Psychic arrested for scamming clients out of more than $800K

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Psychic arrested for scamming clients out of more than $800K

Post12 May 2018

Brahma Kumarism is a spiritualist religion based on spirit possession and the allegedly "psychic powers" of their leaders who it is claimed are capable of "reading souls", spirit mediumship, trance messaging and spirit channeling. Not only do they claim their primary spirit mediums can "channel" god in person - for which many individuals were rewarded for large donations by gaining one to one sessions with it - but they encourge people to believe the leaders and deceased leaders can "give blessings" (again for which adherents pay handsomely) and travel around the world in an 'out of the body' state spying on the lives of followers and possessing or overshadowing them in order to carry out their work.

On the basis of their hypnotic trance practise, and the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) they have implanted in followers' minds, they have exploited 100,000s of people for decades taking entirely families' wealth, property, their childrens' lives and so on.

From the New York Post and elsewhere 'Psychic arrested for scamming clients out of more than $800K'.

$800,000? That's nothing. The Brahma Kumaris have taken multi-millions on the basis of their End of the World fear paradigm. No one knows how much, as they do not account for and disclose their cult's wealth. Divided up, as it is, into fiefdoms managed by trusted inner circle internationally with a percentage passed back to their Indian headquarters, transported across borders.

How easy is it to run a psychic scam?

Psychic pleads guilty ​to defrauding man of $500,000 to get dead girlfriend back
A self-proclaimed psychic in Midtown [Manhattan] has been arrested for allegedly conning at least two vulnerable out-of-town clients out of more than $800,000 over the last five years.

Ann Thompson, 42, who operated her years-long supernatural scheme under the name “Psychic Zoe” out of the second-story of a W. 35th building near Seventh Avenue, was finally nabbed Wednesday morning on charges of grand larceny, scheming to defraud and fortune-telling, authorities said.

In these cases, victims hired private investigator Bob Nygaard, who specializes in the apprehension pf psychic scammers. Nygaard has helped successfully prosecute 30 psychics and recovered more than $3.5m for his clients to date.
She did not see it coming: psychic arrested for $800,000 fraud.

Nygaard stresses, psychics conning desperate people out of large amounts of money is a serious problem.

“The prevalence with which these psychic scams are occurring, and the exorbitant amounts of money of which vulnerable people are being defrauded, not only in NYC but all over the USA, is absolutely astonishing ... Police and prosecutors need to wake up [and] realize that these self-proclaimed psychics are often part of organized criminal enterprises.”

He is an outspoken critic of psychics and mediums who he considers take advantage of desperate people. He is based in Florida where the BKs operate one of their VIP targeting centres ... and, for example, picked up a VIP supporter Robin Gibb as his Brother died. (I remember how they chased after Madae Sadat of Egypt after her husband died too, so that might be a pattern).
Victims are often so embarrassed at being swindled that they do not report the crime, despite being broken emotionally and facing financial disaster. "They don't want to see their name in the papers". Nygaard says that psychics anticipate and use this. He says it doesn’t matter if the victim is a college professor, a lawyer or a doctor.

"You’re on their territory. And [the psychics] know how to take advantage of that."

Like Scientology, the Brahma Kumaris have invested millions of their illgotten gains into creating a PR front of being a "religion" ... becoming "holy cows" above all criticism. Is it not time people started to see them as they are ... a vast, international “psychic scam” hiding behind the facade of operating a religion? Even pretending to be Hindu when, in truth, they call it "ignorant" and "impure"; pretending to be corporate trainers, when they can invoice Fortune 500 companies; pretending to be both "religious" and "non-religious" depending on whichever provided the best social or tax benefits.

Are spiritualism or psychics a real phenomenon? Who knows and who cares ... follow the money trail instead.

In my experience,
"The only thing reliable about spiritualism or psychics is that they are unreliable".

and in the case of the Brahma Kumaris, they have been funding their operation of psychic predictions of the "End of the World" happening "within two or three years" ... since at least the 1940s in India. And since the 1970s in the West.

Psychics tell you 1, 2, 3 ... 9 "truths" (generally what you want to hear) and then on the 10th "truth" they've got your trust, and can manipulate you how they like.

I can remember chief "trance messenger" in the West, Jayanti Kirpalani, doing precisely so in the early 1980s under the tutelage of their leader Janki Kirpalani.

Even now, they continue to play the same game claiming that "Destruction is imminent" ... while breaking apart families, taking banking their wealth ... and investing it in upmarket properties and real estate freeholds.

Is it not time they were found guilty too?

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