What do the Brahma Kumaris really know about teenagers?

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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What do the Brahma Kumaris really know about teenagers?

Post10 Aug 2013

From Help me to fight Maya (BKs and Masturbation).

Reading up on the subject of sex, relationships, orgasms and the related brain chemistry and biology ... in particular, the difference between child, adolescent and adult brains * ... it made me ask the question, what do the Brahma Kumaris really know about teenagers?

Every year now, perhaps 1,000s of teenagers "surrender" into the hands of the uneducated virgin crones of the BKWSU. Every year 10,000s more come unwillingly under their influence as their parent surrender to the cult.

On a number of occasions, individuals who grew up within the BKWSU have spoken out about a variety of problems they have suffered and do suffer from the imposition of bizarre, neo-Brahmanistic or Victorian social values and understanding the cult's leaders pass off as a religion. On the other hand, we hear of many other reports of even surrendered BKs have periods of belated teenage rebellion or difficulties within the system.

Of course, the cult will not speak openly about or discuss these. It does not encourage individuals to do so and it discourages individuals to explore other ideas and other sources of knowledge outside the narrow remits of its beliefs. Meanwhile, its leaders continue to impress upon those adolescents the mental and social systems they evolved during their growing up within a fairly backwards and uneducated community in Sind that itself was subjected to random external influences both good and bad.

As a rule, the leaders of the BKWSU do not study. They know it all. They believe they have the Supreme Knowledge and that all other knowledge is somewhere between limited and an evil distraction ... only they don't. They blithely and somewhat unethically cruise over all the failures, contradictions and anomalies their beliefs throw up. They live in a bubble in which they believe themselves to be the unchallengeable gods of a future Golden Age and the top 8 or 108 souls in the world to whom all else will bow or serve.

Meanwhile, those 10,000s of young individuals have their lives turned over ... should they really be allow to have such power and influence over them?

(* Which also make me wonder about the state of BK brains given the infantilising nature of their religion ... brains and perhaps personalities which are never properly developed. Remember ... "the deities", or gods which are their aim and objet to become, are stupid; literally "buddhus" according to their god. Little more than sexless, thoughtless, automaton playthings running along the tracks of karmic predetermination being served by an army of servants and an unspoken of and unexplained for regiment of scientists, and one has to presume miners, industrialists and factory workers, producing all the nuclear-powered, high-technology their heavenly Golden Age requires.)

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