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Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 30 Jul 2008
by paulkershaw
People: "hear my thoughts". There exists two worlds far apart here and a bridge across is never possible. Its a pity.

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 30 Jul 2008
by Mr Green
People hear my farts.

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2008
by bansy
People hear my farts.

This made me giggle, I remember that the word "thought" sounds different if you speak with an Irish accent.

The world's oldest joke is a one-liner about flatulence. Academics have compiled a list of the most ancient gags and the oldest, harking back to 1900BC, BBC news: Flatulence joke is world's oldest

Talk about having deep deep sanskars Mr Green :D ;).

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 02 Aug 2008
by ex-l
bansy wrote:The world's oldest joke is a one-liner about flatulence. Academics have compiled a list of the most ancient gags and the oldest, harking back to 1900BC, BBC news: Flatulence joke is world's oldest

You just could not hold it in any longer, could you bansy? You just had to have a quick one before you went ... post that is.

I would say this is fully worth of inclusion, given its eminent 'source' from the annals of the BBC ... and given that it dates back to the beginning of the Silver Age according to BK time; 1900 years before Christ.
An ancient Summerian wrote:"Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap,"

Those of a spiritual disposition can understand it metaphorically, the husband's lap as Baba lap ... a fart as a evil smelling thought or consciousness. Not that it ever happens to a true Brahma Kumari.

Baba does say in the Murli that whatever we do, someone will see it and be influenced. I have never heard him say "smell it" and be influenced though. In generally, for those of us that have sat amongst large crowds of Bharatwassis, the BK community appears take a 'liberal' approach to farting. Indeed, with mine own ears I can confirm that even the most senior of Sisters indulge themselves in this vice.

Better out than in, they say ... depends on whether you are the giver or the taker, I say.

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2008
by arjun
I think it is even mentioned in the Murlis that if someone (read BK/PBK) is possessed by such evil souls they can be taken to such places for treatment.

Omshanti. A PBK has intimated me that in the last few minutes (1hr, 1min, 40sec) of VCD* there is a mentioned that if someone is sick he should go to the doctor and if any evil spirits enters someone they can go to Auliya (Muslim saints who help people in warding off the effects of evil spirits). It is also said in the same VCD* that the uplifment of the evil spirits would also take place through you children.

I think the first sentence must have also been in the original Sakar Murli that ShivBaba (through Baba Virendra Dev Dixit) might have been clarifying.

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2008
by pbktrinityshiva
Omshanti bhais

I don't think all this is something to get flustered about. Baba has mentioned that if his child is such that his speciality is to oppose ShivBaba, then if he has courage he will be empowered to fulfill his task. This is the final battle between dark and light, truth and untruth. After becoming entangled in the body, the untruth will think it is the truth and ShivBaba is the evil one out of its own ignorance, until their body-consciousness is finally destroyed. Everyone wont remove their body-consciousness in the same way.

I feel mercy on this Brother Raj. It is not nice to have that paranoid feeling and, even if our family is breaking up, it is accurate this must happen. My feeling is he is looking for any solution, satellites etc because it is the most logical thing in his mind right now in his present situation. We cannot blame.

Whose to say there aren't both satellites looking at many of us and also the spiritual aspect? Both powers must be working. We will all come together soon as Brothers but for now all the different variety of souls must keep clashing, and these clashes will push up to full velocity until destruction. ShivBaba (Virendra Dev Dixit) will be defamed the most out of all souls. Is it so surprising that his children are defamed? Eventually they will return to the family when their sickness is cured.

Maya takes everyone eventually ... for some time at least. If anyone doesn't agree, feel free to discuss with me.

I have seen possessions myself in AIVV and, if one has a detached mind, it should not cause any problem to understand why this must happen to resolve accounts.


Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2008
by john morgan
Everyone is continually broadcasting their own thought. It is thought that telepathy does exist, as such its limitations are not confined to one country but are world and possibly universe wide. Not everyone, in fact, very few have the ability to communicate telepathically and, of those that can, the duration of such communication is usually quite short.

A responsible person, with the ability to communicate telepathically, would most often desist from doing this with people who do not have this ability, as it is very likely to create confusion or other undesirable qualities in the hearer (very bad karma if done en masse). In face to face communication type situation, care is taken. Insight into others state of mind and being helps one to act appropriately and adjust to suit the hearer. If one is communicating with others and unaware of their response then the communication is second or even third or fourth rate.

In today's world, it is best to leave telepathy alone except for emergency type situations such as asking the bus driver to wait for a moment if one is slightly late ;). Seriously, with communications as they are in today's world, one can reach most by telephone or internet, a mode that most people feel comfortable with. Baba is incognito, I suggest that this is a good way to be else the Supreme Soul would communicate telepathically. It is a better use of one's energy to improve one's stock of kindness, compassion and mercy as well as any other good qualities.

I hope Raj, that you have left this phase behind and are now feeling a little more comfortable.

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2016
by harshgulati.1053
God bless you tom.

We might become new best friends with time. And I am not joking about this.

I have similar conditions to yours.

I was searching for someone like on the net to find a solution.

The thing is that I have faced every single thing you mentioned above for different things. And now it has been alsmost two years trying to figure out. Most of the things like mind control and hearing thoughts throughout the country is impossible.

Now comes the real deal. THE SOLUTION

The problem actually is very huge and yet very small if you know what is wrong.

The problem is Actually you and me are thinking too loud. The people around might a little or even everything we are thinking. The sound comes from our throat and mouth. Keep your tounge still and locked while thinking at all times. This might help.only a little. And trust me when i m saying, it took a lot of time and patience to confirm all of this. Even now my parents haven't really said yes to this. We never realised it because it was normal for us and nobody including our parents and friends told us or reacted in that way because they wanted to see us happy. So they kept the real truth hidden regardless of the amount of pain we had. So the words like mad, dumb and schizophrenia came into picture. Just to mis guide. And since this condition is incurable. They cannot genuinely help us, except for trying to keep us happy.

Now there are only two solutions that came in mind. It design and build a sound proof mask or cut off the vocal cords.

My parents have agreed to help me on building a mask even after denying my condition.

So my advice to you for now is be a strong head and keep this between you and me only, not deviating from this, no matter what everyone says. Be the opposite of a narcissist. No matter of what people around you are behaving. Be good and help people even if they laugh at you. Avoid going to completely silent places. Avoid looking or talking to girls (even your mother and I mean it). Keep thinking good things about anything or anyone. And I mean it. Don't wish anything bad even for a criminal. Like putting them behind the bars or something.

Start your day by designing a face mask. Since there is no such product commercially available. And reply or contact me. I will share my phone no with you.

I hope you would still read this as your post was in 2008. As even I m alone to face all of this.

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 26 Apr 2016
by Pink Panther
Harshgulati.1053 - do not be too proud of a neurological peculiarity. It's fine to be unique, even special, to experience things others don't want to understand. Labels like "unique, special, schizophrenic, different" are not in themselves either derogatory or virtuous. They are merely labels of convenience.

Be aware that as species we have a range of potentialities, some of which extend us in a good way, others which limit our ability to live well, and some which demand trade-offs if they are to be held onto. Contemporary medical understanding of schizophrenia and bipolar is very different to the general public's perception, which lags about 40 years behind. I know a few people with these states of mental activity and all of them have in the last few years found the new medicines very beneficial - no more outsiders but able to relate, work and socialise better than they have for decades.

If you have a public health system, you could, when you are ready, investigate the new services and treatments available.

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 26 Apr 2016
by ex-l
What's the Brahma Kumari or BKWSU connection?

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 27 Apr 2016
by GuptaRati 6666
Raj Yoga does and can awaken the kundali shakti or hidden or powerful energies associated with the chakras. However, mentoring students of Raja Yoga on issues associated with the awakening of their kundalini has never been a priority of many senior BKs. The classic book by the late Professor Gopi Krishna is an invaluable literature resource on the topic. Incidentally, Professor Krishna was visited by the BKs about 30 plus years ago.

The Hollywood movie, Altered States is a dramatization of the shamanic awakening of the kundalini. The movie was based on the life of Dr. John Lilly, famous biophysicist and expert on the neurobiology of dolphins. Today his sensory deprivation tanks are popular in spas as a means of inducing altered states of relaxation. There is a whole new sub-science associated with sensory deprivation tanks.

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 27 Apr 2016
by ex-l
GuptaRati 6666 wrote:However, mentoring students of Raja Yoga on issues associated with the awakening of their kundalini has never been a priority of many senior BKs.

Nor has flagging up mental health contraindications.

It's true ... they are clueless about all that stuff and cannot even admit it. They just dismiss it as "Bhakti" ... the cure for any ails being "more Yoga, more service".

Re: All people hear my thoughts

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2017
by garima.batra
Is this still happening with you?