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We are the Anaryans of Legend. Allegedly.

PostPosted: 08 Sep 2020
by ex-l
According to myth, legend and even history - and I appreciate that there is much discussion and much disagreement over Indian history in the real world - at the time of the Rigveda, the oldest known Vedic Sanskrit text, there were only two main classes, the Aryans and the Anaryans (tribal aborigines existing outside of the class system). The light skinned Aryans had invaded and conquered India and the dark skinned Anaryans circa 3,000 BC. At a later date, the latter were assigned the caste of being Shudras and dasya (their servants or slaves)

Anaryans meant non-Aryans, an indigenous race of Indians who did not follow Vedic traditions.

So much for the introduction, now onto BK Pari's website.

Brahma Kumari Pari is a controversial BK. She considers herself to be a medium and a mystic and to have had many visions giving her greater insights into BKism and the world, and has found herself in some conflict with the BK mainstream. I don't know her current standing.

Pari have developed her own complex understanding of our, ex-BKs, standing within the BK world and their 5,000 year Cycle of Time. While clearly *beyond* BK philosophy, she still appears to remain trapped by it, attempting to square and resolve it with both her visions and other mythologies.

As a qualified lawyer, she is clearly not unintelligent in the real world, however, what to make of this?

I highlight what is most interesting to me that our "fight for rights" is wrong, and only their submission to their god spirit ... so as to become "puppets" to it ... will bring about world transformation and create 900,000 heavenly human beings. In it, and elsewhere, the BKs love of royalty (and the seeing of human rights and democracy as a bad thing) comes through clearly.
4. ex-BK or ex-BK site

NB: This site is by those who are categorized as ex-BKs or XBKs. There are also other sites by ex-BKs. Some of these ex-BKs have been trying to ruin the image of the Brahma Kumaris, in the internet and through other ways.

During the Mid-Confluence [2,500 years ago], these souls (who are now involved with these ex-BK sites) were playing a role which has been referred to as ‘anaryans’ in the Hindu myths. Some of these anaryan deity souls may be involved with their own roles for ‘human rights’. At the end, as the world transforms and they transform, the thoughts which would be influencing these souls would be those relating to ‘human rights’. Thus, when the divine world is lost, at the end of the Silver Age, the memories relating to the ‘fight for human rights’ will emerge and influence them again. Thus, they were termed as the anaryans, during the Mid-Confluence.

All the other deity souls were seen as remaining as Aryans, during the Mid-Confluence. During the Mid-Confluence, the anaryan deity souls would begin to have the views that even they and others should be able to enjoy the rights which the royalty were having. They would have the views that even they and others should be able to do and enjoy what the royalty were ‘doing and enjoying’. They would think that even they and others should be entitled to rule and play the role of a god (and not just the royalty). Thus, during the Mid-Confluence, the anaryans also wanted to go into the Quantum Dimensions and remain there (as the royalty were entitled to do).

The anaryans were trying to take over the spaceports from the Aryans/Anunnaki. So the Anunnaki destroyed all the spaceports to make sure that the advanced sciences do not go into the wrong hands and get misused. What the Anaryans did, paved the way for human rights. So the world became like what it is now.

At the end of The Cycle, the Aryan deity souls establish the Brahma Kumaris and are referred to as BKs. Some of the anaryan deity souls were influenced to flow along with Lekhraj (the founder of the Brahma Kumaris) since they are deity souls. Thus, some anaryan deity souls were involved with the Om Mandali (what the BK gathering was called before they established the Brahma Kumaris). Then, the anaryan deity souls were influenced by their memories, to fight for rights again. And they will fight against the Aryan deity souls (who are BKs now) ‘for rights’ again. Thus, the Aryan-Anaryan battle continues, even at the end.

Other anaryan deity souls kept coming into the Brahma Kumaris, since they are deity souls. With time, their memories (of what they had done in the Copper Age) will also emerge to influence them. So the Aryan-Anaryan fight continues until the end of The Cycle, before the Aryan-Anaryan battle comes to an end as the world transforms into the Golden Aged world.

The anaryan deity souls are also playing their roles, as per the World Drama. However, at the end (now) what the Anaryan deity souls do is not going to get the world transformed into the Golden Aged world. It is the teachings that are taught in the Brahma Kumaris and the BK gathering which will be playing a role, with God, for world transformation.

There are also other Confluence Aged souls, outside the Brahma Kumaris, who are involved with World Transformation; but it is the role of the Brahma Kumaris to make sure that the 900,000 deity souls are ready for world transformation.

God says that we have to give up all our ‘human/mortal rights’ and do as we are told by God, so as to become God’s instruments. We are trained to become like God’s puppets who are moved by the strings (link to God).

What the XBKs ‘churn on’ will be based on the Aryan-Anaryan battle that takes place, during every cycle, as per the World Drama. What the BKs churn on will bring about World Transformation. All of us have our own roles to play. What we ‘churn on’ reflects our roles.

During the Mid-Confluence, the anaryan deity-souls (who are now involved with the ex-BK sites) began to influence others. Thus, the Anaryans began to include more people than these souls. When I refer to anaryans in my articles, I am also referring to these souls (who are now classified as ex-BKs) and all the others who were influenced by them.

There are numerous scatter writings elsewhere, e.g. The Ancient Aryan-Anaryan Battle - Part 1

Re: We are the Anaryans. Allegedly.

PostPosted: 08 Sep 2020
by ex-l
BK Pari wrote:The Aryans were the people who lived in the first half cycle. They were divine and not capable of being influenced by the vices. The minute a vice was entertained, all the souls lost their divine state and they became capable of being influenced by the vices. So, they all became Anaryans (Non-Aryans).

However, at the end of the Silver Age, the people were making attempts to remain as Aryans. So those who remained virtuous were seen as continuing to remain as Aryans. The royalty were capable of remaining virtuous because their spiritual strength was higher. So, they were considered as Aryans. The royalty tried to use various methods so as to influence the citizens (who were influenced by the vices) to remain virtuous. Thus, the citizens were influenced to continue behaving well. This helped to bring the situation under control.

Re: We are the Anaryans of Legend. Allegedly.

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2020
by Pink Panther
Hahahaha! What a nut job!

She'd probably be considered a serviceable soul because she makes the BK ideas seem much more plausible.

The Annunaki she mentions were the gods of ancient Sumeria (Mesopotamia, Babylon) and they feature in a text even older than the Rig Veda, the story of Gilgamesh.

A good friend of mine wrote a novel, a speculative fiction called Gilgamesh, where a seeming homeless hobo is actually a time traveller who takes the narrator back to that time. The narrator able to enter the head of different characters to see out of their eyes etc. The Annunaki in this fantasy are also extraterrestrial space travellers. Not a bad read, and it's well researched, true to the original Gilgamesh story.

Funny though how some people can entertain such ideas while never losing the ability to tell the difference between fact and fiction, history and fantasy, myth and speculation, pragmatic reasoning and fanciful imaginings, while others believe everything they think!

Re: We are the Anaryans of Legend. Allegedly.

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2020
by ex-l
I see from her website that she actually has a Masters and PhD in law, so she cannot be "stupid" ... but then many of those who are trapped by the BKs - or rather use BKism to trap themselves - are not (noting the risk of an inherent Dunning–Kruger effect within that).

It seems like she's trying to fit everything in her apparently above average capable and extensive mind into a 'theory of everything' explanation that works, while not letting go off BKism.

I guess my starting point is, as with regards BKism as a whole, either it's absolutely true, or it's not. Clearly, it's not absolutely true - because there have been constant revisions, modifications, failures and cover ups ... so it's false. The probability of any of it being factually true is nigh zero, so what is it? What's really going on?

What is something that's nigh absolutely false yet claims to be absolutely, inarguably true? It is idiocy, evil, some kind of obscure mental illness?

Seems like a psychoanalyst's wet dream to get to grip with such a case.

What does interest me though is the BK/perhaps ex-Hindu value system that still shine through, which is actually core to BKism although not openly stated, e.g. the royalty versus democracy/rights business. How they get everything naturally by being Godly puppets - she talks about "access to the quantum realm" or something - and how we are supposedly fighting for it.

Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to try and analysis it all. It just underlines my theory that BKism is some kind of mimetically contagious mental illness that, depending on your level of intelligence (the breadth of your intellect), can screw you up equivalently.

I wonder when they will all give it up?

Will the leaders and middle management cruise along until 2036 ... and then change it all again so they or their heirs can still live off all the land and property they have acquired via inspiring all this madness?

Re: We are the Anaryans of Legend. Allegedly.

PostPosted: 10 Sep 2020
by Pink Panther
I think a lot of it is the need to be both exceptional and validated for being exceptional. So if I can aggregate a whole bunch of highfalutin ideas, and work out some kind of self-supporting circular logic to come up with a ”theory” or interpretation that’s new, I am therefore exceptional, a genius with special intellect and insight.

I relate that new view using familiar terms so that others can latch onto it (if it's too novel, no-one can comprehend any of it, it's all gobbledegook). Someone will get be impressed with the fact that they understand some of it but, as they are unable to grasp all of it, they will have to get you to explain it!

The BK Gyan itself is exactly like that - familiar terms and ideas re-imagined, a little (probably unintentional) slight of hand in the form of re-branded traditional techniques applied in a new framework (eg dristi/third eye meditation) and with enough un-disprovable claims that the gullible will feel it’s their own ignorance rather than the lack of substance in the philosophy that is at fault.

Within the BK society BK Pari has a market, an audience familiar with enough of the terms she uses to be intrigued by her new take, that some will be drawn curiously to her view as they seek something that explain the gaps in the orthodox BK view.

But ”Cohesive Theory of Truth” is not enough. Just saying it and it sounding ”logical” is not enough. Most religion do that - their usual equivocation around a lack of correspondence to facts is any number of variations of ”Only God knows”.

Truth must not only be ”cohesive” in itself but also needs tp overlap with reality as it presents, i.e. the ”Correspondence Theory of Truth”, i.e. that the ideas within it must correspond to the evidence and known facts.

And when it comes to BK Pari, she doesn't even pass to the first hurdle of being ”Cohesive”. Anyone who knows anything about some of the subjects she refers to, e.g quantum physics, history, can see she is muddled, grasping at straws.