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for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Post07 Jan 2008

I guess that Murli did not mention anything about not keeping photographs.

That's where the elevated practise of "editing" becomes handy. If we keep an eye on the positive aspects and changes occurred in the Yagya, we may notice that flexibility and power to mould are being implemented. I wonder how they describe and teach the difference and value of Shrimat, parmat and manmat these days.

Stretch material, one size fits all increase sales, apparently.
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Re: mould

Post07 Jan 2008

alladin wrote:That's where the elevated practise of "editing" becomes handy.

In the old days, they were very good at "editing" on the hoof to suit the audience. I suspect they still do that in addition to any "corporate" edits done at base camp.
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Re: BK Jayanti Kirpalani

Post20 Aug 2008

From, "The False Dawn; The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Religion" by Lee Pen. Publisher: Sophia Perennis (February 15, 2005).
ISBN-10: 159731000X
Lee Pen wrote:Sister jayanti, the European director of the Brahma Kumaris (a primarily female order with Hindu roots), was asked as a 1998 meeting of 20 world religious leaders; "Thinking 5 or 10 years from now, what will have made this worthwhile for you?".

Quoting BK supporter, Anne Radford's magazine 'Appreciative Inquiry Newletter', May 1999, Jayanti, a URI supporter, stated her dream that there will be no more religious conversions: "The leaders of religions will be trusting each other and encouraging their organizations to function from a position of peace and frienship not from competition, mistrust or conversion."

The United Religions Initiative (URI) was founded by Bishop William E. Swing and inspired to bring people of diverse faith into cooperation for peace by the example of the work of nations of the world through United Nations. The movement to found it began in 1996, culminating in the signing of the United Religions Initiative Charter in 2000.

"The purpose of the URI is to promote enduring daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence, and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings."

The URI emphasises a decentralised, grass roots structure that includes not only representation of the world's major religious organizations, but also other voices not often heard. It complements the work of and collaborates with other local and international interfaith organizations, such as the Council for a Parliament of the Worlds Religions.
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Re: BK Jayanti Kirpalani

Post27 Nov 2008

There was a discussion on the issue of 'dowry system' within the Yagya in this thread. The Murli point quoted in the BK Section today is relevant to this thread. Therefore, I am reproducing the same for information here:
"Jinmay 5 vikaar hain unko Bandar kahaa jaataa hai. Baba nay Bandar ke badley apnee Nalini bachchi ka photo daalaa hai. Talk no evil, see no evil ... ka chitra hai. Us bachchi ko lokik Baap nay center kholkar diya hai. Jo kuchch poonji thi sab bechkar bachchi Nalini ko dey diya. Jaisey Baap nay sab maataaon ko dey diya vaisey isnay (Kaku Bhai nay) apnee bachchee ko dey diya. Samjha yah bhi kanya hai. Kyon na insay shubh kaarya karaaun. Bachchi nay kahaa mai shaadi nahee karoongi. Vah paisa is kaarya may lagaa doh. Mai patit duniya ko paavan banaaney kee service karoongi. Bhal bachchey bhi hain, lekin vaaris bachchi ko banaa diya. Unka kitnaa oonch pad ho jaayega. Bahut oonch pad paayengey. Bahuton kee aasheerwaad unkay sir par aayengi kyonki Godly hospital athava Godly college khola hai." (Brahmakumariyon dwara prakaashit revised Sakar Murli, dinaank 06.05.08, pg 3 & 4)

“Those who have 5 vices are called monkeys. Baba has replaced the picture of monkey with the picture of our daughter Nalini. There is a picture of ... talk no evil, see no evil. That daughter’s lokik Father has opened a center for her. He sold whatever capital he had and gave it to daughter Nalini. Just as the Father gave everything to the mothers, similarly, he (Kaku Bhai) gave to his daughter. He thought she is also my daughter. Why not enable her to perform a noble act? The daughter said – I will not get married. Invest that money in this task. I will do the service of purifying the sinful world. Although he has sons too, he made his daughter as his heir. He will achieve such a high post. He will achieve a very high post. He will get the blessings of many people because he has opened a Godly hospital or Godly College.” (Revised Sakar Murli dated 06.05.08, pg 3 & 4 published by BKs in Hindi, narrated by ShivBaba through Brahma Baba; translated by a PBK; the words within brackets in the English version have been added by the translator to clarify the meaning)
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Re: BK Jayanti Kirpalani

Post28 Nov 2008

Simple message ... "give us your money, get your parents to give us their money" ... but who are they giving it all to now and what for?


friends or family of a BK

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Sister Jayanti of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

Post07 Jan 2009

Sister Jayanti of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University - Part 1

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Re: Sister Jayanti of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

Post07 Jan 2009

Oh, wow, listen to the Indian guy putting on a posh English accent proclaiming Jayanti to have ... "the realness of the child blended with the responsibility of being an adult" ... and her best particularly quality is "humility".

An efficient administrator who understands what matters is "practise not theory" who developed the BKWSU's self management programmes worldwide for businesses and organizations. I thought that was Brian Bacon and Marc Foucade?

There is a part two. I am amazed at how she still calls it "The University".

"No human form ... no angelic form ...", she recommends.

Is it just me or is she starting to look kind of freaky?
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Re: BK Jayanti Kirpalani

Post07 Jan 2009

Well, unlike the old Seniors, the badge hasn't grown any bigger!

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Re: BK Jayanti Kirpalani

Post07 Jan 2009

It is unusual for me to be reminded that I create my own world. All the experts out there offer the order, structure and creativity they have been able to forge from the stresses and confusions of life both internal and external. They are, of course, totally useless if I am not making effort to do something similar. The teaching of Raja Yoga is for me, today, very anarchistic. In reality, each of us creates our own structure, our own world. If we are not that good at it we can do worse than enter the structure of others. In other words allow ourselves to be influenced by them. To sit and become part of an audience is valid if the person speaking knows about something I wish to learn. Mutual cooperation from mutual places of power is just fine.

If the BKs have rubbed you up the wrong way, there are other methods of progress. In fact, the BK are encouraging one to seek other sources of nutritious mental food. The withdrawing of Murlis and banning of students are external factors that prove this point. I notice Jayanti did not say "Of course, if you become our student and do not toe/tow the line in the way we want, we will affect you deeply in the most terrible way." If we are going to have truth let's have all of it, not just the nice little bits.

Wishing you all the anarchistic ability to create your own energetic structures, may soaring self-esteem and empowerment be yours from this point on.


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Jayanti revision sharing:we haven’t registered it properly

Post09 Dec 2009

Jayanti Behn's revision sharing: Avyakt Murli Revision of 30.11.09

Be a Jewel of Contentment - Jayantiben 2.12.09

Every season Baba speaks the Murli on contentment, purity, love, and humility.

This time again, Baba spoke the Murli on the beauty of the jewel of contentment. Baba explained that contentment comes from the attainments that we
experience, and from the relationships that we have with God, but this time Baba also explained many other details in more depth about contentment.

The ocean of knowledge is continually pouring more and more dimension to make us aware because whatever Baba has said up until now somehow we haven’t registered it properly and so the Supreme Teacher has to find a new way to make it clear to us so that then we do understand it absolutely.

The beautiful expression that Baba used was: to whatever extent you are jewel of contentment to that extent you are loved by Baba but also you are loved by all.

Think about your relationships with people and how if there is somebody who you turn to, and they are content, and you know that they need nothing, they want nothing, they are happy, then in their company you are also going to share that vibrations of happiness with them - they are not going to suck your energy - but rather they will be able to give you something that you carry away with.

Now, when it is a person like that then you would want to spend your time with them and this is why there are long queues outside the doors the Dadis! We all know that they are the jewels of contentment – they want nothing from us – but there is something that they are going to give us.

You can say to people: come and take leave we will give you a blessing card and toli but it is not enough - they still want to take leave from Dadis! It is because of the being that they are and what it is that you pick up through that relationship and their presence and vibrations.

However the time is running out physically with the Dadis and so Baba wants many of us to come to that same stage so that others are able to take benefit from that.

Now think about a person you know who is discontent and you go to them and you don’t know what they are going to moan about but you know they are going to be whinging about something, you know that they are going to be complaining and moaning and groaning about this, that and the other thing and so then do you want to go to such a person? Would you feel comfortable to go and spend time in their company?

Now think, what sort of person do I want to be?

Do I want to be the jewel of contentment that is able to give something to all and be able to attract souls so that they come closer
to God?

Or do I want be the sort of person ‘oh I suppose I will have to go and see them’ - but it is not really out of heart but out of duty.

It is practical example of life on what it is we see in front of us now and so Baba is giving us the choice as to where do I want to be?

Another very new, interesting, and different perspective was when Baba was emphasising on the two qualifications in terms of coming to the stage of being a jewel of contentment.

Baba said you have to learn to be a detached observer and you have to learn to be the one who sees the three aspects of time then you can be a contented soul who is always close to everyone and equal to the Father. Then Baba went on to say that to develop this stage of detached observer and Trikaaldarshi, two aspects are very necessary and they are imperishable wealth and imperishable relationships which you receive from the imperishable Father.

When you have this eternal wealth and eternal relationships then you can be the detached observer, Trikaaldarshi – seeing the three aspects of time and then you can be the jewel of contentment.

Detached observer is a term we use quite frequently - it comes up in Sakar Murlis, Avyakt Murlis and in our discussions quite frequently;

There is a connection between being a detached observer and having all the attainments and all relationships.

If I truly want to be a detached observer then I have to be very full inside so that there is no emotional engagement in whatever it is that is going on outside. Whatever it is that is happening and whatever it is that is going on - I am full – I have everything I need. Together with that I also need to have the eternal relationship.

In the lokik situation whenever there is a need you look for a human being who can help you – it is the human nature. In this case what Baba is saying is remember your eternal relationship and then everything you need is going to be able to come from that One.

If I am full and content within, then I will be able to remain detached in every situation and have no emotional engagement with it, so then I will be able to be the observer that is truly able to watch. Then in that stage of being the observer because my heart, intellect, and feelings are not occupied with whatever it is, then in that state of detachment I am able to see the past, present, and future. You can see the three aspects of time very clearly and then you know what it is you need to do and say.

If I am not full with all the imperishable attainments, and I don’t have that feeling of Baba’s presence with me then when the situation is going on, then I am not able to remain detached.

When I am not detached then usually what happens is I get emotionally engaged in that situation and then all the feelings such as “I want” – “I expect” – “ I demand” – “I control” or “I like or I dislike - starts to come in, and I start to react in some way or the other. And because I am reacting at that moment I am not able to see what is going to be the impact of my thoughts, words, and actions at that moment.

If you look back then you will be able to see how this is absolutely what happens, when I am unable to be detached ... and the repercussions of those words and actions that I have taken and how we have repented ... ‘if only I could take back those words, or if only I could have done things differently, then the result would have been quite different’.

This is what Baba is saying: there is no more time to get into situations like that and become distressed, but just see those scenes like a Mickey Mouse film!

Baba’s point was just smile at what is going on and not to be bothered by it and not react to it because my reactions are dangerous – I don’t know what sort of repercussions they are going to have but now become content by having imperishable attainments and imperishable relationships then you will be loved by Father and all the souls. Baba said: remember your attainments; remember they are eternal.

Remember your eternal relationships then you are protected and you are able to remain safe. Remember you have everything you need; you don’t have to turn in any other directions. When I remember then yes - in that state of fullness I am able to be the detached observer – I am able to see the three aspects of time and my smile of contentment isn’t going to fluctuate.

The other thing that was interesting and different was when Baba was talking about two other qualities needed to be able to develop that
stage of contentment.Baba spoke about being fearlessness and having concentrated intellect. To have a stage that is fearless I should be able to see the scenes
like a scene of Mickey Mouse; it is a game - why should I be afraid? To have an intellect that is focussed is to know who I am – I know where I am going – I know who my Companion is, then when I know the direction I want to go in then with that concentration and focus of the intellect there is no distraction.

The other thing that Baba took up at great length about the stage of contentment and what it is that disturbs contentment- was the word
‘sometimes’ – ‘if’ – ‘why’ – ‘but’ – ‘maybe’. When all these questions arise [‘sometimes’ – ‘if’ – ‘why’ – ‘but’ –
‘maybe’] then they disturb my intellect and when my intellect is disturbed then what happens to my contentment!

If my intellect is disturbed then there is also going to be fear.This is why there is a very interesting connection between having faith
because it is faith that makes you fearless. When we have faith then through that we can be fearless. Also when my intellect is focussed then connected with that stable stage of the intellect, I am able to have the stage of being Trikaaldarshi ...

When my intellect is shaken then I can’t see what is happening in the present moment -never mind to be able to understand the things that
have lead to this. Past doesn’t mean remembering past history – no, but understanding the significance of the moment: ‘what is it that has lead to this
situation?’ When I understand the significance of the moment clearly then I will know what I have to do now in order to be able to get the best results
possible. And if I am shaken then I don’t understand and so then there are all these questions marks: why is this happening? It shouldn’t happen like this?

Baba said the speed of one minute of waste thoughts is equivalent to 60 minutes of ordinary thoughts!

We can see the intensity with which waste thoughts come and then what happen to stability? What happened to that state of detached observer?

It was very interesting how Baba was guiding us through the various steps we need to be aware of to come to that stage of contentment.

Yes it is a virtue and it is a blessing but it is something that Baba explains very clearly so that we can develop it and bring it to that stage where I feel close to Baba and feel Baba’s love and love of the family. Baba has given us homework to do for two weeks!

Baba said every one of you is a student – not that some are teachers and some are students- but there is One Teacher and all of us are
students. In that homework Baba wants us to have 80%. It is a lovely tactic from Baba because if I have really given attention to something for two weeks then I am not going to stop it the third week if I have felt the benefit for myself then I am going to want to continue with it ...

If there is a good student [lokik] and they are paying attention on doing their homework then there is a certain feeling of contentment inside - ‘I have done what I needed to do’. And if there is a student who hasn’t done their homework then there is a bit of nervousness and anxiety and maybe fear what the teacher is going to say; what is going to be outcome? If we focus on doing our homework using all the tips that Baba has given us in this Murli then we will be able to come to that stage of real contentment

The other interesting that Baba specified was that the examination isn’t necessarily the one that is going to come at the end, when the bombs start blowing!

But for every student, the examination can come at any time!

You don’t have to wait for the end of the exams but at any moment an exam is possible. So check and see: am I ready at this moment to deal
with that exam?

Baba specified that each one has their own examination that is going to come to them! E.g. my examination might be because the electricity fails and I get
into a panic or my computers fails and I get into a state of distress ...

Let me check: what is it I am dependent on? Somebody isn’t pleasant with me - so is that my exams?

But if the exam papers come at a time when I am just on an ordinary level – instead of an elevated level – then in that ordinary state I won’t have the capacity to deal with the exam. But if I am in that elevated stage and in Baba’s company, master almighty authority, Baba as my companion- Baba defined that this is
the stage you have to be in - and if you are at that stage then the exams are coming and you are dealing with the exam papers and you are moving on and Baba is giving the blessings of victory and so let me claim those blessings and be able to move on.

If today I say: do I really have to give attention ALL the time? Isn’t it enough just to give my attention at class time and my evening meditation time and then the rest of my day let me just get on with my work? But when are the tests going to come?

Tests are not going to come when you are sitting in the class or meditation no, tests are going to come during the day when you are at work or with your family and that is going to be then either pass or fail. I am a student at all time so yes, I have to stay alert and give my attention ALL the time!

In one of the recent Murli Baba had said while you are here [in Madhuban] this is your place of study but as soon as you go out there, it is your examination hall. As soon as you step outside the classroom that is your examination hall and so the attention I need to is at all time, otherwise there is danger. Baba used this words “as is my last moment so will be my destiny’. If I am failing today then what is my future going to be like?

There is no guarantee of being able to pass in the future. So my destination is being determined by my victory or my failure here and
now and that is what I will carry with me. Lastly I want to share what Baba said about the blessings. Baba said Baba doesn’t give secret blessings to anyone separately - Baba is giving the same blessings to all his children-whether new, old, or very old - at the same time every single day through the

And then yes as we hear those blessings we enjoy hearing the blessings – but then the way to make the blessings become real for me
is to water them with our awareness - not just repeating it in our mind – but to water them and to give them sunlight. Within that context Baba said that as soon as you came to Baba - Baba gave you 2 blessings: be yogi and be pure. Now do you remember that blessing? Do you keep yourself aware of that blessing? If you repeatedly keep yourself aware of that blessing [Baba’s blessings of purity] then it is like watering the blessing. Then, if you stabilise yourself in the consciousness of the stage of purity for a moment, then it is like giving it sunlight.

Stabilise yourself in that consciousness for a moment- what is the stage of Baba’s blessings of purity? Be the embodiment - be the form - and it will become natural – that is the sunlight. Water is the awareness - the reminder and the sunlight is to stabilise yourself in that feeling - in that stage of experience. The other thing that Baba added was when there is fruit then the fruit has many seeds within it and the fruit has the capacity to nourish and also to multiply through those seeds.

Baba was saying: experience the fruit of this and you will also be able to experience the expansion of that blessing because the fruit
means expansion. Baba used a very specific term: experience the blessing, enjoy the fruit and you will also see how it expands in growth - it multiplies
and then it can be shared with others too.

Another interesting thing that Baba spoke to the media people was an addition to what Baba normally says, Baba said: when you have done
service, you experience the fruit of service which is happiness, but beyond that Baba said: as you serve, so you experience happiness, but
also you become free from obstacles.

That is a very special blessing so let me check and see: am I doing service that is bringing me happiness today but it is also carrying me
to the stage of being free from all obstacles? These are some of the things that got highlighted for me ... But more things can come out when you reflect on it.

But the most important thing that Baba said was to keep reminding each other for 15 days: are you doing your homework?

What is my homework?

My ability to put the full stop through faith in the self, God and faith in the drama ... Secondly, no questions, no comas, but just a full stop, and let the contentment shine from your face ... from your eyes ... and forehead ... There is no escape because it is not something that is internal and private if you haven’t experienced contentment but you have been going through upheaval then it is visible to everybody else ... Baba used this expression Baba has been ‘warning’ you about time - not just reminding you about time or cautioning you about time but warning you about time - when somebody says: this is a warning then let me check and see: how significant is it?

Q: Baba also spoke about victory from waste in thoughts, words and actions in our dreams ... that is also the part of our homework

JB: my understanding and my experience is “whatever has happened through the day is what happens in your dreams”.

If through the day I have had this attention - kept that feeling and contentment with me - I have kept the full-stop with me and Baba with me then that is also going to impact my dreams. And definitely everybody has experienced - when there has been a day in which there has been upheaval in the mind then what happens to your sleep? Your sleep is also one of disturbance and distress - it is not going to bring you a great deal of rest or the nourishment that sleep should bring, but it is reflected in your state of sleep.

Maybe you can’t even remember your dreams but the upheaval that you have experienced in that subconscious level is the total reflection of what has happened in the conscious mind through the day.

Q: People do complain but I have to make sure I am prepared and so I am able to go and be with them and serve them ...

JB: Yes, definitely.

Again the Dadis- they know that this person is going to be just spending 10 minutes of their time just whinging but still Dadi will be ready to serve them ... the point that I was making was the other side of the picture ‘what am I doing?’ not so much what is it I do to serve them ... but which category do I fit in? That is the first step to check myself ... then second step is I can go out and serve ...

Om Shanti

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