Changing Legislation

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Changing Legislation

Post27 Apr 2010

I want to see if legislation can be passed so that organisations like this can be made illegal to practice - maybe organisations with suicides associated with them or another set of rules - a large enough enough petition against them etc - I think with the current political situation now would be a really good time for a large number of people who have had bad experiences with BKs etc to email their councillors and ask if they would be prepared to request such a law if they were elected.

We could use this website to ask people to write to their councillors for such legislation. The French authorities already oppose such organisation - surely we can ask our government to be more active too?


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Re: Changing Legislation

Post28 Apr 2010

The time is NOW!!!!



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Re: Changing Legislation

Post28 Apr 2010

THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN.The government itself is confused and in dilemma. They are seeking help from such organisations.

The BK's intention is to capture the government and hence they going to establish Deity kingdom in this world where all people will remain happy for 21 births.


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Who said the BK's intention is to capture the government?

Post28 Apr 2010

nischaybuddi did not wrote: ... The BK's intention is to capture the government ...

To an observer those words could well trigger a storm of waste thoughts ... and to see them written by a BK of over 40 years standing is even more interesting (imho)!

Do you think you ought to clarify that post of yours by stating that, "it is your opinion"?

Nischaybuddi, you may not know it but if you care to research this forum you will see that there was a time when a member was given a very, very hard time for asking the question,"Has BKWSU been covertly taken over by terrorists?".

Do you think the BK 'government capture' be confined to India? Do you think the BK's intention is to capture the government by peaceful or foul means? Are the white-clad advocates of a Golden Age intent on dominating the world with "their religion" or the threat of Nuclear Armageddon (once they get their fingers on the triggers)?

I wonder if Gyan is also a vehicle for covert BK militarism? Goverment's beware!

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