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What is the proof that we are on the right path?

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2016
by sukshmbindu
I think 'joy' we feel is an indicator of our current position in life ... the heart never lies ... feelings mirror our 'self image' which cannot be manipulated. Body language & feelings give accurate information of our emotions.

Re: What is the proof that we are on the right path?

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2017
by GuptaRati 6666
Hello Sukshmbindu,

Thank you very much for your engaging and thoughtful post.

The Japan Karate Association (JKA) developed the Shotokan Ryu or School of Karate and has one of the highest standards of karate-do in the world. Every year, the senior instructors, usually those from 7 th or 8 th dan will meet to review the effectiveness of specific techniques of self defense in street fighting, urban warfare, or military hand to hand combat situations.

There are then indepth analyses on why techniques might not have worked and how techniques can be improved. For instance the basic punch in the JKA Ryu from 100 years ago has been radically improved to be effective in being lethal against a 100 plus kg muscular Western male or female who is 2 metres or more in height.

By a similar standard, the yogi on the path has to ask:
    What aspects of the four pillars of Raj Yoga have worked for me when crises from the University of Hard Knots
    challenged me?
    How did they work?
    Why some worked and other did not when I faced challenges?
These are some questions that I have used as I walk the spiritual marg.

One Western Brother, a yogi who is doctor and scientist, used to regard the martial arts ahimsa and gave up the practice of the martial arts for almost a decade. Then he was faced with a personal security challenge in which he had to return to the study and practice of budo (warrior ways). His practice of budo helped to improve his stages in meditation and enhanced his personality and spiritual growth.

Re: What is the proof that we are on the right path?

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2017
by ex-l
GuptaRati 6666 wrote:... when crises from the University of Hard Knots

I think that might be a Freudian Slip. It's usually, the life as "the University of Hard Knocks" ... but it works both ways! As per the 'Gordian Knot'. Perhaps the University of Hard Knocks would have been confusing when discussing Karate?

You throw up a case of real, down to earth honest analysis and sincere peer review. Somethings sorely missing from the so called Godly University, replaced instead by fatuous "courtly" chit-chats ... practises in not saying anything, not offending others and conforming to their kindergarten level of conversation.

What is "the heart" ... the mind? Emotions? Feelings? They are all over the place almost always, much defined by biology. I mean, how can a woman experience constant feelings when her biology is going through its hormonal cycle?

Aren't there times when we should feel grief, chose a hard path or face adversities ... when we need to risk, even face fearful situations, and stress ourselves out?

You'd be living in cloud cuckoo land if you did not.

In BKism such light weight 'thought provokers' are raised in conversation to elicit "right" responses of what we are supposed to be ... a sort of check to see how well the conditioning is happening ... but, generally, the "right" answers, like "joy", "bliss" etc are impossible ideals no one lives up to. You simply cannot be "joyful", "blissful" all the time. It's probably not biologically possible.

I don't think there is a right path. If we are lucky, there might be a fortunate next step. At any given time there are an infinite number of choices and consequences, too many to think of or make by the human mind so largely we do what have always done out of habit, or fear of the new. In addition, life's responses are also largely random and beyond our control.

For perfectly understandably reasons, humans have a propensity to self-delusion. Part of that is the belief we are getting somewhere. We need to have to carry on because if we hadn't, we'd probably just all lie down and die now. It's necessary but it's probably good to keep it in check, or balance. We stumble on day to day.

Sorry to be so down to earth. "What is the proof?" Let me come and see you when you are on your death bed and ask you how it went.

In the meanwhile, ask more worthwhile questions.

Re: What is the proof that we are on the right path?

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2017
by sukshmbindu
What is your profession?

Re: What is the proof that we are on the right path?

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2017
by ex-l
My profession died exploring the wrong path.

If the path kills that which you love the most, perhaps even separates you from who you love the most, I think it's fair to say it's the wrong path.

Re: What is the proof that we are on the right path?

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2017
by sukshmbindu
OK, thank you.

Re: What is the proof that we are on the right path?

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2017
by Pink Panther
The right path is one that leaves you free to follow it or not, as you choose, that gives more than it takes, that includes more than it excludes, and wishes you well without burdens if you decide it is time to move on to another one.

If a path claims it is the highest one - for the ”chosen” or for ”special” ones - and at the same time says anyone is free to come and go, that is a contradiction, such a path is two-faced.

It means any who choose to leave such a path are not chosen , are not special, they are implicitly failures, weaker, inferior, of lower status etc. That path is a liar.

Re: What is the proof that we are on the right path?

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2017
by Maui
ex-I ... wow ... this path killed, no - nearly killed ... what I loved most. It has attempted to take my God, my family, my profession, my health, my money, and my soul. All for ... a sense of love? Belonging? Service of God? FAMILY??

Re: What is the proof that we are on the right path?

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2018
by Mattheus
A remembrance of heaven from the view of the planets in ancient times. Look at this cristal clear Immanuel Velikovsky Saturn, the Golden Age, and the Deluge.

Re: What is the proof that we are on the right path?

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2018
by ex-l
Mattheus wrote:Look at this crystal clear Immanuel Velikovsky

Do you know that Velikovsky's claims are pretty much completely rejected by the established scientific community and are not only not supported by available evidence but contradicted by it?

Have you read works critical of Velikovsky and the "the Velikovsky Affair" (link to a balanced discussion)?

Some BKs found some interest in Velikovsky's work because it ... sort of ... supported BK theories, or what has been described as the tradition of "catastrophism" (belief in big catastrophies largely based on Biblical stories). However, I am afraid it is just a kind of fallacious logic, an 'appeal to authority' because Velikovsky was a "scientist" ... not realising that his work was not accepted by science as a whole.

Paradoxically, this rejection then becomes a sort of proof or validation that "it must be true" and a part of a greater conspiracy to supress the truth ... again appealing to the BK mind as BK beliefs are also rejected. Velikovsky has becomes a sort of prophet/martyr figure fitting into the mould of other religious beliefs.

For me, it's all unknowable stuff without practical value ... except for a few that make profits from such prophets, by selling books or using their story to sell themselves on the New Age/conspiracy theory talk circuits. Which is again, a big business.

A big 'enertainment' business based largely on unprovable fantasy without practical value.

Again, I think it is a dangerous avenue for ex-BKs to go down because it is one that, at best, encourages them to give away their time and energy on unrewarding efforts; or, at worst, encourages a false ego ... a sense of self importance ... based on an illegitimate knowing "a truth" that is not a truth at all.

What do I mean by an "illegitimate knowing"?

Largely BKism is based on not 'knowing' but 'acceptance'. Acceptance by repetition. BKs do not know The Cycle of Time if 5,000 years or prove it. They cannot know it. All they can do is accept it and the acceptance of it is encouraged through brainwashing, constant repetition and the use of language like "proofs". As are equally crazy ideas like the cult is a "university" ... the "unlimited university" ... that their beliefs are not just "knowledge" but "The Knowledge" and so on.

I am sorry, but no. That's not the way it works.

Do you want to know if Velikovsky's work is true? Become qualified to judge first. Work your way up through a BSc and Ma and a PhD or two first. Learn how science works, learn what the current state of art in the various fields he takes huge unscientific leaps across. Become an equal, a peer, to others in related fields and speak to them. Even start by learning their language and methodology.

Prove your own ability in being able to follow methodological approach. Then judge.

I am sorry but I feel that I would do you the greatest favour by rejecting this avenue of thought, or fantasy, as just that. At best just entertainment, at worst an unhealthy obsession.

A friend once define such lines of thought well as "bubblegum for the mind". By bubblegum for the mind, he meant that like food, it made the 'jaws of the mind' go up and down but, unlike food, bubblegum gives you no nutrition back for the effort and rots your (mental) teeth.

Please stick to healthy wholefoods. Let's stick to your real life issues.

the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things: a fantasy world.