A Pandemic of Sexual Abuse in the Yoga Community?

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A Pandemic of Sexual Abuse in the Yoga Community?

Post09 Dec 2019

Some recent publications and face book group actively battling sexual abuse in the Yoga community seem to indicate a pandemic of sexual abuse in the global Yoga community. The incidences and prevalence extends from the ashrams in the Indian sub-continent to the metropolitan communities in the West. Finally, there is increased activism against sexual and other forms of abuse in communities, where spiritual healing should be prevailing and vulnerable souls should not be hurt.

The indicators of a pandemic is no excuse for sexual misconduct in the BK community.

The Yoga Activist - People and Teachers Against Abuse in Yoga.
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Re: A Pandemic of Sexual Abuse in the Yoga Community?

Post09 Dec 2019

I just watched the movie, 'Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator' about the rise and fall of the founder of Bikram Hot Yoga franchise corporation.

One of the clips that stood out for me was him claiming to be the most spiritual person in the world. Another over the top self-fantasist masking a truly nasty character. Don't they all ...

I noticed Matthew Remski name in the discussion, he's been writing about abuse in Yoga communities for a while. He introduces a new concept, for me, of Somatic Dominance.
“Somatic dominance” by which teachers assume possession and authority over student’s bodies, and the body itself is an object of surveillance and discipline that must perform its virtue.

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