FOMO - Fear of missing out

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FOMO - Fear of missing out

Post22 Feb 2017

Understanding human tendencies helps up understand how the BKs attempt to exploit individuals.

Fear of missing out (FoMO) is a type of social anxiety defined as "the fear that other people might be having rewarding experiences that you’re missing out on".

It’s characterised by a desire to stay connected — continually — to sources that purport to tell you what others are doing. According to Time magazine, it's ...
...‘‘the uneasy and sometimes all-consuming feeling that you’re missing out – that your peers are doing, in the know about, or in possession of more or something better than you’’.

Is "fear of missing out" on the Golden Age, the ultimate BK hook? Or the thought that everyone else in BKism is having all those wonderful meditation experiences that you are not ... and consequently get hooked into chasing more and more, and going along with what the BK leaders feed people?

Apparently FOMO is especially strong for those who are hooked on social media ... which connects a more recent trend in BKism where the BKs sustain a constant flow of texts or emails, or flood would be adherents, hence exploiting yet another vulnerability. We've had family members concerned at this continuance, even when individuals have asked to told the BKs to stop exploiting it.

One key to understanding the roots of FOMO is recognising underlying low levels of satisfaction, the feeling of needs for competence and autonomy and lower levels of mood and overall life satisfaction in general.

Explotion of the tendency has already moved into the advertising and marketing world where the BKs spend most of their resources seeking new adherents or consumers under the guise of "service".

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Re:Rise of Shudras

Post23 Feb 2017

Just watched on the television the Kalinga Institute at Bhubanehwar Orissa, a residential school.

This Institute has 25,000 students belonging to the extremely poor and backward tribal people From the forests of India.

All 25,000 being served highly nutritious food 3 times a day from massive kitchens run on self-sustained solar, bio-gas and partly fossil fuel souces of energy.

Being imparted with free of cost modern education of various sciences and also being trained in sports and other vocational activites, the school is already providing national champions. The dedication and hard work of the staff deserves salutations.

God's purpose is being actually fullfilled by this section of the society.

While the BKs continue as self-proclaimed messengers of God, through the methods of Fooling, Cheating, Begging, Exploiting and Negative Propaganda about the Indian Society.

Kalyug is In the minds and blood of BKs only.

So called Shudras have moved ahead in the world of free ideas and expressions.

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Re: What Frames a BK

Post06 Mar 2017

The two inherent weakesses of human beings; greed and escapist attitude.

Greed for materialistic pleasures and the fun of Satyug and not just for one life but 21 lives. And then the waiting game for Satyug starts, and the desperate hope for the end of the present World.

Ultimate Escapism. Freedom from worldly social and professional responsibilities. BKs give you an official permit and many justifications to convince your mind.

Senior BKs fell into the trap because of the same weaknesses. They could not reach anywhere. Now the newcomers are falling into the well the same way.

The Game has to go on, what else are these trapped BKs left with?

So the rich are targeted for money and property through spiritual retreats. The VIPs for name and fame. The average economy group are given 7 Day Course followed by toli and Bhog and then straight to broom and soap as unpaid servants.

Entry point of the organisation does offer spiritual knowledge and ways of self improvement. But once deep inside, it is all day dreaming, duperstitions and brand new Father Brahma Bap

In fact, the Gyan is just Hindu religion changed, modified and interpreted to create in imagination some supernatural deities out of worthless and unsuccessfull present day human beings. The most incompetent to be worshipped in future by the most competent.

Attend to Murlis at the Centres for it is the ultimate knowledge. Work at the Centres for it is the Divine Seva. Attend Baba Milans And then you qualify for Satayug.

Although in present life you may live on charitable money and appear like beggar.

On the other side of Kalayug, tonnes of good work is being done by the hard working, ever enthusiastic true jewels of the human society, and these form the spine on which the Human race lives today.

BKs may continue to live in a Fools' Paradise. But true paradise exists only in the mind of true sons of God who relentlessly carry on with their work, under all difficulties and circumstances.

Brahma Bap Jug Jug Jiyo

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Re: Children Of God

Post17 Mar 2017

Satya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, Raipur, Chattisgarh is carrying out a human service beyond all limitations.

Open heart surgeries of small children with congenital heart defects is being carried out free of Cost.

3000 children from economically poor sections of the society from India and abroad have been operated and given back life in past 4 years. Normally cost of each surgery comes to 5-6 lakh Indian rupees, and here it is all free. Even parents are provided free accomodation.

The medical equipments and expertise is at par with any other super-speciality hospital.

All mope lost tender kids of the god are getting back their lovely smiles. Parents cannot hide their tears of Joy. Act of God through his truthful children is very much visible.

Hollow Bkism will not lead anywhere, any misguided soul can judge for himself.

Talking big and talking nonsense is the easiest path.

That everything good will show in the next life and the present society is on the verge of destruction.

Brahma bap's children are fooling themselves more than the others.

Waah Baccha Waah, Waah Baba Waaah.
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Re: FOMO - Fear of missing out

Post17 Mar 2017

Here are the current figures for the Sai Baba hospital. Although it's only being properly going since 2015, Sai Baba fans have been doing medical charity since at least the 1970s.
    Assistance: 17,021
    consultations: 13,474
    outreach screens: 8,015
    child heart surgeries: 3,069
Our Mission

To endeavour to serve in greater measure the national burden of child ill health Totally Free of Cost and to become an Institution of Pediatric Cardiac Excellence for India and several developing countries.
To develop skilled and compassionate medical, nursing and allied health care providers trained to collectively address the burden of congenital heart disease.

Note the "Totally Free of Cost", it would be interesting to compare with figures from the BK branded hospitals (others, non-BKs, provide money for them).

I don't know of the current situation with the Brahma Kumaris' real social service. In my day, the party line was absolutely, "BKs don't do charity" (they acept it for them to use for their publicity and social climbing, but they did not give it).

I remember when the first "medical" BK, a Scottish-Indian woman nurse, started to real social services up in Mount Abu amongst the terribly poor tribal people and/or Bhelis. Her story is on this forum. It was *against* the will and interest of the leadership who could not see the point of wasting time and energy on the poor and believed it was bad karma entangling BKs with those that they helped in a perverted form of Vaishnavite Brahminism.

It was *against* the will and interest of the leadership *until* they learned it was good PR and they were able to reap useful donations from non-BKs that they could use (taking donations from non-BKs used to be forbbiden during Lekhraj Kirpalani's days too). For example, they do offer free surgeries for children with cleft palates but it is paid for by a Swiss charity. Someone gives land, someone else pays, but they get credit, VIP contacts, and the medical services for their old and sick inmates.

I spoke to Dr Ray Bhatt about the hospital in Mount Abu and he made it clear ... it was to serve the Brahma Kumaris first and foremost. At least in the early days, locals said it was usually empty. German BKs, who managed to reap donations from their Governments and others for the BKs solar energy equipment, set up a charity to gain medical equipment as did Dutch and US BKs. Point Of Life Inc, USA; India Care, Germany; Stichting Global Hospital, Holland are all BK fronts.

Funnily enough, the woman who really started it all, Dr Vinay Lakshmi, and her story, is not mentioned on the BK sites.

Now it seems they are on a bit of a roll ... I suppose it benefits them from being able to "plant seeds" (or psychically infect, depending on how you see it) people and their families at a time when they are most vulnerable, and hence most grateful later, and I wonder if it also opens corporate doors for them doing courses in the businesses their donor partners?
List of Corporates on the BK Panel

Air India
Airport Authority of India
Bank of Baroda
Birla Sun Life Insurance
Dena Bank
Globe Ground India Pvt. Ltd
Geepee Industries
Hindustan Lever Ltd
Indian Airlines
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
Indian Bank
Larsen & tourbo
Mahindra & Mahindra
Parle Products
Reliance Energy Ltd
Rajaweer Travels
Reserve Bank of India
State Bank of India
Tata Steel
Tulip Star
Union Bank

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