Are BK males incels seeking female company or truly volcels?

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Are BK males incels seeking female company or truly volcels?

Post05 Feb 2020

Incel is a new word, and an rising internet phenomenon. It means ‘involuntary celibate’ and although it's taken on a typically American influence among young, typically white, typically right-wing men who want to find a girlfriend, but can’t, I am wondering if there are not similarities, especially among Indian male BK followers who face similar issues but with within a different culture context, eg unequal gender balance due to femicide, unhappy arranged marriages, or unable to marry due to poverty.

A recent poll by r/Braincels (the largest incel Reddit channel which was recently shut down for misogyny) found that only 28 percent of its members were white, with the majority being from South Asia. Read India ... or ‘currycels’ (people who supposedly can’t find a partner because of their Asian heritage).

"Volcels" are voluntary celibates.

Apparently, in the post-feminist world "beta masculinity" is a thing, and "the Story of the Incel Is the Story of the 2010s".
“Most [men] are no longer guaranteed a career or property ownership, and believe that feminism has discouraged women from marrying. They – like everyone – are also facing a world of zero-hour contracts and the erosion of workers’ rights.”

In addition to which, almost no men are guaranteed a career or property ownership within BKism.

See also, This Is What It's Like to Treat an Incel as a Sex Therapist.

Religion and celibacy have long been a useful mask for everything from homosexuality to pedophilia, could the BKs' celibacy not just another useful facade, unique in this context because it would actually give men greater contact with single women for a certain degree of interaction, albeit it mostly without sex? At least in theory.

Using religion and celibacy a mask may be useful for growing and healing past issues ... but it's not true spirituality. At some point you've still got to take the mask off, and have a look at what's behind it.

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