White smoke from Mount Abu..!

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White smoke from Mount Abu..!

Post14 Mar 2013

Can we expect white smoke to come from Mount Abu ..?? Not to announce a successor to "Janki", but to declare to the whole world that the Brahma Kumaris and its founder "Lekhraj Kirpalani " have deceived and lied to thousands of people about this fake cult, caused them pain and sorrow, and wasted many precious years of their lives ..!!
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Re: White smoke from Mount Abu..!

Post14 Mar 2013

When a new pope is chosen, white smoke is sent out of the Vatican's chimneys to indicate a decision by the cardinals has been made.

How do the Brahma Kumaris make their decision of leadership?
Who are their "cardinals" and on what basis do they decide?
Why are the discussion held in private and is there politicking in the background?
    Who will be the next leader after the current pope, 'Pope Kirpalani the Second' (Dadi Janki), dies?
Although Jayanti Kripalani has been groomed by her since a young age, I suspect we will not have a 'Pope Kirpalani the Third' straight away. Partly because I have heard she is not like by many but, mostly, because their form has been to elect someone with a symbolic connection to the early days of the cult, to "show respect" to old age.

As a Sindhi, Jayanti Kripalani would be a forerunner against other competitors to the throne but who might they be?
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Re: White smoke from Mount Abu..!

Post15 Mar 2013


Trance Sister Radio.

One 'tradition" is that the leader is not a transistor herself - neither Brahma, the first Dadi'n'Didi heads, nor Janki were transistors. A crude separation of powers?

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