Prime Minister of India

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Prime Minister of India

Post29 Sep 2006

Vivienne DuBourdieu wrote:When he first arrived at Gyan Sarovar, BK Ashok said there was nothing but a wide barren expanse of sandy rocks. It was, however, an ideal place for meditation and quiet reflection.

It now encompasses an area of beautifully landscaped grounds, and many attractive, functional buildings. This is where we stayed and, here, is also where the remaining Dadis live. The settlement could be completely self-sufficient for one year, if necessary. Indeed, the current Prime Minister has quarters there for himself, and his security teams.


Do you think there is a little paranoia in the Indian Government, that the Prime Minister is buying into the End of the World scenario and setting up camp with the BKs? :wink:

Nice "bigining" for a Golden Age ... a bunch of 80 year old virgins and a gang of secret service thugs!

The BKs will be taking it as sign that the Indian Government is going to hand over power to them near The End, as per the predictions.



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Post15 Oct 2006

It seems the information about Indian Prime Minister buying a quarter in BK colony has come directly from ShivBaba himself! Indian media is completely ignorant of this scoop. The secret is known only to BKs.

How fortunate of me to hit this forum and discover this amazing revelation!
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Post20 Oct 2006

bigining is the end is the bigining!

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