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How to study ? I know very silly question as I know that everyone has different ways of studying. But as an engineering student, I want to knows as how to actually study as there is little time and so much to study and lot of burden. How to actualy divide time properly and how to retain so much. I also want to know as how we can develop interest in studying and enjoy it.
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Re: studies

Post22 Sep 2015

Coming here for study tip shows you don't know how and where to appropriately source information for particular topics. That would be a good skill to improve, your education is obviously sorely lacking in basic logic!

I suggest you do a google web search on ”tips for studying”.
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Re: Studies

Post22 Sep 2015

Although the Brahma Kumaris might advertise that they teach meditation to help you concentrate, really they are just looking to suck you up into their very illogical End of the World cult that will turn you into their slave and destroy your life.

They target young people at a student age - often away from home and family for the first time - and slowly want to control more and more of your life, your thoughts, your sexual and emotional life, breaking your family relationships, taking your money until they own you.

If you allow them, they will destroy your career and lifetime opportunities.

You need to speak to someone experienced, near you and in person. Find a good tutor or someone.

There are so many aspects involved, from your diet, through familial to social pressures, medical even (from needing new glasses to suffering from depression and anxiety), to whether you are really following your true desires and path in life.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you there. We are here to save people from having their lives wasted by the BKs and helping people overcome the damage they have caused.

If you have seen Shivani on the TV, and think she has all the answers for you, you have been conned. She's not really wise, and certainly cannot help you personally, she's just an unquestioning robot and a salesperson for the Brahma Kumaris cult. They use whatever vulnerability you have to appeal to you.

Don't waste your young life on religion but if you think meditation will help you, find a neutral sort without gurus, rituals and god like basic mindfulness or breathing exercises, or as in hatha Yoga or martial arts.

Good physical health and exercise will help you a lot. Increase your physical health as much as you can and never give it up for the rest of your life. Get up and go to bed early. Avoid tiredness.

Forget the gods and god merchants, and don't rely on prayers; they won't help you with your exams but they will help themselves to your wallet and free labour.

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