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Apologies, Updates & Big Questions

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2021
by ex-l
Apologies, my 2009 "road warrior" Macbook Pro finally died a death due to a dodgy third party cable before Xmas, so I've been unable to post & keep up with maintenance until now, only just having gotten the hard drive out, data copied over, & most passwords retrieved ... to a "back to the future" 2008 Mac Pro tower!

We here at like to squeeze every last value out of our IT investments!

That's a grand total of about £90 per year, plus the same in web hosting, against everything the BKs have spent putting us down, pushing their nonsense on people. & exploiting them.

Pretty good value, I'd say ... but I think we're suffering a little public awareness, losing our place in search results, & don't know entirely how to fix it. Obviously, we have no income, nor advertising budget to promote the site.

I don't know if we've done our job & that's the best we can do, as I don't think there's much more about the history of the BKs or manner in which they operate that we can expose, or whether there is more to do.

This website will be 15 years old in March 2021, and the internet has changed greatly in that time.

It seems to be that the current trend is towards video content; eg Youtube, Tiktok, & video conferences & streaming platforms that I know little about. Devices that the BKs are themselves exploiting.

Unfortunately, I am "tech limited". I do not have the equipment or bandwidth to start such efforts. Does anyone feel inspired to do so? Does anyone else have any ideas about what we could or should be doing?