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Why do the Brahma Kumaris not tell source of BK philosophy?

PostPosted: 11 May 2020
by ex-l
From a discussion on Yahoo. Nothing changes it seems, but many appear to be aware of the BKs.

It is perhaps hard for Westerners to appreciate the scale of the conceit and audacity of claiming that their teachings are the true Bhagavad Gita, never mind "based on the real Bhagavad Gita", to other Indians. Or, as they do, that the Bhagavad Gita is impure and based on a partial, incorrect memory of their teachings from 5,000 years ago.

It's like me writing a blog and claiming it was the "real" Bible, or that the Bible was based on my writings ... just not a very good version of it. Lekhraj Kirpalani was a nut.

I could ask, how were we ever able to repeat such things given the cultural insensitivity and appropriation it inferred? But then, I guess, the BKs depended on our ignorance and stupidity of such things in order to exploit us.
Brahma Kumaris: Why are they not able to tell me what is their source of the philosophy they teaching?

I reject all groups who speak without any authority and base their teachings on the speculation of a single person because what they normally teach is all mental concoction.

I thought Brahma Kumaris were basing their teachings on the Bhagavad Gita but that is clearly not the case. In fact they wont even mention the source which leads me to believe there is no bona fide source. What you think?

The teachings in Brahma Kumaris are very often erroneous and misleading.
For example they derive their own version from the Vedic calculation of time, Gita, concept of God ...
They teach you God is just piece of Light ... and no relatives, no mother, no Sister etc etc
Just imagine how bad they shape the younger people's mind ...
do not let this organization to boom in your town ... !!!!!!
My Sister was nearly a victim of this false cult which brings bad name to the eternal religion of mankind,sanathana dharma ...
Many individuals do not believe the truth even when it is told to them. Obviously many people have something to say even though they do not know what they are talking about. If you want to find out the source of the Brahma Kumaris knowledge go to a BK center and ask ... and be patient with yourself to understand for the answer will be provided.

You do not get answers and only you will be told off by them, and the confidence is gone.
Brahma kuamaris is a made up cult group and you should not follow them. They are far from the truth, and they just want more and more followers.

ashok k's answer:
100% correct! Very Very dangerous for Society (Family People). And they have made some innocents' simple life - complicated.
One rich businessman, with his high ambition wanted to take the place of God and for this he used all the feelings of Hindus as a ladder. He wants to forget all!
Hello, I am against BKWSU because, at the name of god they are getting money from people ... in India once I travel in an auto, the auto driver was a BK. I only ask one question that, how much you spent per week on BKs' DAAN PETI (donation box), he said only 11 rupee. I said just think you fool people if you are giving 1 rupee per day and u said we are 20 lacs people in BK then how much money BKWSU ARE COLLECTING ... AND IN LAST I ONLY WANT TO AWARE THE PEOPLE OF India ... JUST THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH THE MONTHLY COLLECTION BY ONLY 1 RUPEE .,

Re: Why do the Brahma Kumaris not tell source of BK philosop

PostPosted: 11 May 2020
by ex-l
Mathuraiyar Mannan

They must be banned before they corrupt the innocent minds. It is very dangerous to allow such group to prosper. At least let them not have a Hindu tag.

This is a place where rape victims, std women , poor widows and females rejected by their families go.
They rule the organisation. And they treat men like dirt. In fact they treat men like slave workers. It is an organisation of for & by ladies who are self righteous. Their teacher (now dead) used to make young girls sit in his lap.
Actually it is meant for orphans.

Every thursday they claim that their dead teacher possesses one old lady in Mount Abu , then she starts speaking in a different tone to make people believe that their teacher is speaking through her.

The teacher was a Brahmin. These Brahmins always create ways & means to make people believe in them having supernatural powers in order to mentally enslave Hindu people probably to acquire, weath, favor and political influence.
Time has come to kick them and throw them out of India , they claim to be aryans who came from outside, so they are our oppressors.


They basically don't know anything. They are writing whatever is coming to their minds. Ghosts enter in to their body and then utter nonsense which is being recorded as texts. It has no relation to the actual scriptures available to us. They are misleading everyone, so don't worry about them. It will never make sense.
Mathuraiyar Mannan

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris may convince people devoid of vedic knowledge. But they don't even know who is the real prajapati
bad tim

it looks like a cult
it walks like a cult
it talks like a cult
funny, i don't see anything about jesus on the official website... is this a new tactic to gain more converts?

Many years before, I was associated with “Brahma Kumari” organization for some time. I was shocked by their theories. This is not because it was new to me, but because most of their theories are absolutely illogical. At its philosophical side it has rarely anything common with Vedic culture.
I rejected it, after reading few books and attending many of their meetings.
Few thoughts on their cult:
1.BK:“Time is considered to be cyclic, repeating identically every 5,000 years. Every particle comes back to the exactly same place after 5000 years” – This defies science, logic, even history & geography!!
2.BK:“Human and even animal souls, called atmas, are believed to be an infinitesimal point of spiritual light residing in the forehead of the body it occupies.” – In Vedic scriptures, it is said Soul cannot be seen. If one can see the soul, then there will be a duality of subject and object.
3.“Unlike traditional forms of Hinduism, the Brahma Kumaris' teachings come not so much from ancient scriptures but from revelations given in trance states”. Upanishads and other Vedic philosophies encourage doubt and reasoning, but Brahma Kumaris' teaching does not entertain doubts.
4.By repeating their teachings again and again they do a form of brain washing to the less intellectual people. After which people stop their ears to all logical arguments against Brahma Kumaris’ teachings.
5.Most of their followers become indifferent to their own families, but become very friendly to their Brahma Kumari colleagues. This is because the incorrect explanations of the concepts like vairagya (discriminative wisdom) and anasakti (non attachment).
6.“The student is told to think of themselves as separate from the body, as bodiless, as light, as power, as bathed in the love and light of the Supreme Soul, and so on.” This sort auto suggestion (or self hypnosis) is never the part of authentic traditional Raja Yoga. Their “Raja Yoga” has very less similarities with Patanjali’s Astanga Yoga.
7.Their interpretation of Bhagavad-Gita is highly sectarian and they do not follow any other scriptures!
8.“Use of mediumship” is never seen in any Vedic traditions.
9. Everyday they get something to discuss, and it sounds nice. It causes a problem for right thinking called “Information Overload”. People forget to question the essentials. Many reports say, all those lectures/revelations are not available. Few times they are also edited to make them coherent.
My honest suggestion is DO NOT LOSE YOUR OWN FREEDOM OF THOUGHT in your way of spiritual inquiry. Our Vedic culture is very well known for encouraging personal freedom. Vedic traditions do not allow anybody’s monopoly over the Truth. No need to oppose them but it is better to keep away from such hypocrites.

Re: Why do the Brahma Kumaris not tell source of BK philosop

PostPosted: 11 May 2020
by ex-l

I went to the Brahma Kumaris for 3 years and I agree with all criticism.
For me it did not work out at all because I started hearing voices in my head from ghosts who are with Brahma (or Prajapitta Lekraj).
The Brahma Kumaris wants to end this world with violence and then steal all the souls of the world to start the new world 5000 years ago. There for I found them completely insane.
It might look if I have gone mad at BKSA. But somehow ghosts of the bksa are stalking me all day long.
It is good for me to talk about because I am so hurt by the bksa.
I would say never go their because Shiva is not God and Shiva wants to destroy the world. Shiva acts if he is God but this is not true and he is also not Allah wich he claims. I used to think he was God but now I know this is not the case he is a fraud.
If someone wants to react on my answer I would be delighted

I am sorry if it sounds discouraging. But Brahma Kumaris have no concept about God or the existence of God. The whole sect is based on arbitrary knowledge given by, I regret to say "ghosts". It is not in accordance at all with what is given in Vedas and Bhagavad Gita. Of course if you attend their lectures it will sound very attractive but it is definitely not a path to salvation.
Enlighten yourself and watch these videos

I am fed up of this BK, my girlfriend had just started following bramha Kumari and she have became very illogical and believing in some weird things. I think suddenly she have turned into a superstitious girl. But when I refuse to her thinking she fights with me!!!! And tell me that I should also go to attend those lectures!!!! What the **** should I do!!!!! Somebody please help.

Re: Why do the Brahma Kumaris not tell source of BK philosop

PostPosted: 14 May 2020
by dbairsoft
Oh noes. I wish when I get a girlfriend that she does not fall in for such a death trap!

I guess despite girls in India getting a proper education, the BKs find some or the other ways to lure them up just because they are female. I do not know how to react to the last comment by the anonymous person ...

BTW, how are you guys doing?