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PostPosted: 16 May 2006
by proy
Bansy Wrote
In all my years as a BK, I never told anyone I was an BK. Just a student of Raja Yoga. BK is a label. Which can only be used within a BK environment. As does "Prof" and "Dr" in theirs. BK labels/badges probably most needed in India, that has had the caste system for centuries, to distinguish each other on the street.

But you are supposed to be incognito is not it ?

You have a fine sense of humour Brother/Sister.

Incognito? Me? With my Ego? :roll:

PostPosted: 16 May 2006
by bansy
Hi Proy,
I wasn't aiming the incognito-ness to you (especially for egos in Scotland..and I have some real fine Scottish friends to be able to say and agree :lol::lol: Great place to be in New Years but that's for another day). No, I was aiming at the BKs who badges worn seem to be getting larger and larger, compared to my miniscule one which looks so rather ... err ... shameless. :cry:

Yes, now some of the BK rosettos nowadays are TOO big. :lol: Almost the size of those in soccer matches.


PostPosted: 18 May 2006
by proy
Bansy wrote:Some of the BK rosettos nowadays

I wondered what those rosettos are, I have only seen them in "The World Renewal" magazine, in the photgraphs there. Are those badges?

Where can I get one? :oops: (Oops! There's that ego again. I am not Scottish, but English. I too have some fine Scottish friends though)
I am doing what I don't like now and drifting off topic. I will send you a PM.

Love, Proy.