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Marxist spirituality

Post07 Jun 2012

So many spiritual teachings respond to the reality of negativity and suffering in the world in one or more of the following ways:

    Ignore it, don't put your attention on it and it will go away and/or not effect you
    It's not really negative and it's not really suffering, it only appears that way from your limited awareness so just work on your own awareness
    Negativity and suffering are essential to growth so don't try to remove it or you will be removing learning opportunities
    Everything that is happening is perfect
    Everything that is happening is planned by your higher self
    It's all just an illusion or a game
    Don't worry it will all go away soon because of the arrival of an external saviour
    Don't worry it will all go away soon because of the arrival of a New Age
    Any talk of negativity and suffering will just make you fearful
    Any teaching or theory that does not admit that you have to fearlessly investigate negativity and wrong doing and become knowledgeable about it and then do something about it and pro-actively strive for justice and fairness, is, as Marx said, an opiate of the masses that encourages apathy and prolongs the negativity and suffering.

This is not about generating fear or hopelessness in people who are not aware of what is really going on, a fearful response to negativity and suffering is to ignore it or pretend it is not really a bad thing or pretend it will go away without having to directly address it.

To ignore the truth behind the unpleasant conspiracies that are being perpetrated on humanity is akin to ignoring and suppressing your own internal negativity and maintaining a superficial level of happiness. To transform your own negativity you have to go into it and explore it fearlessly and become aware of it and only then can you transmute it and integrate it and become whole. The same is true for the negativity that is very real now in the external world. We need to bring it out of the shadows, expose it and deal with it if we are to become a whole and healthy society.


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