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BK Denise

PostPosted: 12 Feb 2018
by Arbit
I have been watching BK Denise's talks and shows. She seems to receive more airtime among non-Indian BKs. Why is that? What is her position in the hierarchy?

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 12 Feb 2018
by Pink Panther
She was, I am pretty sure, the second non-Indian to become a BK. The first was Stefan Nagel, from Germany. She was the first female non-Indian BK.

She was a university graduate, not sure which speciality but in Humanities, maybe English, journalism or literature or something like that. She worked at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation before and just after becoming BK.

She started BK ”service” in North America, initially Toronto then went on to San Francisco for many years. There was always an underlying ”competition” with (New York) Mohini as to who was, or should be, North American senior.

Her status or position now is probably not one with a title. She’s probably is treated with the respect of her seniority (years as a BK) and for what she can offer to BK PR - her ability to string coherent, seemingly intelligent sentences together. ( I say seemingly because if what you say sounds intelligent but is based on errors, ommissions, presenting articles of faith as articles of fact, then no matter, its only seemingly but not actually intelligent).

She is one of the few ”senior" Western BKs, and BKs generally, to apply some intellectual & philosophical perspective to the BK teachings, making it acceptable to be a little less literal or fundamentalist in one’s approach which enabled more westerners to engage and stick. She had studied Sanskrit I think, then as a BK learnt to speak, read & write Hindi fluently. She was/is an excellent translator, maybe the best into English in terms of nuance and accuracy, that the BKs have. She also spoke French, as do many Canadians.

I believe, that is, I am of the opinion, that someone with her smarts will have, after all these years, ”intuited” that basic flaws exist in the BK narrative that cannot be ”spun" but she got caught in the identity dilemma of such a recognition i.e. whether to drop it all and make a new start or try even harder to make it make sense. That way, no admission to self needs to be made about having been mistaken for many years, that they were taken, or took themselves, for a ride.

I had heard that she went through a mental health crisis a few years back. That can happen to anyone but it would not surprise me if part of that was psychological stress based on what I described earlier rather than neuro-chemical or genetic. And the jury’s still out as to whether one is cause and the other effect, or if both ”co-arise”. If she is now better and found a ”role" where any such suffering is less, that is good for her at least.

It remains up to others, like most of us here, to present alternative ways of how the BKs and their teachings should be seen, then its up to each individual to "make up their mind” (pun intended).

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PostPosted: 13 Feb 2018
by GuptaRati 6666
Pink and Arbit,

There is a bit more history Denise. We have to give the Sister credit for her pioneering spiritual service in the United States. Sometimes Denise and Chandru would sleep in their car, Baba's mobile as the only centers were in New York City, San Antonio, and Tuskegee. Kumaka Dadi visited the USA for the first time in the summer of 1977. In the late summer of 1977, Errol matriculated to Tuskegee University, where he commenced his pre-veterinary and veterinary studies. In the fall Mohini arrived in NYC and was able to attain NGO status for the BKs.

Denise and Chandru after a stress-filled experience with US ICE initially established base in San Antonio, Texas, with the help of a Sindi family. That was in the winter of 1978. There was also support from the Gujrati community. Errol's first visit to the San Antonio center occurred in the early spring of 1978. It was only for a weekend. Errol make another visit during the spring break of 1978 and Chandru and Denise reciprocated by visiting Tuskegee to assist in the service on and off campus. He would spend all of his summer of 1978 at the San Antonio Center assisting in service.

In the late summer of 1978, Janki toured the US and was accompanied by Denise and Chandru to Tuskegee. The team returned to Texas and soon after Chandru and Denise departed for the West Coast where they established a center in San Francisco. Simon was sent from the UK to fill the service vacuum created by the departure of Denise and Chandru for the golden state.

But, there are skeletons in the closet of Denise, which no amount of meditation will erase. What does she think of men, including those with doctoral degrees? How does she interact with the opposite sex? Denise does not seem to think too highly even of the senior BK Brothers.

I would rather another Brother or Sister post about the skeletons in the closet of Denise.

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 13 Feb 2018
by Pink Panther
GuptaRati 6666 wrote:We have to give the Sister credit for her pioneering spiritual service in the United States. Sometimes Denise and Chandru would sleep in their car ...

They deserve as much credit as any dedicated zealous convert amongst Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptists and so on who sacrifice comforts for proselytising as per their faith. Their karma.

As for her attitude to men, I saw her as having the strong proto-feminist attitudes of many from the university culture of the times - 1960s-70s. And who knows what personal history or psychology is behind someone who is so practiced at ”playing a role”?

Not saying it of her, but I was able to relate & communicate well with BK women (because I grew up with four Sisters and their many friends?) and I was surprised the number of them, and one man, who opened up and told me of being sexually abused as children. That, and the number of Western BKs who have Roman Catholic upbringings - which we today are all aware had a culture of conflation of sexual abuse and/or guilt and/or repression. Jesus = Brahma, Virgin Mary = Mama, Shiva = God the Father, the Didis and Dadis = the disciples, and so on.

My attitude to individual BKs, after I get past my superficial irritations & desire to shake them awake, is a feeling of mercy and compassion. Except for a few decisive moments, sliding doors, I might also still be caught in the mind-trap that is cult ego.

Of course, if I was, I’d be a ”senior", with heaps of respect, maybe I'd be fed and sheltered for the rest of my life too instead of now happily struggling to make an independent honest crust to support myself and family! ;-)

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 13 Feb 2018
by ex-l
Her official title appears to be Director, Overseas Communication Center, Godlywood Studio, Shantivan, Abu Road.

Pink Panther wrote:They deserve as much credit as any dedicated zealous convert amongst Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptists and so on who sacrifice comforts for proselytising as per their faith.

Personally, within the BK context, I think Denise probably also gets credit for modernising the BK meditation and setting new example for others to follow. I remember when her recorded meditations came out, I don't know about the politics of how they came about, but before that Jayanti pretty much had the monopoly on them and it was very fundemental "soul ... travelling up to Soul World ... Baba". Perhaps others have better memories of it. I think Denise introduced all the more arty, creative "going for a ride" with Baba stuff and, to a degree, it was liberating fresh air for Western BKs.

Around that time, Western BKs also introduced New Age musical scores in contrast to the old Bollywood movie devotional songs the Indians slavishly listened to (because the Dadis did in Om Mandli), that sounded like an out of tune brass band having a road crash.

BK Denise's blog is here. For all her intelligence and insight, she still does not really say much. She's clearly 100% BK and keep the business going ...

I think with intelligence and insight comes more responsibility. "More Karma" to put it into BK terms.

I've often criticised her peers, people like BK Neville Hodgkinson and others, for "polishing a turd" (or "putting icing on a turd"). By that I mean, making something that is really quite nasty, look, smell and taste better on first bite. Denis I would say has not just polished the turd but added structure to it. Intellectual structure. Prostituting her intelligence for them, IMHO. If BKism is "true", then all very well ... but if BKism is false or even evil, it's a big problem. Now, certainly, BKism has done bad things, caused a lot of family's sufferings.

Where has she spoken up and spoken out?

Was it her who once raise the question about "BK Sisters using their sexuality for the sake of service" and got a subtle smack down for it?

Yes, I have heard from others that she has suffered within BKism but appears to have finally been accepted and given a position in Madhubhan.

This is video very recent. I've not watched all of it but of what I have, it's pretty much nothing new from 40 odd years ago. It's too slow and long for me to consider right now. She's talking a lot about the Bhagavad Gita and says it starts with "God Speaks". I don't think it does. BKs tend to avoid the usual religious discourses with non-BK Gita pundits. I think a few traditional Gita scholars would challenge her. Lots of videos on the "re-coding" of the Gita, here, they call the decoding but clearly it's fitting it into the BK world view.

Is the story of her turning up form San Francisco in leather to the London centre riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle true, or exaggerated? I have nothing against the idea of "dykes on bikes" but individual's inherent gender orientation is something that is not openly discussed within BKism. But something, along with histories of sex abuse, is something one would have to consider to gain an objective view of what is going on, e.g. women becoming BKs to avoid adult heterosexual interactions and to gain security but assert mental domination over others, particularly other younger women.

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 13 Feb 2018
by Pink Panther
I've often criticised her peers, people like BK Neville Hodgkinson and others, for "polishing a turd" (or "putting icing on a turd"). By that I mean, making something that is really quite nasty, look, smell and taste better on first bite. Denis I would say has not just polished the turd but added structure to it. Intellectual structure.

In philosophy there are a couple of tests to see if something said is not only logical but true.

Basic logic is a logic of cohesion, the statement must be cohesive within itself and with other things stated in support of a position. e.g. A - The red Ferrari is a car. B - That is a car, therefore... C - it is a red Ferrari. This is known as a false syllogism.

Then there is the logic of correlation. Does the statement correlate with the facts - the things done, the evidence that is obvious to any that care to look at it without bias? This is the basis of the scientific method.

In the real world we tend to use the latter retrospectively and the former predictively. e.g. the sun has risen every day as long as I have been aware of it so it should rise again tomorrow.

For exaple, The data can be seen to be telling us this but if we apply our ”logically cohesive theory” it can mean that.

It's often said that religion starts where science stops. In this example we can see the opposite, religion ends here, where the cohesive statement is made, no further testing or exploration that migth threaten that is allowed. That is, IMO why religion is a bind (based on Latin religare "to bind”) whereas "the truth shall set you free".

Religious argument stops in its search for truth when it can "logically" ensure the "data” means ”that”, according to its own belief system. This is Denise’s speciality, intellectual contribution.

However, this is exactly where more investigative philosophy, natural philosophy if you like, now called science, begins.

It says - let's test that - against reality, not only in the data gathered though observation and application through experience/empirically/experimentally (all three words mean the same thing, they just come from different languages) but also, let's see what happens if we change our premise to include other factors? It does not seek to ignore other factors or interpretations or avoid including contradictory evidence.

Religious logic is largely about being cohesive and making sense according to its own terms. Denise’s ”intellectual” contribution is largely to do with BK knowledge being shown to be a cohesive logic, but never goes to testing it against broader undeniable truths, against specific contradictions, or equally plausible, logical explanations. It is all about reinforcing selectively what is already known. Verily I say unto you my brethren. as it says in Matthew 12:17 ...
15 Jesus, aware of this, withdrew from there. And many followed him, and he healed them all
16 and ordered them not to make him known.
17 This was to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah: 18 “Behold, my servant whom I have chosen...”

Ah - it must be true, he quoted Isaiah!

St Thomas Aquinas spent his life making theology ”logical”.

When he was dying, December 6, 1273, his last words were said to have been: “Such secrets have been revealed to me that all I have written now appears as so much straw.”” (This is understood to be a euphemism - straw was used in stables to catch the **** of the animals).

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2018
by ex-l
Pink Panther wrote:Religious logic is largely about being cohesive and making sense according to its own terms. Denise’s ”intellectual” contribution is largely to do with BK knowledge being shown to be a cohesive logic, but never goes to testing it against broader undeniable truths, against specific contradictions, or equally plausible, logical explanations.

I read some of her blog pieces and it made be question my use of the word intellectual if in some way referring to intelligence. They made me backtrack to the "different forms of intelligence" theory at first, wondering how and where she was applying hers.
BK Denise wrote:Inside a diamond there is a glow.

I am pretty sure there is not, it's just a refraction of light due to cuts. In fact, the sparkle of modern diamonds is just due to modern cutting techniques as in the old days they did not.
BK Denise wrote:Conventional science believes we have been evolving very slowly over time. They say that the human stage of evolution is the greatest achievement, the best. But if you look around circumstances seem to be getting worse and worse. From the economic, social, physical and mental health, climate, pollution point of view, there has never been as bad a time as we are in now.

Evolutionary biologist would never say, scientific, something like "humanity is the best".

Define "circumstances". We've posted many studies that show many things are getting better; education, healthcare, life expectancy, women's rights, lack of conflicts, common diseases wiped out.

Were things "better" during the Great Plague, or the genocide of the native Americans? Without modern medicine and surgery?
BK Denise wrote:Conventional science defines time as linear: 14 billion years ago there was a big bang and after another 14 billion years, there will be another big bang ... They don’t say what causes either of the bangs. The beginning of time is a long time ago and the end of time is a very long time so in between, they say, we will no doubt resolve the problems of our existence.

So it's the "saying of something", even without supporting evidence or explanation that is important?
BK Denise wrote:Biblical time started 6,000 years ago. They calculate who beget whom from Adam and Eve all the way to the Apocalypse, and return of Christ who brings 1000 years peace in the New Jerusalem. That means that Christianity based Western Civilization also has a background where time moves in circles.

This does not make any sense at all. Absolutely none.

How can Christianity have a background where time moves in circles? Was Jesus in the Garden of Eden along with Adam and Eve?
BK Denise wrote:Astrology on the other hand says: it is not 14 billion years in the past and 14 billion years in the future, but the whole thing is just 28,000 years. This is the time it takes for all the stars to return to their original positions in their cycle.

But not their indentically position and, most importantly, energy states as per Brahma Kumarism. Stars are being born and dying all the time. Is she referring to our solar system?
BK Denise wrote:At Stanford University, California, research was done on how some primitive tribes perceive things differently than we in the West. A tribesman with a herd of animals in a mountain area can see over the mountain. How? Because he is not limited by the idea that he can’t, he does not know that seeing through mountains is impossible.

An unnamed study. Is this true? How has it been proven?
BK Denise wrote:The diamond time (the BKs' "Confluence Age") is super-imposed upon regular time. The Supreme Power causes a complete change or reversal of time. Chronological Time continues to pursue its course ... a different time that operates parallel and opposite to current time. It resembles the bi-directional flow of water in the Bosphorus at Istanbul.

What on earth is she talking about, the BK god spirit "causes a complete change or reversal of time". Does she support one unofficial belief amongst BK followers that time carries on, only *their* time does not ... they travel back in time to 5,000 years ago to start all over again?

Completely unchallenged by actual facts or the need to prove their beliefs, she beyond deluded.

The reference to Stanford University, is an "Appeal to Authority" fallacy. The multiple references to "Diamonds" comes from the BKs' obsession with wealth and their founder's jewellery business days (yes, diamonds are a girl's best friend), and the reference to "the Bosphorus" some quasi-romantic orientalist dream.

OK, I suppose she once went to Turkey to do advertising for the BK cult. At certain times in the day, the tidal sea moves up the river while the flow of the water out of the Black Sea move out ... but what does that prove or how does that explain the physics of time travel? I am pretty sure the god spirit has never even suggest that he can wind back time in the teachings.

So what is she doing sitting there, not having to go to work and enjoying her position, indoctrinating all the sleepy hypnotised BKs into all this ... all it really amounts to is
    Teaching them how to bullsh*t and giving them examples of what to do so with.

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2018
by GuptaRati 6666
In all honesty and truth, not the BK truths, if ever the case of Robert's suicide case is re-opened, Denise could end up behind bars in California. She and the BK organization would have to answer lots of questions.

Becoming a press director for the BK propaganda machine, does not make Denise immune to the fruits of her acts of evil against humanity.

Here are three questions for Denise:
    Why did Robert jump from the Golden Gate Bridge?
    How did she interact with Robert before he made a final trip to the Golden Gate Bridge and jumping off of it in the spring of 1980?
    Why was the case carefully covered up by BKSO and Denise allowed to continue as Center-in-Charge, exposing other souls to her diabolical attitudes?

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2018
by Pink Panther
GuptaRati 6666,

Many BKs have suicided. Many non-BKs suicide. It is a difficult subject. I have no doubt that in some cases of BKs suiciding that their having become a BK was a major contributing factor, and in others, maybe not. It is hard to prove definitively. That said, your reminding us and asking questions of this case could be part of the explanation behind Denise’s mental health crisis a few years back. Was she asking herself such questions and (more importantly) refusing to answer them honestly to herself?


Thank you for going through and pulling out some examples from her blog. What I see in those is that she has become incredibly lazy to the point of where I can justify saying she is no longer the intellectual face of BKs, rather the pseudo-intellectual face. Maybe it was always thus and I was more ignorant, less critical back then. But I do think in those examples she is claiming things which in the past she probably wouldn’t have, she was more careful to not go outside areas of her own understanding.

I could go into a list of responses to those quotes, expanding on what you’ve said, e.g. the 28,000 years in astrology is The Cycle of the ages of the zodiac, and modern astrologers (many of whom are amateur astronomers) are all to aware that it does not return exactly to the same positions, and that the expanding universe means that eventually the constellations, as we envisage them now, will ”break apart’ and need to be re-imagined; or where science stands now in terms of understanding Time - it's a long way from what she said, but that could take ages (ironically) and goes off topic.

What we see revealed here in these examples is her audience. That this guff is given credence shows that she knows her audience is less educated in these matters than she is. As long as it sounds poetic (”inside a diamond there is a glow”) or sounds authoritative (”Stanford University? I’ve heard of that! A real University!!”) they’ll sit there smiling knowingly to themselves, ”Yes, I am on the right path of self realisation. Keep telling me who I am again?” :-))

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2018
by GuptaRati 6666

Thank you for your response. Denise, 40 years ago, when she got the chance would be a super-spiritual b*tch. One Brother related an incident in which Denise lectured him on the virtue of celibacy in a public setting on his personal and private issue. He was extremely honest and in his weekly chart submitted to Denise, he indicated that he was experiencing many visions of naked women. Instead of discussion the Brother's experience in private with humanity, Denise was very harsh with the Brother and it was followed up with a morning Murli on lust!

About her blogs being pseudo-intellectual, I agree. Bob Sapolsky of Stanford would have a great laugh reading some of her writing. There is a great difference between journalism in science or reporting in science and science at the bench. Michio Kaku and Gary Null are great scientists and science journalists; the same can be said for Van Dam Shiva and Elizabeth Morgan or Sylvia Earle. They are all bench scientist who will write articles for the lay public in magazines such as Discover or Scientific American.

The BKs seem to be ignorant of the difference between journalism in science and science at the bench. Denise can blog as she wishes on cosmology or any other subject in science. Where are her credentials? What is the date of her most recently published paper in a peer-reviewed journal, even in Yoga Journal?

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2018
by Arbit
I listen to BK discourses intently. There are a handful of frequent speakers. Over a period, I try to gauge each speaker's perspective of The Knowledge and his/her messaging angle.

I don't know much about Denise Lawrence. But as another human, I respect her.

Denise looks jaded. She hardly smiles. Her talks are academic, less practical, and hardly intellectual. I can tell you what BKs Shivani, Suraj, etc. stand for, but I cannot tell you what Denise stands for. I have to think really hard about what is her overarching message, and I still fail. But that could be just me.

BKs insulate themselves from the world and hence are not fully aware about history, geography, science, language, etc. This prevents them from deep contemplation that is essential for the philosophical and historical discourses they attempt to make, and end up getting many facts and conclusions wrong. At best this makes them look farcical, but at worst they may be hurting the Indian Society, which really bothers me because it can have dire consequences.

I must add that I continue to find the BK meditation and mindfulness practices personally useful.

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2018
by ex-l
I spent about an hour listening to bits of a number of Denise's video-ed talks.

What can I say to answer you question, Arbit?

What comes up first for me is apparently the BKWSU has become big enough, rich enough and "authentic" enough to be able to get visas for Westerners to stay in India. This was a dream of many Western BKs from my time, presumably the very beginning of Western service but they would not allow it.

Secondly, she speak r-e-a-a-a-l-l-l-y ... s----l----o----w----l----y. I think this is much for effect making what she sounds more profound that it actually is.

I don't where she is coming from. She seems to be being employed to indoctrinate Western BKs at a fair basic level.

Some of it is just plain daft. In 'Virtues, Values, Ethics and Morality' she gets into deep questions like ...
Why are all the pubs going bankrupt?

She goes on to claim that their god spirits ...
"Visit each and every Brahmin at every Amrit Vela"

and re-affirm a "secret law" that "most people don't know".
A law of spirituality is, when you take pleasure from things people and places, it sets in motion a system whereby you are obligated to also take sorrow.

I gave up waiting for anything really interesting.

She comes across as a little controlling.

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2018
by GuptaRati 6666

How would you have liked to do service with Denise 30-40 years ago? Arbit, would you still respect a soul who almost in every day to day class, verbally abused you? Would you respect an individual who humiliated you, because she was not intellectually secure? Ask Robert Shubow and his wife, Peggy.

Do not be fooled by internet images, a British accent, and pseudo-intellectual contemplatives. For sure, go on respecting her, until one day you will find yourself respecting a mask plus mannequin decked in a white sari. Just not to contaminate my mind, I will leave you to discover that which is hidden by the mask.

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2018
by ex-l
Here is all the BKWS "University" says about her, a soundbite sized biodata. Wasn't she Canadian, albeit some spending time in London? It says zero, does not mentions her academics qualifications at all, and, I think, exaggerates a little. We all did or were encouraged to do so.

It says she was employed to write a few diploma or, in fact, "degree courses" in BKism that I was going to critique at some point. There are a handful of colleges in Indian that are offering 'distance learning' degrees in elements of BKism that are very much taken directly from orthodox BKism. I don't know what their purpose is, perhaps to give BKs a title like BA that they can use to impress, e.g. "MBA - SELF MANAGEMENT & CRISIS MANAGEMENT", (Self Management being then BK Brian Bacon's project & Crisis Management being then BK Tamasin Ramsay's thing), or MSc in Values Education and Spirituality.

From what I've read, the courses aren't very academic/scientific. Just BKism wrapped up in more educated language with a few nods to external sources. I mean so much so that "churning knowledge" is a topic on the syllabus.

Can non-academics really just write up degree courses? It is a sincere use of one's intellect?
From 2001 to 2007 she was assigned to the Brahma Kumaris International Headquarters at Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India to write ten text books of the Diploma Programmes in Education in Values and Spirituality. This is currently being offered in Hindi and English languages through Anamalai Univeristy, Chidambarum, India, through distance learning.

It's interesting that you flag up "intellectual insecurity" Gupta. Perhaps that would account for I am calling "controlling", as in keeping discussions narrowly focused on what she can handle. I think talking slowly/hypnotically can also be used as controlling mechanisms.

It says she was only 23 when she signed up for BKism in 1974.

My starting point for analyses is simple and down to earth these days. I also start with the old "following the money" maxim as I think it's often a very good metaphor for where an individual in coming from and operates.

For a 23 year old woman, in 1974, to travel from West Coast to the UK and be riding around on a motorcycle suggests to me some family money behind her ... and the reason I write that is to raise another element of BKism today.

I would have to ask how many of the early Western BKs are now financially benefitting from the deaths of their parents (as they have reached the kind of age when they will be dying off) and whether this influx of finances is benefitting them and the BKWSU allowing them to further indulge in the lifestyle. Families that they were divided from, by BKism (we all know what relationships they encourage). What I read about Denise was that, when she had her breakdown, including rough times with Mohini in the USA, she went back to her family.

It's a shame the BKs don't document, explore or express real stories about their lives.

I hear that BKism for Westerners is tending to become more of a thing for older people these days, in particular old women, not the same hippie/traveller/alternative types that it was in the 70s ... but I cannot sustain that point with statistics. I mention it to question whether many of these characters are sort of figureheads who would appeal to such an audience?
With Dadi Janki, now the Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, as her mentor and guide she took intensive training in the spiritual practice of Raja Yoga and studied the spiritual knowledge and
meditation methods. Between 1975 and 2000 she pioneered the establishment of Brahma Kumaris Centres and served as coordinator of centres in Germany, Canada and USA. During those years she presented 100 television programmes on Raja Yoga meditation methods and spiritual knowledge. She made a further 100 TV programmes on Addiction recovery.

Bizarrely, it boasts an updated presentation to "SWAT team of Philippines Police Department, Manila" perhaps around 2011.

The Manilla SWAT was a deeply tragic national joke after its botched Luneta hostage taking incident when numerous Hong Kong tourists were killed because of their incompetence, and lack of training.

Re: BK Denise

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2018
by GuptaRati 6666
Thanks for your response. The use of Denise to write the course content for undergraduate and postgraduate programs has the unpleasant odor of lack of academic peerage. But there is also the vile odor of favoritism. Sure a white girl with the name associated with Lawrence of Arabia, riding motor cycles during the 70's fuel crisis, when she should be on a university campus was odd. The group of double foreigners who went to Mount Abu after the December international conference in Bombay in 1976 were most likely the tail end of the counter culture revolution. almost all the BKs from developed countries were all highly inspired to open centers on their return to their native lands. Some were former hippies or seekers who found Raj Yoga as seekers in India. Among the group, I recall only one who was college bound. He was one of the three Brothers from Guyana. Nandlall Narine from Georgetown was a highly successful insurance executive. Walter Choy also fro Georgetown was trained in computer programing, but decided to walk away from the cyber world and work as a laboratory technician.
Errol Walcott, who came from rural Guyana was a secondary school mathematics teacher and Guyana Scholarship award recipient. He completed one tour of duty in guerilla warfare training at Papaya in the Guyana jungle prior to visiting India. After the trip to India in 1976-77, he returned to his classrooms and in spite of being promoted to acting chairperson of the Mathematics Department of his school, he pursued pre-veterinary and veterinary studies at Tuskegee University in the USA.
The BK biographical information on Denise is interesting from the perspective of the language. In today's world and 40 years ago pioneering work was not done by one person; it was team work. For sure pioneering work is taxing and authentic pioneers will acknowledge the other members of the team for which they are the leaders. The BK propaganda creates the impression that Denise did it all by herself, even as God Almighty will admit the help of other souls in any divine work! It seems that negative aspects of the ego has become part of the politically correct way of life for the BKs.