Chinese police arrest End of the World Cult [updated]

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Chinese police arrest End of the World Cult [updated]

Post19 Dec 2012

Sounds familiar ... it's business as usual for cults exploiting 'End of the World' fears and state crack downs. China has to be admired for acting in the only way to deterring such groups. I always wondered what the 20% of the world's population was going to do having near zero BK influence. It seems like it does not need the BKs as it has cults of its own.

BTW, how is the BKWSU doing in China ... still attempting to sneak in via the backdoor, e.g. Christopher Drake and its Living Values/Values Education front? I must write a letter to the '610 Office'!

It's estimated that this female led "Eastern Lighting" sect, whose leader was "once possessed by a spirit, has upwards of 1 million members in 20 provinces despite only stating in 1989. The leader of the "The Church of Almighty God" also claims to be the incarnation of the Most High and declares that China is the Great Red Dragon of the book of Revelation who faces Destruction. "God’s plan", she says, has three ages (creation, salvation, and destruction)". The cult demands complete obedience and sacrifice. Adherents must turn their material possessions over to the organization and follow orders and are urged to leave their families. The leader declares that her appearance as the new Messiah ushers in the last stage of God’s plan. Doomsday is coming and God has arrived to complete his/her work.
Cult members will try to befriend such people and to act like sincere truth seekers in order to gain their trust. Once the infiltrators have successfully "spied" these people, they begin to "pave the way" by asking questions to shake the Christian believer’s faith ... they badger the believer with questions such as, "Where is heaven? Is it on earth?" Ultimately, they turn to preaching their message, which is the second incarnation of God.

According to their website.
"At the present time, the work is one of conquering the deeply corrupt people in the nations. Moreover, it is not merely a work of guiding people in China, but one of guiding the entire universe. You now only see the work being done in China, but actually it has already started to extend overseas."

Honestly, where do these cult leaders come from? Is there some kind of training school for millenarianist gurus somewhere? Is there a realm of "End of the World" spooks going around the world having a laugh at humanity's expense?

As with the BKs, those who do not accept their leaders words will die a terrible death, or receive severe punishment.
China arrests End of the World Cult

Chinese police arrested 500 followers of religious cult over for spreading 'End of the World' rumours. The Qinghai police bureau stated that the police had stormed numerous centres belonging to the "Almighty God cult", arresting more than 400 members and confiscating over 5,000 items including banners, DVDs, slogans, books, computers, speakers, and cell phones. The Xinhua newspaper reported that the group had "advanced anti-detection capabilities".

One government agency, the 610 Office, was established in 1999 to control the spiritual group Falun Gong but now monitors other groups including house church Christians, Buddhists and other religious or spiritual groups. It is estimated to retains at least 15,000 officers.

Much of the furore seems to have been inspired by the Hollywood film 2012, a box office hit in China, which used the so-called "Mayan apocalypse" as its central premise.

The Almighty God group was founded in the 1990s by self-proclaimed grand priest Zhao Weishan in central Henan province. Among the group's core tenets are the belief that a female Jesus Christ will save adherents from the end of the world and that it must fight a decisive battle against the "Big Red Dragon", its phrase for the Chinese Communist party.

Zhao, who left China for the US 12 years ago, says the Bible is outdated and has re-interpretated to suit Chinese culture, so it's easy for Chinese people to understand what they're preaching."

Commentator claim that the moral vacuum in Chinese society is creating the ideal circumstances for the growth of cults.

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