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The Admin who runs the website called BK PBKs info,

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2023
by jayadeepan
Dear Brothers,
I found the Admin who runs the website was very rude and behaved like a psychopath ... 9d1fa9177a

The person who runs the site is very rude. I hope he is not Shivsena. He behaves like a cultist and a psychopath.
Does anyone know who runs this site?
I tried to be obedient to stay in the forum, otherwise, he told me many times that I would be removed for my English mistakes and I found out that his English is not very good either.


Re: The Admin who runs the website called BK PBKs info,

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2023
by ex-l
I cannot see the post or member who you are referring to with that link as I am not a member. Can you copy and paste it here? I see Arjun still posts there. I don't know if it is the same person who used that account here, but you could try asking him.

It's a very sad situation. Some years ago, I took a decision based on feedback from members, to split the forum into two; one for those who still believed, such as PBK followers, and one for ex- or exiting members. Partly, this was because of the constant attacks of anti-PBK individuals (BKs, ex-PBKs, and Vishnu Party members) against perfectly reasonable and productive PBK members. Although the original intention of this forum was to bring all parties together to discuss issues, it became impossible, and too much to manage. Unlike the BKWSU, we do not have paid teams of IT wallahs or unlimited budgets.

I think for ideologically reasons that I don't entirely understand, the PBKs would not come forward to take on the responsibility and only Shivsena would. To a degree, I think I made a mistake giving it to him as I did not fully understand his position. He really only wanted a platform to post his repeated anti-PBKs/Virendra Dev Dixit criticism at PBKs (who I think left shortly after the split.

In the beginning, both forums started with an exact copy of all discussion up to that date, and memberships, allowing anyone who wanted to carry on BK discussions to go there, while we focused on ex- or exiting BKs. Many of whom were upset or negatively triggered by the constant attacks/bickering between BKs, PBKs.

As far as I understand, Shivsena gave up on it a few years later and handed it to a group of anti-PBK BKs who I suspect, on the basis of their eccentricity and lack of manners, is not "official" nor are not part of the mainstream BKWSU either.

I have no idea who they are but one member, "Golden Heart", was certain among them and possibly the Admin.

You describe their behaviour as "psychopathic" and I would have to agree with you. They are a good example of the kind of mentality who is attracted to positions of perceived power or influence within the BKWSU, or of the kind of mental illness that BKism doesn't screens for, but rather encourages within its followers.

And also how nasty the BKs really are behind the Om Shanti facade.

I suspect that you will be able to find Shivsena somewhere on the internet, he's a doctor in India.

Re: The Admin who runs the website called BK PBKs info,

PostPosted: 28 Dec 2023
by jayadeepan
Dear ex

Yeah man, delusional psychotic brats with very rude behaviour toward anyone opposing them. Sorry to suspect Shivasena Bhai.

Arjun Bhai was also there but they side-lined him for simply repeating PBK Murli.

I think they hate the ex-BKs seriously too.

I know the BK PBK fight because the PBK is like a foreign Semitic religion coming to conquer India with full planning. On the other hand, the BK Brothers and Sisters are dreaming of 72 houris in heaven like Islam.

Thank you,


Re: The Admin who runs the website called BK PBKs info,

PostPosted: 28 Dec 2023
by ex-l
I hope Shivasena moved on in his life. I think he was sincere in trying to point out in the inconsistencies in Virendra Dev Dixit's teachings to begin with but, ultimately, it's pointless to try and use reason, with unreasonable people. As with the old Friedrich Nietzsche saying, "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

It's probably best to lay your argument out, then leave it for people to discover it when they are ready. People hooked by BKism are not hooked by the intellectual element of it but by some other element, e.g. ego, status, security, and in particular ... avoidance.

How have the PBKs responded to the situation with Virendra Dev Dixit and the police?