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Paris attack and political BKWSU

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2015
by kmanaveen
Here is a message for the media from Jayanti and it looks so political. She dares to change the picture of Shiv Baba too. On the face of it, she wants to show how liberal and loveful they are and on the back she knows it was the karma of these people that they got killed by terrorists..poor souls.

Message from Jayanti

Re: Paris attack and political BKWSU

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2015
by ex-l
Oh ... "keep giving us your money, and we will give you our divine thoughts". The "greatest means we have for changing the world" ... really?

How gracious of our angelic friends. To me, the symbol looks like the sign of Anarchy (below).

Yeah, all political posing. On the 12th of November 2015, two days before, suicide bombers killed 40 in Beirut, Lebanon. Did we hear their prayers for them?

Since the beginning of October, 100 have died in Palestine, 100 out of about 10,000, including 2,065 Palestinian children since the Year 2000. Did we hear their prayers for them?

And what use are positive thoughts, really? Better than education? Better than capping the powers of capitalism? Better than removing patriarchal dictatorships and oligarchies? Better than democracy? Oh no, I forgot, the BKs are not in favour of any of them, they are themselves a theocratic dynastic oligarchy that seem democracy as "impure" and degraded.

Jayanti adopts a hushed tone and puts on a mask for the Western public, meanwhile we have Omkar the Junior BK elsewhere showing us the inside view of BKs all excited that "Destruction really is here this time!!!" and, rest assure, back in Madhuban, BapDada will be asking the BKs if they want him to "press the button" that will bring on the death of 7 billion.

No need to point out that the BKs still preach that Great Death in unavoidable nuclear and civil wars that they will "give courage" to the scientists to carry out ... or that the Paris, Beruit, Palestinian and killings all over Iraq and Syria all were made in the name of God against secular States and democracy too.

Why do the BKs do such things? It is just their way of servicing their own fears, or is it further exercise of their narcissistic vanity?

"Allahu Akbar!" Do the BKs not say their god is Allah too? Oh, yes, they do. See below. (adopted from genuine materials)

God-Anarchy.jpg (20.48 KiB) Viewed 9822 times

Re: Paris attack and political BKWSU

PostPosted: 19 Nov 2015
by Pink Panther
The graphic in the first post quoting Jayanti was not done by BKs but by a well known graphic artist - it went viral on social media. It is a reworking of the 1960s ”peace'' symbol utilised by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, amongst others.

Whoever put that graphic together with the Shiv Baba poster has probably stolen the artist’s copyright. ... aris/44307

Re: Paris attack and political BKWSU

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2015
by jann
Hypocrites! Well, every disaster is a moment for any cult to promote themselves to tell the world how much people 'need' them to sustain inner strength or all other crap. The only fear is with the followers. They think it's finally the end (again) which, of course, it is not and because it is not, it is their fault again for 'not being ready'.

Re: Paris attack and political BKWSU

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2015
by ex-l
When did the BKs change from "it's their karma"? Well, they have not really.

How ISIS described their victims at the rock concert was,
... hundreds of apostates had gathered in a profligate prostitution party ...

How far is that really from BK beliefs about impure shudras" and what is going to happen to the population of the world so that they can inherit a Golden Age, the BKs have looked forward to such carnage for decades? Lekhraj Kirpalani actually describes churches and temples as "brothels".

Is Jayant going to say it in public, "It was their own bad karma to get shot for being impure"?

But I think what disgusts me more about the public pretence is the racial element of. Between 500,000 and a Million Iraqis civilians have died because of the West invasion of their land under America, did we hear a word from the BKs?

There's a Big Bill Bronzy song which goes,
Big Bill Bronzy wrote:If you're white,
You're alright,
If you're brown,
You could stick around,
But as you're black, get back."

I kind of feel that is the Kirpalani Klan were singing it, it would something like
If you're white,
You're alright,
If you're brown,
You could stick around,
But if you're poorer or darker than us, stay down."

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I think, given what they really believe and how they behave to the Powers that be, the statement stinks and the BKs are full of their own self-important vanity if they actually think sitting there doing nothing, being frightful about Destruction coming, "Om-ing" away helps others.

Re: Paris attack and political BKWSU

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2015
by Pink Panther
I remember a discussion about historical atrocities and karma in London in my early days including Janki and Jayanti - there were two sides of the story:
    1. If bad sh*t happens to you, you definitely had bad karma.
    2. We should all be merciful & compassionate to those who have bad karma in the hope that once that "bad karma has been settled” then ”souls” will be ready to ”take their inheritance” (note the jargon that expects to be accepted).
The press release from Jayanti is based on the second part.

Offtopic: Philosophical aside: It could be argued that the West is reaping what it sowed in the Middle East over centuries of colonial exploitation & abuse of power and influence right up till modern times. This idea of karma or deserved punishment for immoral lifestyles says that collective punishment or punishment by association justifies the terrorism, the killers are merely agents of karmic wrath. So if they helped the victims ”clear bad karma” have they, for themselves, created good karma or bad karma?

The BK view did indeed grow out of the conservative, uneducated if at all literate, culture and morality of 19th century Islam, Hinduism and Victorian era Christianity that Lekhraj was a child of. ("Cinema is the ”Mother of Sin?" I mean, really??).

When such tragic events happen, abstract rationalisations veer towards generalisations to make it comprehensible. Many latch onto ”karma drama" because people want to make sense of what seems outrageous or incomprehensible.

The BK view of karma also grew out of Vedanta - karma is an account of each individual "soul" so each soul must make individual efforts for liberation. It cannot be done collectively, nor can one do the necessary sadhanna for another. (I can’t eat FOR you, and you can’t sleep FOR me). Therefore any rationalisations based on collective karma is really stretching plausibility, the BK (cough) ”philosophy” is too cute by half, it always lacked the rigour of a true philosophy, ignoring its own contradictions or contradictory evidence and facts, lacking the circumspection of a fully integrated paradigm with correlative evidence (rather than mere conjecture based on subjectivity).

It "just says things” that sound nice.

Re: Paris attack and political BKWSU

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2015
by ex-l
Pink Panther wrote:Offtopic: Philosophical aside: It could be argued that the West is reaping what it sowed in the Middle East over centuries ... punishment by association justifies the terrorism, the killers are merely agents of karmic wrath. So if they helped the victims ”clear bad karma” have they ...

What interests me is our 'stunned' reaction to their ideas. And I think stunned, intellectually stunned, is the right word for it.

They would sit on their guddhi thrones and pronounce all such sort of irrational and illogical backward nonsense with no means as to support or explain it, and we would sit in silence, or actually silenced if we raised questions about it to them, stunned by the "mysterious" stupidity of it. And then this stuntedness is re-interpretated as deep or "depth" or thinking, "experiencing" - your subjective element it.

I have a regular dispute with one BK over the BK use of the world "understanding". I argue that you cannot understand BKism because there is nothing to understand. It is not understandable because it has no logic, rational or evidence to support it. You can only accept it, or not. BKs confuse accepting and memorising the nonsense, the potted responses, with understanding it.

Where there are no explanations and evidence, there is no understanding.

It started up as a vanity 'End of the World' cult for one man playing god to a social circle of privileged but uneducated women or, in other words, plainly somewhere between gullible and naive, and stupid. And if you did not start that way, following it will turn you into it. (note; this is not a sexist criticism of those girls and women, but it is certainly a classist criticism of the Bhaibund caste, one dedicated to making money but not valuing education). At best, it only uses followers' intelligence to manufacture superior marketing facades.

Let's take the Paris Victims one by one and explain what mysterious power connected them to the collective Karma of the Western Imperialists in the Middle East, what mysterious power moved them all - from teenagers to adults in their 60s - to be where they were on the night, and through what medium - what element - that mysterious power moved?

Has the BKWSU any answers to these question? Does it have any explanation as to how karma works? No, it really does not have a clue. All that it is interested in is how useful or expedient it is to achieve some result or influence. To upkeep some kind of facade of "being religious".

The facade which gives them power and brings then in money.

Anything - even the mass murder of unconnected innocents - that is useful to plugging the minds and encouraging their adherent or financial sponsors to sit down, do nothing and self-hypnotise - re-confirming the importance of the Kirpalani Klan to themselves - is useful to the Kirpalani Klan.

What is the explanation of the cause behind the Paris atrocity? No need to study and question the history, politics and policy strategies ... just say "Karma" and get back to "Om-ing" in the corner feeling you are doing something good about it, while doing nothing.

Re: Paris attack and political BKWSU

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2015
by Pink Panther
One major insight I had observing DJ and Jayanti and other Seniors over the years was how they seemed to feel obliged to always have an answer when questions arose about such situations and events.

Of course, they try to sound authoritative, often ”thinking out loud” as they speak - starting from a BK platitude (karma, drama, signs of destruction, opportunity for service, proof of something or other, and so on) then rationalising the application of that platitude to the particular ’sentiment'.

But there were times when you can see they are really ”winging” it and you can also see they hope no-one is noticing! That’s the times when there’s a skerrick of humility still clinging to the ego rock. The arrogant ones, or the times when arrogance is king, sees them making pronouncements with total conviction.
“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

― Martin Luther King