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A Countdown Clock: How many stolen properties have the BKs taken

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2019
by Rajdhani
I humbly request all the stalwarts hanging around in this forum from quite long time (apologies for not knowing them in person) to get in touch with the Admin and hang a stop watch/count down starting from today at least. I will try to bring more info.

Looks like for every other 2 years they have come up with a narrative and conveniently snatched the properties. The irony or the smartness or the comedy is any of them is responsible other than the system. So be it !!!!

Let's hang a clock, rather a countdown clock. We may not live long enough, as an essence and as testimony, the clock has to be there. We'll add a few more clocks based on the feedback of BKs, Ex-BKs where the property was taken away in the 60s, 70s etc.

I think this is the most straight forward way with evidence. This forum itself has to be a testimony irrespective of the members, whether BK, ex-BK, PBK etc, etc.