The Story of Virendra Dev Dixit

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Re: The Story of Virendra Dev Dixit

Post14 Oct 2018

What's interesting now is that they are going after the PBK women too ... the CBI has filed a chargesheet against 59 women inmates of Rohini’s Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya. It has accused them of "rioting, unlawful assembly, obstructing public servant and wrongfully confining a Delhi High Court appointed committee" during an inspection in December 2017 calling them a "mob".

Which is pretty royal consider the videos above where a real mob from the street entered the building and started smashing it up.

So far we have seen a lot of accusations but little in the way of actual evidence and now, from the PBK women, counter accusations.

Personally, I don't believe in PBKism but aren't ordinary Indian women allowed the same "freedom of worship" that men or upper caste Indians are? I cannot help thinking that this heavy handed approach will end up being counter productive, encouraging the women's faith just as it did during the Om Mandli era.

Not knowing the BK mythology, the NGOs and High Court are doing exactly the wrong thing and appearing to fulfil the prediction of the religion, eg "as it was the beginning, so it will be in the end", may be even encouraging "End Time" convictions among the PBKs.

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