Patzcuaro: an advert on behalf of Brahma Kumarism

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Patzcuaro: an advert on behalf of Brahma Kumarism

Post29 Aug 2013

Admin wrote:From: Disassociating general meditation practice from BK method, n.b. please keep on topic or start a new topic.

After a few months doing other things, last monday I attended a fantastic meditation session in Madrid guided by a senior BK. It was absolutely different to any of the experiences of my 7 years in Gyan. I proved that there is a very simple method, more like basic guidelines, but the essence it's always new, it's always real, it's always beyond personal interpretations.

I'll always thank BK for having such a simple way to allow people to touch their divine origin, worldwide.
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Re: Disassociating general meditation practice from BK metho

Post29 Aug 2013

Patzcuaro wrote:I'll always thank BK for having such a simple way to allow people to touch their divine origin, worldwide.

The idea that what you experienced is your "divine origin" ... whatever that means ... is a BKism; unprovable and a key element of faith in itself.

Great. You went to the BKs and you got high without drugs. Most of us would accept that can happen for some or even many. I've heard non-BKs say the same.

Hopefully, you did not get so high you decide to surrender all your money and your property to them, as others have. (If you do, get a receipt and a contract that allows you to get them back once the high wears off).

Now, can you help us in doing the dirty hard work of trying to fix all the broken parts of the religion, and protect families and the vulnerable from abuse by them?

Or are you only in it for the kicks highs?

Largely, I would say you were hypnotically programmed during your 7 years and the leader and environment was able to trigger earlier hypnotic suggestions.
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Re: Patzcuaro: an advert on behalf of Brahma Kumarism

Post30 Aug 2013

Very disappointing when someone has chosen to post in an existing topic heading without reading or referring or responding to what went before.

Pitzcuaro, much of what you suggest is actually written about in that topic, Please read it and discuss it dispassionately and objectively if you wish. Don't just see a "trigger" word and go off on your own tangent.

The whole point of it is separating out what is "universal" - human and innate but expressed in different ways in various traditions but essentially the same - and what is idiosyncratic to BK meditation, to try to examine one's meditation experiences free from the "branding" that has been burnt into your psyche.

It is an attempt to disabuse people, ex-BKs in particular, from the pattern of associating meditation practice and experience with the BK wrapping and ribbons. It is not easy. But it is worthwhile, enabling a deeper, richer, more compassionate and humblng experience.
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Re: Patzcuaro: an advert on behalf of Brahma Kumarism

Post31 Aug 2013

For me, there are two primary symptoms of real spirituality; intelligence and respect.

Not "sucking up" as in indiscriminate disrespect just because someone is older or more rich and powerful as the BKs teach, but genuine respect where respect is due; and the ability to discern where it is due and where it is not due.

Time and time again I find from BK followers that their meditation makes them stupid and arrogant or self-centred ... the opposite of respecting others.

OK, perhaps they were just like that before ... which I can believe ... but their meditation and the Brahma Kumari path does not make them any better. It certainly encourages them to become far more stupid and accepting of stupidity.

The clue is in the words they use ... "intoxication". They are actually right. They become intoxicated.
in·tox·i·cate, v.
    1. To stupefy or excite by the action of a chemical substance such as alcohol.
    2. To stimulate or excite.
    3. To poison.
    To cause stupefaction, stimulation, or excitement by or as if by use of a chemical substance.

Shortly after intelligence and respect, I would place sensitivity or awareness which is what an intoxicated person lacks.

So, yes Patzcuaro, BK meditation can be very intoxicating ... now let's see the true measure of your soul when you sober up and come back and are willing to starting doing something positive and constructive to fix the problems within BKism.

What is the BK answer? ... The solution is "more intoxication" (as in do more BK meditation). It's like a drunk being told to drink more to fix their drinking problem.

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