Leaving the BKs

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Re: Leaving the BKs

Post09 Oct 2014

hah! ... all potato heads look like (?defected) north korean dictator leader ... maybe all his 'off spring '... coco-pops ... hah
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Pink Panther

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Re: Leaving the BKs

Post10 Oct 2014

These ”cultural” progams are actually clever because they are a sanctioned ”release” from the serious business of being a yogi. Permission to be silly, but only at particular times and places, as a safety valve.

Just like all the service planning and yugya review meetings that give the ”common” BK a feeling his ideas are valued or that there is some kind of democracy.

If BKs ever say, ”oh, this service program came from the idea of of lowly BK Joe Blow, that shows all BKs are listened to” well, I’d respond, ”Was that because it was sanctioned by popular vote or by a senior?".
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Mr Green


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Re: Leaving the BKs

Post16 Oct 2014

It is very difficult, I found it very difficult. It hurt and was really confusing. I was genuinely hurt, and felt abandoned by the so called family. They all talk amongst themselves as though they have something in common! But what they have in common has become seedy and tarnished.

In the past the BKs was a very deep and quite amazing experience, very exotic and intriguing.

Meditiation experiences can be really nice and horrid. At lot of time is spent nodding off, especially among those foolish enough to be serviceable, who suffer often from exhaustion.

You became emotionally involved in quite a pure genuine way with those around you. Most BKs are quite pleasant people. Then when you leave they never talk to you again except for a few, not blaming anyone, it's just naturally as you move away. But it does leave an emotional gap, that is difficult. The Seniors who had claimed to love you for years, a love that you are encouraged to hanker after, is instantly removed and replaced instead with an air of disapproval or even disgust that you are turning your back on them.

Took me years to adjust to civvy street, if at all I have!
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Re: Leaving the BKs

Post19 Oct 2014

And most conversations with BKs once you leave are about getting you to come back. You'll often go through a period, or have a periodical visits, because it has said in the Murlis to write letters or visit ex-BKs to ask them to come back.

I only ever had a few. Perhaps half a dozen at the most. I used to be difficult for BKs to just be friends, and probably still is for most, and, of course, they cannot eat any food you offer them etc etc.

Nowadays though they don't even need to send someone round to see you, they just have computers spam people with texts and emails. It's more impersonal. Robotic even.

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