Is it right to eat plants?

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Re: Is it right to eat plants?

Post26 Oct 2010

Mr Green wrote:Of course we can choose what we eat, but we have to eat something.....I am saying is you cannot really have a moral arguement against eating plant flesh or animal flesh, you have to eat something the same as something has to eat you

Yeah, have to eat something.


I reckon its more than movement. How about if we say it's when you have an exchange of emotion and can form a relationship?

Are you married? Don't you personally detect a difference between an inanimate object, say a chair, and your partner? You could construct some emotional response and involvement with that chair. Maybe it's a prized and beautiful antique. But do you detect some difference with someone close to you, another human being, especially one you love? There is give and take.

How do we detect that? With movement and sound, sure. Senses. Anything extra on top of the five senses?

Have you ever walked into a room and picked up on an "emotional atmosphere"? You've never felt it when a loved one close to you has been thinking of you all day (usually when you're in love)? I have had many extra sensory experiences by now. I full on believe in the metaphysical. I've known sometimes when friends are going to ring, etc.

Anyway, no matter how you detect another presence, what are you detecting? What is a human relationship actually? Is there something extra going on compared to your connection with inanimate objexts? Is there an exchange between two consciousnesses (is that a word??)? Then apply that test and vision to plants and animals and see what you come up with.

It's a very eastern and ancient philosophy that says there is a presence in people and animals, the being, the consciousness. This thing has feelings and experiences life. I dunno, I just reckon I live in a real world surrounded by other beings just like me. You believe what you want to. :)

- Sword

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