Questions from an ex-PBK

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Re: Questions from an ex-PBK

Post13 Nov 2019

xpbk wrote:Are you [Pink Panther] claiming that you are more intelligent, compassionate than me? I really wish it is true. I am dying to find such people.

I wish it were true too.

Unfortunately it seems no-one is more intelligent or more compassionate than the one who thinks they are more intelligent and more compassionate.

Look xpbk, you wrote a very petulant post and implied you were gone and not coming back. I responded to both those things.

The main point I made was made more diplomatically by ex-l, "what does it matter?" No one is a BK or a PBK because they are working from a position of rationalism and intelligence examining solid proofs. People join and stay with BKs becuase of the things it gives them in terms of ego, validation, community, purpose, position, a path for promotion and further validation, instant guru-dom and sense of spiritual achievement and, of course, some just like the nice feelings in meditation.

It is well observed that ego wants to sustain that which sustains it. Most people don't like to admit error or make changes unless it is more painful to not admit error and not change. For BKs, PBKs and many in organised religions, the first symptoms of the pain is a sense that there is a lack of cohesion in the teachings and/or the practice, an instinctive feeling murmuring below that things aren't quite right but which our ego suppresses. However, once the questions begin and don’t receive satisfactory answers, the inquisition begins. Then one day we realise the ones who have been fooling us the most are ourselves.

It is at that point we stop trying to come up with a truer version of ”Gyan” and equivocations for all the discrepancies and start trying to come up with a truer version of ourselves, self honesty and admitting that it’s not just others that get fooled by cults, gurus and charismatic ”leaders” .

We project what we idealise on to them and they project it back, then we feel we have found where we belong. Then we realise, like we do with our parents, that they are not perfect, that they have many failings and so we project our ideal into a new quest, to make ourselves that same ideal without needing them to reflect it for us. We see that as a new level of awareness, independent spirituality.

In fact, it is just a redirected delusion based on the same framework.

Now, it's great if your investigations come up with actual facts and proofs (both words mean ”things done”) to burst through the facade of these organisations. But leave aside any theories and speculations These abound within the BKs, every BK has their pet theory of what's really going on and what is the actual history and predicted future because most of them are stuck in that ”rationalisation” phase of trying to reconcile all the contradictions.
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Re: Questions from an ex-PBK

Post13 Nov 2019

oldbk wrote:You can be of help, starting with apologizing to ex-l and this Forum for being totally abhorrent from the beginning !

It's OK ... people need to vent a little a time. I'd rather have an honest FU than some BK saying, "Om Shanti Sweet Brother" and nodding their head going, "accha, accha" ... but thinking and changing nothing.

I think Pink, above, frames the situation very well. The only things I would flag up to highlight are;
    a) The dangers of putting forward an alternative view without very, very good factual sources ... because, without them it will not just blow one's own credibility out of the water but also damage the possibility of anyone else and any future correction that comes along hoping to wake the BKs/PBKs up.

    b) Murli arguments are clues but not proofs. BKs/PBKs only believe what they are told by their leaders.

    To repeat, BKism and PBKism do not work on logical correctness, let alone factual accuracy even. They run on an existing authority system, part of that being who or what offers the BKs a sense of security. Even if xpbk is right, he has no authority with the cult, so they won't listen or hear him. That kind of programming defeats any challenge or challenger before it even happens.
Just as an example, xPBK, a couple of us proved absolutely - without any doubt and at great expense with factual evidence - that Lekhraj Kirpalani was born in 1884, not 1879 ... and yet years of arguing later, the BKs still say he was born in 1879.*

The birth certificate exists ... and yet they continue to disbelieve it and mislead others.

They are as resistant to truth as they are dishonest, illogical and deluded ... and money grabbing. They are absolutely stone headed.

* (The significance of his date of birth is that he was not 60 when "God" entered him as the Murlis says. The reason the BKs inner circle resists this simple truth is that it is what Virendra Dev Dixit has been saying since the 1970s ... so the debate has been happening for 40 years).

Most BKs, and I presume most PBKs, are afraid to step outside of their box as it would mean challenging the authority of their leader and facing total insecurity ... indeed, the fear of going back to everything they were running away from before BKism AND suffering the eternal damnation BKism/PBKism promises if they leave.

The only thing that would make most BKs leave is if you were to offer them free food, a free home, a free income, a free heaven on earth to wander around in (or at least a nice garden) and the promise of no bosses or family members hassling them.

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