Priest Banned for Spiritual Abuse in England

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Priest Banned for Spiritual Abuse in England

Post12 Mar 2018

In a case that might have ramifications for the Brahma Kumaris in the UK, or for any children or young person who has suffered and wasted their lives under their influences, an Oxfordshire vicar who spiritually abused boy has banned from ministry.

Note, the case did not involve 'sexual abuse', just "spiritual abuse".

The priest has become the first to be convicted of spiritual abuse for trying bully him out of seeing his girlfriend - something I have seen and heard Janki Kirpalani doing absolutely specifically - whom the vicar dubbed as "evil" and "poisonous", often quoting the scripture.

Again, something that is written into BKism an its core teachings, as spoken by its guru and primary medium Lekhraj Kirpalani.

The priest was found guilty by a church tribunal. To the best of my knowledge, no such tribunal exists within the BKWSU and, on the basis of previous experience, the Brahma Kumaris prefer not to wash their dirty linen on public, as with the cover up of the child sex abuse case in the UK, under Jayanti Kirpalani and Janki Kirpalani.
In the first judgment of its kind, the C of E tribunal said the teenager, referred to as W1, was “deprived of his freedom of choice” as to whether to continue with mentoring sessions.

“Under the guise of his authority [Davis] sought to control by the use of admonition, scripture, prayer and revealed prophecy the life of W1 and/or his relationship with his girlfriend.”

Davis, who is in his 50s, moved into the family home and engaged the child in prayer and bible study for two-hour sessions in the boy’s bedroom.

The child described being mentored by Davis as all-consuming but did not feel able to challenge the priest. He told the tribunal that Davis became angry if he did not ring him or respond to texts.

The child’s mother, who worked at the church, also felt unable to challenge Davis because he was her boss and had made it clear that God wanted his mentoring of the child to continue. She told the tribunal she “was scared of going against God”.

If the clergyman wishes to return to ministry at the end of the ban he will need to undergo formal risk assessment.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the diocese said: “The findings of the tribunal are instructive for anyone still doubting that spiritual abuse exists, and we commend the young man and his family for their courage and grace throughout this process.”

The case appears to have been based on 'undue influence', at the time the boy was 15/16 doing his GCSEs and the Vicar was in his 50s and leading a very large and successful Church.
The imbalance in the relationship is obvious," the judgment said.

Again something that could clearly be said of Brahma Kumari leaders, especially over young Indian girls who are culturally further disadvantaged in society. It is the norm in BK India, with parents even "surrendering" young virgins to the cult.

How many BK mothers are equally “ scared of going against God” or even the "Shrimat" of the senior Sisters, the senior Sisters usurping the position of absolute authority within their family.

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