Influence of Christianity on Dada Lekhraj & BKism

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Re: Influence of Christianity on Dada Lekhraj & BKism

Post03 Jul 2017


The fundamental belief of a Christian as defined by christians, i.e what distinguishes an actual ”Christian" from someone who sees Jesus as a wise teacher or lives by similar ethical/moral teachings but cannot be called a Christian because they lack this fundamental belief, is this.

A "true Christian" believes Jesus died then was resurrected (came back to life) then ascended to heaven (which literally meant ‘sky' in those days) to sit at the right hand of God (the Father).

My question is - is there any evidence to show that the whole concept of Avyakt Brahma - the resurrection - was around in BK circles before Lekhraj encountered Christianity, or before DL’s discussions with the Catholic parish priest in Abu the second-wave BKs (post 1950), who'd been educated in Western Christian schools in India, came along?

My understanding is that BKs believed that destruction would occur while BB and Mama were still alive. They explained that those others who'd died before destruction were ”Advance Party”. There was no notion of any period or role of ”Angelic Brahma” until it happened, or possibly just before he died.

When did this idea first appear? And I don't mean the Trimurti (Brahma Vishnu Shankar) - but that BB would continue as BB after death, in a disembodied form, instead of taking rebirth as baby Krisna?

Is the whole play of Avyakt Brahma part of the influence of Christianity?
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Re: Influence of Christianity on Dada Lekhraj & BKism

Post24 Aug 2017

A short footnote following a discussion with a Muslim friend. An avenue for consideration rather than a statement of fact.

He was telling me the predictions within Islam for the End of the World.

In BKism, originally it believed that WWII was the End of the World, the Mahabharata War to end all wars.

It did not happen, so the End of the World was moved along to 1950, 18 years from 1932 when the movement started (not 1936 as they claim). From memory, each year relating to a chapter in the Bhagavad Gita.

1950 did not happen either, so Destruction, aka Vinash, was moved to 1976 ... and the Confluence Age clearly stated in Murlis at the time, and publications validated by God and Lekhraj Kirpalani, as being "40 years" long.

I have wondered about this 40 year figure and where it might have come from.

In Islam, the dominant religion in the Sind/Pakistan, there is to be a Second Coming of Jesus which lasts for ... 40 years ... during which time he - the Messiah - will destroy all false doctrines, and usher in an era of peace and prosperity unknown before and rule over the earth. During this period all other religions will perish.

I can know this to be true, and clearly the BKWSU is not saying as they re-write their history and philosophy to fit, but it would appear to the closest fit to date.


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Re: Influence of Christianity on Dada Lekhraj & BKism

Post01 Jan 2018

Based on comments by ex-l, I have modified rows 14 and 16 in the attached comparison between Christianity, BKism, and Hinduism.

I have added a new row, 34.

ex-l's question on the Holy Trinity, prompted me to think about it, which resulted in another new row, 35.

PP has already addressed some other questions/comments by ex-l.

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