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for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Re: BK Denise

Post29 Mar 2018

For sure Denise knew about the 1976/1977 Destruction. She was in Madubhan in the winter of 1977. She was featured in the Divinize The Man Conference in Bombay in December 1976/January 1977. Denise was also featured along with Stefan in the first 30 minute or 1 hour BK pro-Western documentary. It seemed as though she also knew that the Destruction of 1976/1977 would not have occurred.

Denise must have started her BK training in 1973 or 1974. Janki was one of her teachers or must have given her the initial training. I am not sure how she got along with Jayanti. When the service started in Guyana in December 1975, Denise must have been in her second or first year as a BK.

Denise, I know uses her intelligence, wisely and maintains a check on the pulses of the lokik world or global affairs. To me, in 1977, she knew that the Destruction would not happen. She has been able to use her contacts in the journalism community to interview many VIP and world leaders for the BKs. However, I have doubts about the depths of her investigative skills.

The Falklands War of 1980 and Jonestown were two close call, which moved the doomsday clock closer to mid-night. It seemed as though at that time the BK establishment was too absorbed in their PR and internal recovery from their erroneous prediction of a few years earlier. The BK establishment were also nervous about the invasion of neighboring Afghanistan by the Soviets in 1979.

For me, my exit year was 1990 at a US center. Using fabricated information from a center in a developing country, Janki banned me from a specific center in the USA. In private, I cried for less than 30 minutes. I am not a person who usually cries. I wrote a farewell letter to the center-in-charge documenting facts to counter the lies and I departed.

For months I was angry and a bit sad. The BKs did me a great favor, banning me from their center. With friends and family I healed myself; sometimes I would meditate in parks. Less than a year after my exit from the BKs, I was awarded a fellowship from the US Department of Defense to pursue post-doctoral studies at an Ivy League university where I met my twin flame, a very spiritual lady. I switched the chorta and pajama pants for the white laboratory coat of a scientist and I care not to look back spiritually.

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