Call: Christmas Surprise Event Mount Abu

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Call: Christmas Surprise Event Mount Abu

Post26 Nov 2013

Dear all,

Quite soon I will leave for a 'sentimental journey'. Back to India after a long, long time. Doing some bird watching and other stuff I forgot to do whilst sitting on Baba's rock, looking for a point of light somewhere above the Nakki lake.

One of my stops will be Mount Abu. I am curious how things are nowadays. However, a friend from Ahmedabad told me it is filthy now. Not the beautifull place their family used to spend holidays when she was a kid (at that time, I was one of the double foreigners on pilgrimage).

I want to invite everyone at this forum to join the Christmas Surprise Event. Everyone who used to write a note with confessions - about erotic dreams, body conscious thoughts and other trivial but really important vices! - to Baba which one of the Seniors took to Madhuban. Write a short note about how rich life is outside the BK, how glad you are you have your life back, how you did not fall of a rooftop, did not break your bones, did not end up burning corpses. Instead managed to be free (and happy).

I will take the notes to the Land of Milk and Honey and do my best to leave them in Baba's hut or near the Peace Tower. Let's surprise former family members with notes from children who left the Yagya and managed to cope with life anyhow.

Motto: There is life after the BK.
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Re: Call: Christmas Surprise Event Mount Abu

Post26 Nov 2013

Very nice idea but make sure you have your holiday first ... *before* you leave any notes ... or else the BKs' security team will be following you around or pushing you out!!!

I've heard they're pretty strict on security these days too.

Thank you. I'd be very interested in an objective review of Mount Abu when you come back. What I have heard is the new complexes at the bottom of the hills are huge and take a whole day to walk around ... but that Abu Road is very busy and commercial now, and that it's lost any spiritual feeling.

Oh, and invest in property there if you can ... the town is blocking new developments and so values are rising thanks to the BKs. It's a 'BK Boomtown' ... probably why they are building big retreat centres elsewhere in Indian too.

The gold rush is on but it's not for the Golden Age.

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