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Tata Sky TV Launch Guru Channel

PostPosted: 17 Dec 2017
by ex-l
Tata Sky TV, a direct broadcast satellite television provider in India is launching its own "Guru Channel", a 24/7 ad free service featuring a variety of spiritual teachers, including the Brahma Kumaris, collated by Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. in Mumbai.

It will feature, exclusively on the Tata Sky platform, discourses, satsangs, meditations, interviews, explanation of scriptures in a relatable format, special events and exclusive live feeds of meditation sessions and the ashrams of each guru.

What is interesting from our point of view is the marketing which features BK Shivani upfront, and Dadi Janki blending away into the background. The channel will feature live Amrit Vela meditation broadcast from the Brahma Kumaris headquarters at Mount Abu, meaning that you can now fall asleep during it in the comfort of you own home and without having to listen to other adherents snore, burp or fart! It will also brodcast exclusive, rare and archival footage of senior Dadis including Dadi Janki and Dadi Gulzar where they talk on various topics.

Tata Sky is a joint venture between the Tata Group and 21st Century Fox with 600 different channels.

It is not known who is paying who for the content, as the previous "Awakending with Brahma Kumaris" featuring BK Shivani was a paid for advertising. Presumably the TV company will be making money off the subscriptions it sells, the material produced by donations received from adherents at its swanky "Godlywood" studios.

Shemaroo Entertainment director Hiren Gada added,
“With the increasing stress and pressure in individuals’ lives, the importance and urgency for spirituality has grown. We believe this is the right time for a service like Tata Sky Gurus to be launched. Indian consumers have a huge appetite for a subject like this and with high quality content now being easily accessible, we hope the audiences will have a rich experience. Shemaroo Entertainment has been an active player in the devotional space and through this service we are adding a new dimension to our offerings.”

Tata Sky chief commercial officer Pallavi Puri said,
“Curated and targeted content is what today’s consumer asks for. Amidst the cluttered content space, we observed that there was need for a dedicated service for spiritual seekers—people who are looking for spiritual guidance or already follow India’s most popular spiritual gurus. Tata Sky Gurus is a service where they can have unlimited access to their gurus’ teachings and thoughts, whenever they want. We partnered Shemaroo to create this service and unlimited content including live feeds from the gurus’ ashrams.”

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Re: Tata Sky TV Launch Guru Channel

PostPosted: 23 Dec 2017
by GuptaRati 6666
We should examine the meaning of the word guru, even translated from Hindi to English. Guru pertains to the removal or elimination of darkness, the darkness of ignorance from the soul. Do the BKs remove darkness from the souls they teach?

Recently the Western culture has incorporated the word guru into the academic community. International experts or world authorities in specialized areas are now called gurus. For example; Ben Carson is considered one of the gurus of neurosurgery.

Re: Tata Sky TV Launch Guru Channel

PostPosted: 23 Dec 2017
by Pink Panther
GuptaRati 6666 wrote:For example; Ben Carson is considered one of the gurus of neurosurgery.

Which goes to show that you might be a leader in one field but a foolish self-promoter in others.
Ben Carson - Republican candidate for President 2016: "I grew up in the slums of Detroit. I saw plenty of gun violence as a child. Both of my cousins were killed on the streets. As a Doctor, I spent many a night pulling bullets out of bodies. There is no doubt that this senseless violence is breathtaking — but I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away.

Re: Tata Sky TV Launch Guru Channel

PostPosted: 25 Dec 2017
by GuptaRati 6666
I agree with your reply, Pink. To remove or aid in the removal of darkness from others, the spiritual seeker or teacher needs to have all round experience removing darkness from herself or himself, in the trenches. It is not experience gained sitting on the gadi in silence 8 hours per day, 7 days/week, 365 days for 30-40 years.

How can a Sister with no experience of family conflicts in a marriage give advice to a Brother or Sister BK with marriage challenges?