Please Help me to get my wife out of BK

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Please Help me to get my wife out of BK

Post28 Nov 2020

I am about to loose my wife to Brahmakumaris. They have tottaly mindwashed her. I am totally shatterred. Somebody please help me. You can even contact me on 9431144375. This forum is my last resort. Please....
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Re: Please Help me to get my wife out of BK

Post29 Nov 2020

HI Vikashmodi,

I don't have time to answer at length right now, someone else may.

In the meantime, I suggest you browse this site for similar discussions as this problem arises a lot and what people do also varies.

Of course there are many variations within relationships so the kind of response that may be helpful will depend a lot on your situation. Maybe you can reply with a fuller description of your situation. Include details such as the following:
    How old are you and your wife?

    How long have you been married?

    Was it arranged or a choice, i.e. love marriage?

    Do you have children and at what stage in life are they?

    Is your wife working or a stay at home ”housewife” with free time?

    How long as she had contact with the BKs?

    Is it her first introduction to ”spiritual teachings" and practices, has she come from a religious family background?

    Is she fulfilling whatever duties to family and household as she always has or has this changed?

    Do you do an equal amount in that regard?

    Do you give her full respect and validation for who she is and what she does or do you treat her as a domestic servant?

    Did she have other interests and pursuits before her connection to the BKs? If so, does she continue with these?

    Does she access family finances independently i.e. is she donating family wealth to them and/or volunteering lots of time and energy there ?

    What was your relationship and family relationship like in the recent years leading up to her becoming involved with BKs? That is, what are they giving her that she is not finding from her existing life? Companionship of peers and a simple reprieve from routines, e.g. a place to go? A set of teachings that simplify the complexities of life in difficult times?

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