Free Will: How When Humans are Hackable Animals?

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Free Will: How When Humans are Hackable Animals?

Post15 Sep 2018

From historian Yuval Noah Harari's, the Myth of Freedom, an article about liberalism, free will, and the current threats to it ... and the dangers of fooling ourselves - and being fooled into thinking - that things are better — or worse — than they actually are.

... Brahma Kumarism having fooled people into thinking things are as worse as they could possibly be in all eternity, a present of total doom for which only they have the key to salvation from.

I am not sure where Brahma Kumarism standards with regards the concept of free will which the author connects to a post-Christian theory. Of course, whenever we speaking about of Brahma Kumarism, there is the core, dogmatic code, and then the marketing veneer put upon that within the West, so let's ignore the later.

Brahma Kumarism dances quixotically between believing in total and utter predestination - an eternally repeating, molecularly identical 5,000 year Cycle of Time - and the demand for BKs to express total and utter will - albeit not a free and questioning will - to "create" the ever repeating past again in the future. A bizarre paradox that it never quite squares with itself.

I am not even sure, historically, where the social foundation that BK dogma stands on and exploits, and the current status quo in India is, with regards the concept of free will, but the articles goes on to argue it does not really exist and is under assault in the present time, from a scientific point of view.
Liberalism is founded on the belief in human liberty. Unlike rats and monkeys, human beings are supposed to have “free will”. This is what makes human feelings and human choices the ultimate moral and political authority in the world. Liberalism tells us that the voter knows best, that the customer is always right, and that we should think for ourselves and follow our hearts.

Unfortunately, “free will” isn’t a scientific reality. It is a myth inherited from Christian theology.

How much were our minds just "hacked" by the BKs? The BKs started hacking the Hindu mind - Lekhraj Kirpalani knowing it "a little better than the original adherents knew themselves" (see below); his original followers, a little better than the subsequent ones - and then kept learning and developing new skills, often from non-BK sources in the West, to "hack" the Western and other Eastern minds in exactly the same way political trolls are doing today.

We even helped and contributed to that; actively - by coming up with new strategies and re-languaging their techniques; and passively - by allow them to experiment on our minds and social connections. By exposing our "code" to them, and allow them to dabble in it.

How much were we just played in a relevatively predictable manner by them? A gameplan, on their behalf, that they knew had critical faults or damaging effects; from breaking up family units, to suicides.
Computers are hacked through pre-existing faulty code lines. Humans are hacked through pre-existing fears, hatreds, biases and cravings. Hackers cannot create fear or hatred out of nothing. But when they discover what people already fear and hate it is easy to push the relevant emotional buttons and provoke even greater [fear or hate].

To do so, corporations and governments will not need to know you perfectly. That is impossible. They will just have to know you a little better than you know yourself. And that is not impossible, because most people don’t know themselves very well.

The author asks,
What happens when we carefully observe the next thought that pops up in our mind and ask: “Where did that come from?”

What happens when we carefully observe the thoughts the Brahma Kumaris install in our mind and ask: “Where did that come from?”

Not just : “Where did that come from?” but "What is its purpose and intent?" too.

The BK leaders use a "mental plug" answer. It all came from their god, they claim. But we know it did not, and we know the are constantly editing and revising their god's concepts to suit their current situation. It was made by hacked humans. Hacked and pre-programmed BKs.

The article end by referencing a story from Greek mythology about how Zeus and Poseidon, two of the greatest gods, competed for the hand of a goddess, Thetis ... but when they heard the prophecy that Thetis would bear a son more powerful than his Father, both withdrew in alarm.
Since gods plan on sticking around for ever, they don’t want a more powerful offspring to compete with them.

This myth might teach us something important. Autocrats who plan to rule in perpetuity don’t like to encourage the birth of ideas that might displace them.

Would that not define the leading BK mind hackers? Or even their god spirit itself?

The article refers to the author's new book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

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Re: Free Will: How When Humans are Hackable Animals?

Post15 Sep 2018

The story of Poseidon, Zeus, and Thetis was replicated in the lives of many revolutionary BKs who were forced out of the organization. With respect to the mind and soul hacking, they can be overcome humility and blunt honesty.

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