Brahma Kumaris ... surveillance state?

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Brahma Kumaris ... surveillance state?

Post25 Apr 2015

Beyond highly active gossip networks, the BKWSU has always spent considerable amounts of its leaders' time and financial resources on information gathering or surveillance of its followers via center-in-charges directly or using the phone and now special closed and secure internet channels.

Most of this goes behind the scenes from newcomers and low ranking or part-time BKs.

In the past, and still at least in India, this includes the encouragement and reading of confessional letters, the keeping of detailed hourly diaries, aka "charts, which are later shown to leaders and, in the early days, group confessional or "courts" in which spirit mediums exposed the weaknesses and sins of followers.
if I know every single thing about you,
    what you think,
    how you reason,
    what your fears are,
    what you are planning,
    what you are doing
and you know nothing about me because I am shield my behaviour behind a wall of secrecy ... I have incredible power over you.

The power imbalance between us is immense because ...
    I can now manipulate you,
    I can threaten you,
    I can alter your behaviour in all sorts of ways,
    I can anticipate your behaviour,
    I can prevent you from doing things you are planning,
    I can prepare in defence of what you are doing,
    I can always stay many steps ahead of you

- Glen Greenwald, Pulitzer Prize Winner Journalist, on surveillance state.

From 'The Hacker Wars' (2014)

Such surveillance states are bring put in place to keep their subjects captive.

The Kirpalani Klan goes even further ...
    They tell their adherents what to think,
    They tell their adherents how to reason and not to (and shuns, criticises or forbids other influences),
    They focus their adherents' fears with images of Destruction and inescapable eternal cycles (fail this time and you'll fail forever!) and social pressures suc as labelling or outcasting,
    They direct their adherents' planning,
    and their lifestyle determines what their adherents are doing even 24 hours a day (... including monitoring their dreams for "impurity"!)
They even claim their deceased guru and leaders can fly about invisibly in their spirit bodies ("angelic" to a BK), spying on individuals and centres unseen, and read their souls!!!

And yet they claim to be offering "liberation in life" ... presumably as a reward in the next 21 births for one or two lives of slavery now.

In the movie above, there is another great quote from Voltaire ...
To find out who rules you, find the people you may not criticise.

Or as the BKs might say, who you must show unquestioning "respect" for.

Given, it's all done with "subtle" social pressures ... from the senior Sisters on their throne, to behind the scenes whispering campaigns ... but it still all goes on and more including the use of spirit mediums allegedly informed by the deceased Lekhraj Kirpalani or God himself.

Scientific research has shown individuals' behaviour is modified even when they just *think* they are being watched. dBKs are lead to believe their every thought, never mind action, could be being surveyed and will be replayed come their Judgement Day in from of their topmost leaders.
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Re: Brahma Kumaris ... surveillance state?

Post20 May 2015

Looks like the Illuminati or NWO.
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Re: Brahma Kumaris ... surveillance state?

Post20 May 2015

AntiBrahmakumaris wrote:Looks like the Illuminati or NWO.

Rest assured, if there is an Illuminati or NWO, the Brahma Kumaris will be inviting them to their conferences, offering their VIPs free retreats, tying rakhis and generally sucking up to them in order to become "the source of spirituality" in the New World Order.

Actually, if you look at the list of VIPs they have chased, they are doing so already.

From the BK point of view, of course they believe that only their Baba will herald in the true New World Order ... and the "old" New World Order is merely a faulted memorial of their efforts.

However, from a conspiracy theorist point of view, and according to some New Agers, the Brahma Kumaris have already been accused of being part of the New World Order due to their love of the United Nations and one size fits all (as long as we are at the top) spirituality.

From various Christian points of view, from fundamentalist to esoteric, they have been accused of being in league with Lucifer or Satan ... "Beware the angels of light" etc.
Paul and the False Apostles

... those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the matter about which they are boasting.

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.

- 2 Corinthians 11:14

Well, the BKs sure boast about their own spiritual greatness ... they do little else but ... and given that Lekhraj Kirpalani claimed himself to be god for 20 odd years, and arguably still does in his possessing spirit form, they are probably right.

What do you call a man or spirit that claims itself to be god when it is not?
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Re: Brahma Kumaris ... surveillance state?

Post20 May 2015

A Liar

I used to detest those meetings with BapDada. What a massive delusion and ego battle. A fight always to be the nearest or to get up and take drishti. Sitting cross legged on a concrete floor with a piece of cloth on it for 11 hours.

I did enjoy sitting in the gardens at the back of Om Shanti bhavan or whatever it was called.

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