BKs accused of fake bills for corporate training (Tax Fudge)

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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BKs accused of fake bills for corporate training (Tax Fudge)

Post16 Apr 2018

Another insider tip requiring more investigation.

Interestingly, the same post suggests how the BKs got away with using the term university, where the PBKs got caught for it and made to stop.
Govt refused to give the name Vishwavidyalaya as its not a university. They spilt the word Vishwa and vidyalaya and named it. Vishwa vidyalaya is not a university.

The Quora websites appears to have numerous BK related topics. In another on BK Beliefs, someone wisely replies ...

It's prescribed in their philosophy.

When BK Shivani got that question asked, she says, "did I convert you into Brothers and Sisters as of now?" But she didnt answer question directly, that she will do so in future, once they convert into BK religion.

In BK they call it being "yuktiyukt" means answering in tricky/shrewd manner, which in reality is "lying". Shivani acts like a "pimp/salesman" and converts people to BK. You can find real info about BKs in brahmakumaris dot info

In another,
Why does the Brahma Kumaris believe that Satyug is just near?

Manjeet Singh
Answered Mar 31, 2018

This is their marketing strategy so that followers can donate all there wealth to brahmakumaris.

They believe that kalyug is going to end soon but for brahmakumaris and there follower this is sangam yug where God himself has come to meet only to brahmakumaris followers and more and more they donate now to brahmakumaris the more and more they will get return in Satyug established on earth by God where only brahmakumaris followers will live.

It's not new they have done this many times to collect money from there followers just read on wiki world end prediction and go to year 1976 there you will find three time failed prediction of brahmakumaris
Anil Kumar Mv, Sr Consultant at Capgemini (2016-present)
Answered Apr 14, 2018

The founder of BK wrote in their advertisements in 1930s that world is going to end and Satyug will start. It was during the world war time I think.

Their so called God said, the destruction is going to happen in ... 1976 but did not happen. So, they revised the word destruction to transformation.

Till now the BK people are waiting for a destruction/transformation to happen. The intermediate period was earlier defined as 10 years now got revised to when ever it comes model.

The concept of Satyug is easily taken by the believers blindly even though there is no relevant rational behind it.

And another
Why are the Brahma Kumaris unable to explain the age of dinosaurs? Why do some people still believe in their anti-scientific 5000 year world drama cycle?
Andre Ouellette, Over 40 Years of Martial Arts Experience (1974-present)

Beliefs is by definition accepting something as true without the need for evidence.

Therefore, evidence is often not enough to change a belief.

Some people are emotionally attached to their beliefs. Evidence that could shake such beliefs will therefore have a tendency to be questioned, ignored or even rejected.

Some, like creationist organizations, go even as far as to state that they will automatically reject any evidence contradicting their beliefs ...

Once you take that stand, even if you would take such people in a time machine back to the age of dinosaurs and rub reality in their faces, they would still deny it. because they don’t want reality; they want only their fantasy.

So it appears the word is out and more and more people are seeing through the BK sham.
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BKs accused of fake bills for corporate training (Tax Fudge)

Post16 Apr 2018

Another discusses young girls being encouraged to surrender to the BKs from the age of 12 onwards ... and being dumped by them later when they become sick.
My inlaws have been into this since 1990 ...

I particularly would like to bring an instance to everyone’s notice as I havent seen anyone writing about this. Girls are brain washed so much that they decide to completely surrender themselves to BK and are expected to leave their house forever.

I particularly know of a girl who surrendered herself at age of 12 , left her school, her family and gave her life to BK. Isnt this the most ridiculous thing? Girls do not even have maturity to decide on their career at this age and are so brain washed to surrender? Also for parents, I feel they still think their daughters as a burden and introduce them to this so that they get rid of all the responsibilities towards her.

A 7th grade girl left everything for BK and after 20 yrs, when she had major health issues was sent back home as they wanted her parents to take care of her. Why should someone who has given up her life for your organisation be sent back? Isnt she your responsibility? For the past 3 yrs she’s at home and I do not think so BK will take her back again ever. That means a life ruined forever and as she has no formal education, she will have issues to lead a normal life.

Another girl left her engineering midway, left her house forever and joined BK. She forgot all the pains that her parents took to raise her, pay for her education. I wont be surprised if in a few years she comes back home forever and struggle to lead a normal life.

All the answers only mock at the Brahma Kumaris. No one has praised them for their cleverness. Unlike other religious groups who target the uneducated, this group is unique in trapping even the educated people in their net of frauds. I applaud them for their achievement. They are one of the best brainwashers in the world. It's just sad that they haven't used their brainwashing capabilities for the betterment of the world and have just focused on extracting more and more money from their targets and in becoming more popular.

Although I am nowhere in comparison to the Brahma Kumaris in terms of convincing capabilities, I will strive hard to free some of their targets from their trap through my very brief answer.

The Brahma Kumaris build on false premises to obviously reach false conclusions. Most of their arguments are invalid. Even the ones those are valid are unsound arguments due to false premises.

The only teaching of theirs that makes sense is to remain free from mental tensions and live with peace.

But, the above teaching acts as a launchpad from which they launch to their pseudoscientific theories. By decades of experience, they have gained an expertise to impart those pseudoscientific theories to even the educated ones in our society. They have taught people not to question their teaching extremely craftily which is a phenomenal achievement yet not a moral one.

I will refrain from enumerating and mocking at their pseudoscientific theories but I would humbly request their targets to investigate into their teachings and look for themselves. Books like 'A Brief History of Time' by the Great Stephen Hawkings will definitely help recover the rationality that those villains have snatched from their targets.

The souls getting transmitted from one body to another at the time of death, the karmic law (much similar to the Newton's third law - every action has an equal and opposite reaction), the 1250 * 4 year cycle. Ha ha ha ha ha lol.

Sorry, I am nobody to laugh at them. They are experts in their fields (on how to fool the educated people).
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Answered Jun 15, 2015

My Home has no peace after my mom joins Brahmakumari.

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