Peak oil and fuel shortages

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Peak oil and fuel shortages

Post13 Jun 2008

abrahma Kumar did not wrote: ... I wonder if ShivBaba (in Veerendra Dev Dixit) was trying to communicate that, however much value money may have, we ought not to delude ourselves into thinking that its purchasing power will always remain the same? One need just look at the escalating price of oil; not so long 40 US dollars could buy a barrell of oil but given current world conditions we might just be able to buy half a barrell of oil with the same 40 US dollars. The impact of these price fluctuations can indeed give rise to major stress on personal, national and global levels - but we still have money in our pockets, don't we? ...

Yesterday, Thursday, June 12, 2008: NYMEX West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil for July delivery closed up $0.36 at $137.74 per barrel.
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