacy is that the BKs teach celibacy is the true ’natural' state and those who are not celibate are spiritually (in the eyes of their god) inferior. All other traditions recognise the sanctity, even the divinity, of ”good sex” within certain social, cultural, religious parameters.

Any Christian can enter ”The Kingdom”, any Buddhist can attain enlightenment, any Muslim can reach paradise, any Hindu can achieve mukti, whatever, they all recognise that for some celibacy and/or withdrawal is a suitable way but for others the ‘realisation’ comes through family and social responsibility.

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2015
by ex-l
I think after the initial indulgence and entertainments of the Om Mandli - and Lekhraj Kirpalani was accuses of only choosing the prettiest ones - the BKs overcompensated with an artificial and external form of celibacy in order to play up to Hindu religious expectations. A facade.

I think that, as a whole, the movement won't get anywhere until it can come clean about the past and how things happened ... but that it won't. It will just continue on being rigid and destroy lives fitting them into their artificial form.

You cannot make an Age of Truth out of lies. And that is what they are doing. Lekhraj Kirpalani was never part of any religious order. He never really even study religion or religious orders. That is one of the big criticisms of the local Sindhis many of whom were educated and had studied religions.

As usual, the BKs inverted the situations and depend on groundless boasts.

Has their god spirit really not seen and understood what is going on at a ground level with his cult? Their leaders seem to be in denial about it all. It is highly debate whether Lekhraj Kirpalani is really still with the BKs "in the spirit" but if so, I think we are still waiting on him to gain a greater about the human condition.

Either ways, he's certainly no "god".

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2015
by Free Speech
Pink Panther wrote:All other traditions recognise the sanctity, even the divinity, of ”good sex” within certain social, cultural, religious parameters.

ex-l wrote:Has their god spirit really not seen and understood what is going on at a ground level with his cult?

Because of such remarks made by many users here, now Murli has statements reflecting abhorrence & hatred of BKs God towards those who do not follow them sincerely i.e., in a brainwashed manner. 'Weak bricks,'body conscious worldly beings', & 'maya-ridden' were few of those terms that BKs had been using since their existence. When you have millions followers, you don't need to pay heed to everything but make statements that control them somewhere.
    Knock knock
    Who's there?
    The BKs' God.
    F*** off je**. Where were you when I was going through adverse situations?
    I was watching you from Paramdhaam. Seeing how you manage your karma.
    So, what now?
    To inform you about impending destruction.
    BAM BAM !!

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2017
by namrta6
Om Shanti, I am followers of Brahma Kumaris from 4 years. Now I want to marry a followers of brahmakumaris. Please help me how to find a Brahma Kumar for marriage.

Tell me as soon as possible.

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2017
by GuptaRati 6666
Find the Brother from the Texas center who got married to a high ranking BK Sister, and have a long chat with him.

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 24 Nov 2018
by meditation@123
I am following brahmakumaris for 4 years and want to marry someone who follows BK. She can contact me, help me to find.

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2018
by ex-l
meditation@123 wrote:I am following brahmakumaris for 4 years and want to marry someone who follows BK.

Following Brahma Kumaris,
    <----- that way
Marrying someone,
    this way ----->
Why not just leave BKism behind, and do whatever you like?

I hope you find happiness with a Sister who also wants to leave the Brahma Kumaris behind.

In essence, what you are saying is that you have outgrown BKism and now it is time to go forward in life. But true marriage and BKism are exclusive of each other, and contradictory.

You don't want to bound to BKism for your life partner, it's like having a third, fourth≤ fifth person in the relationship.

What do you really want, a non-smoking, vegetarian wife who does not want children? There are more of them than just BKs or ex-BKs.

Or are you looking for your very own, private Brahma Kumari to look after you, like a normal wife? The danger of that is the pressure the BK centre puts on Sisters to serve the BKs first, not you or your family, and their encouragement of emotional and physical detachment. On this forum you can read many experiences of husbands and wives who have had problems with their partner becoming a BK. That could happen to you.