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Major historical revisions of the BKWSU

PostPosted: 26 Mar 2007
by ex-l
With the help of others, including non-BKs but sadly no BKs so far, I am undertaking research to expose and question the major historical re-writes of the BKWSU. I would appreciate help

To date mostly the information is present in the following topics;

I will use this topic to summarize and raise questions as and when I can. Perhaps it can be left relative chat-free and a place for more factual discussion.

Copies of documentation of these revelations are here now;

PostPosted: 25 Aug 2007
by earl
This document seems to have been deleted recently. It would be interesting to see if anyone saved it. ... t_Deed.pdf

PostPosted: 25 Aug 2007
by ex-l
earl wrote:This document seems to have been deleted recently. It would be interesting to see if anyone saved it.

Yes, the BKs are constantly removing, deleting, changing ANYTHING on the Wikipedia that does not suit their current PR. Most of the trust deed is here; Trust Deed topic

number one (or not as the case is)

PostPosted: 19 Oct 2007
by sparkal
The following is nothing new, it has been mentioned on this forum before. I am not trying to take credit from others therefore. It does however come from yet another source, and so backs up certain claims. To my knowledge, the identity of the number one soul has been revealed, by Shiva. The identity of this soul will remain undisclosed for security reasons. There was much demonic attack and resistance in the process of this information being delivered. Someone did not want this information past on and tried to prevent it therefore.

The true gravity and implications of this revelation is, or seems to me at least, to be rather large. I don't know the BKWSU regime, so I will not comment or judge, and it gives me no pleasure to discredit people who seem to be making honest effort on the path or acting in good faith. However, the souls who have studied The Knowledge, and will do so, seem more important. Those who have moved on can mutate as much as they wish. For those within the organisation, it may present an entirely different situation.

The key issue here is that, Lekraj Kirpalani, generally known as "Brahma Baba" is not who we have been led to believe he is, that of being number one. Not only was it taught that he is number one but that he was way ahead of the rest. And, no, I am not particularly number wise orientated.

The implications upon the whole organisation are huge. What will such information result in, both within the individuals, and collectively? What of the pictures of "Brahma Baba" in every centre? Do we therefore know the true nature of this soul at this time? Where is that soul, what are they like? Should students of Raja Yoga be sitting looking at this souls face while meditating? I, personally, think not.

I have met with a wall of silence for years from BKWSU, including recent attempts. Ignorance should not be rewarded, as with lies. To avoid someone in order to avoid telling lies, or the truth, is a form of lying while wearing golden chains as far as I am concerned. There is no point blaming the likes of Dadi and Jayanti if this lie has been perpetrated from day one, or at least beyond Om Radhe's convenient death, for some. Even the year of her death may be in question.

What will the reverberations be for the current regime? They have nowhere to hide. The true question may be, is it part of a smoke screen or is there a genuine attempt to deceive? I rather feel that if it is a smoke screen for whatever positive reasons, to protect, but it could be used for negative reasons all too easily. Consider whether they have a gun at their heads before acting. Who's finger on the trigger? Every student who has passed through every centre has been lied to. I don't know how these people sleep at night.

It is simply not on to have such deception within what is thought to be God's organisation, not to mention the fabricating of the true teachings and history of events, some of which are still shrouded in mystery. So, what of those practising BKs? Will they continue living the lie? Or will they take action to bring about what may be necessary change? Is change a bad word within BKWSU circles? The Murli seems to think so.

To say it has nothing to do with those who no longer attend centres would be to add insult to injury. It changes everything, and so I call for action to bring change so that there is openness and honesty. We cannot have people having Yoga with this soul, the pictures must be removed immediately. The over all agenda can still be pursued. In short, to call Brahma number one because that soul was the medium for the Murli (or are there skeletons lurking in this wardrobe also?) would be similar to saying that Gulzar Dadi is number two at least, because she is the current medium. Rubbish.

Now let's get back on course BKWSU with some self respect and honesty. You will all feel better for it and have more SELF RESPECT, and even REGARD FOR OTHERS. Or is that pushing the boat out too far? I'll tell you one thing, I am tired of being lied to all my life in this world. What is holding back change anyway? The Murli seems to think that it is you people in the BKs who are dragging your heels. Enjoying the role playing too much are we? The ego hit? Come on ! change! we are getting very tired of this scummy world, CHANGE !

Perhaps it is time to start naming places and the groups who are holding back change. That is before naming individuals.

Time for something else now.

Re: Major historical revisions of the BKWSU

PostPosted: 17 Sep 2008
by ex-l
One quick question. The original documents of the 30s and 40s illustrate that there was no mention of Shiva for the first (approximately) 20 years, the BKs thought that Lekhraj Kirpalani was God and had faith in the Brahm ...

    how could the Brahma Kumaris therefore have been having "purifying" or self-improving Yoga with Shiva ... BK style Raja Yoga ... over that period of time?

Re: Major historical revisions of the BKWSU

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2008
by Mr Green
They weren't. But I suspect no-one ever has been. I have seen no evidence of purification amongst any members. SS included.

Re: Major historical revisions of the BKWSU

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2008
by yogi108
Sparkal ...

The things you have written is new to me in the sense that Brahma Baba is not the number one soul ... then who is that or let me ask who could it be ... I am all to believe that even Mahatma Gandhi was not what he is being portrayed today and hence all that happened in the Yagya history could be a huge cover-up ...

If Brahma Baba is not number one, then who is coming to Madhuban ... where is he now ... Subtle Region????

It would be interesting to get some answers ... you also mention a reliable source ... is it from the BK headquarters ...?


Re: Major historical revisions of the BKWSU

PostPosted: 21 May 2010
by ex-l
Another typical BKWSU hypocrisy ... here they demand that journalist live up to standards that they themselves are not willing to or able.
Scribes urged to live up to people’s expectations by Anil Jerath, Tribune News Service, Gidderbaha (Muktsar), April 26

Asking journalists to engage themselves in responsible and "solution-oriented" work, B.K.Sushant, national coordinator, media wing of Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya, Delhi, has said any misinformation or suppression of truth by the media can cause great damage to society.

Sushant, after inaugurating a seminar on "Role of media in building a value-based society" held at Brahma Kumaris Ashram here today, also spoke on people's expectation for proper guidance from mass media in matters of public interest.

"Pursuit of profit has become a priority in almost all professions and media is no exception. But in the greater interest of the healthy society, let monetary consideration do not dilute media's responsibility for social uplift," he said. "The act of misinformation and suppression of truth by the media could cause great damage to peace, health, harmony, hope and happiness of the people and the society," he said Recounting his long association with the Brahma Kumaris, he said the spiritual teachings imparted at this organisation had enabled him to lead a balanced, positive and successful life even while discharging his other duties.

The guest of honour, Usha Sharma, Chief Editor, Samay Sarujan Times, New Delhi, said it was commonly said we should serve with our mind, body and money. Lauding the Brahma Kumaris for working through the media to change the society, she urged the mediapersons to adopt the teachings of the institution in their lives. Giving her blessings to the mediapersons, B.K. Sheela, the chief of the Brahma Kumaris at Gidderbaha, said mediapersons had to function as messengers of peace. She then gave the gathering an experience of guided meditation. In her welcome address, she said the media was not only a mirror of the society but also could pay the role of a leader and guide.

So, let us voices people's expectation for proper guidance from the Brahma Kumaris in matters of public interest. Pursuit of profit has become a priority in almost all religions and the Brahma Kumaris are no exception. But in the greater interest of the healthy society, let monetary consideration do not dilute the Brahma Kumaris' responsibility for social uplift.

The act of misinformation and suppression of truth by the Brahma Kumaris causes great damage to peace, health, harmony, hope and happiness of the people and the society!

Re: Major historical revisions of the BKWSU

PostPosted: 21 May 2011
by Mike26
What hypocrisy. It beggars belief that statements like these come from an organisation so skilled in the art of information supression, distortion and plain invention.

What the BKWSU has done to its own history simply reflects strategies used by governments, elites, corportations etc to distort the whole picture of world history. BKs are victims of those strategies just as all people on this planet are made victims of propoganda, mind manipulation and the supression of truth right now as I write this post.

I remember long ago reading books by Jagdish Chanda as part of my efforts. Even then his statements about the hisory of Yoga seemed suspect to me. The early history in particular of the organisation was described in vague terms in the centres and has undergone a lot of doctoring I believe.

I wonder if anyone will ever challenge these statements from within the organisation or are things the same as the past - with everyone too scared to open their mouths?

Re: Major historical revisions of the BKWSU

PostPosted: 09 May 2017
by Zenobia
I was a part of the recently concluded Teachers Training at ORC Gurgaon (April 2017). And there the group was introduced to the new revised history of the BKs via a video made by Tamasin Ramsin. It mentions that there was no Shiva until by late in the history. ..Though Tamasin herself is busy promoting yogic agriculture in the fields of Maharashtra, this training was conducted by Kiran (USA), Margaret (GCH, London) and Mary Jean (Canada).

Kiran said the history was revised in view of the backlash BKs faced on internet over their vague history in US. There was a participant in the class who is a member of a team (from Madhuban) making a new video on Lekhraj life as per the Adi Dev book. Now this was a lovely spectacle! He said the Seniors at the Madhuban want to continue with the old history as per Adi Dev and Kiran was vehement in her view that it will lead to more backlash ...

At least 2/3rd members of the class had not known that there were two views on the history of Yagya. They were shocked! Madhuban Seniors of course don't know (I mean Karuna, Martuyuanjy etc) what the Western teachers are teaching ... Hilarous !

So the effects of BKs false projection of their history are different in different parts of the world ...But thanks to the inernet. At least the net savvy generation will get connected.

Re: Major historical revisions of the BKWSU

PostPosted: 09 May 2017
by ex-l
99.9% of Tamasin's "revelations" are second hand from this website including direct copies of materials we have paid to photograph, digitlise, and publish.

Dangerously, it is a "whitewashed" apologetic version ... she is still blind to many important details and controversies and trying to blur the edges to make it more acceptable to BKs and academica. I would call it "damage limitation" rather than a search for true.

It's better ... but not good enough.

About 99% of the emphasis to correct the history comes from this site. If it was not for us, it would not be happened. 1% is due to the PBKs (who we are indebted to for their research and opinions) and their work. But, again, if it was not for PBKs on this site, it would not have happened.

Of course, despite their indebtedness to us ... they basically don’t admit our existence and credit us (which is contrary to academic principles).

It's funny because I think Kiran was even part of IT team working to fight against our impact in the beginning.

I was told they had a team reading and monitoring our website.

Tamasin and her Father made a comedy version of the old days ... and it was banned even from BKs by the leaderships.

Please give us more of these insights, they are very useful. Was Margaret 'Margaret Barron' a teacher and "personal training" who has been in BKism for 24 years?

BK_Margaret.jpeg (28.08 KiB) Viewed 6071 times

What was the general response to "no Shiva before 1956?" and the whole Adi Dev "Shivoham Shivoham" story being false?

Re: Major historical revisions of the BKWSU

PostPosted: 13 May 2017
by Zenobia
Yes, it's the same Margaret. Though is she looks much older. Add 15 years to this picture.

Students in the class had a mixed response. Some were too brainwashed to believe this new history. Some were too new to even understand the mistake. Some were a little but did not seem to buy it ... Then you have 10 minutes commentary which washes away all the doubt. There was the usual way of day post that lecture. People went for lunch ... then the siesta ... and so on.

Nobody showed any difference, at least not on the surface.

Re: Major historical revisions of the BKWSU

PostPosted: 13 May 2017
by Pink Panther
Very few long term BKs will be swayed by facts, even those with a smoother edge given by other BKs. Facts don’t matter.

Like for many people these days, what a fact is (and isn’t, what can’t be called a fact) and its real significance is not even understood.

The whole BK practice is to separate reality into different compartments, to tell oneself that only personal experiences that are in accordance with current BK teachings are true and all else is either Maya, theory, man-mat, body conscious, drama, test, and so on.