Remnants of fear

for concern over cult-related damage, institutional abuse & psychological problems.
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Re: Remnants of fear

Post28 May 2010

The Father now says: "Study and become clever". If you do not study now you will have to look down when the results are out.

The one who calls himself the Father thought he was Prajapati God Brahma up to 1950.
He predicted that World War II would bring about the final Destruction of the world. It did not happen.
He then predicted that it would come in 1950. It did not happen.
He then thought that it was God Shiva talking through him and predicted Destruction for 1976. It did not happen.

Conclusion: The Father is not speaking the truth. So why worry about his fear and guilt generating teachings?

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Re: Remnants of fear

Post29 May 2010

B.Parmeshwar, Do you think that lies, deception and misguidance are the teachings from GOD to make their children CLEVER?

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