Promoting secularism as a self-defence against BKs & cults

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Promoting secularism as a self-defence against BKs & cults

Post09 Mar 2016

Secularism is not a cult, religion or belief system ... it is defined by two principles;
    the separation of the state from religious institutions, and
    that people of different religions, social standing and beliefs are equal before the law.
Brahma Kumarism is, essentially, the opposite - and in opposition to - a secular way of life. In BKism, the Religion is the State and, indeed, it sees the concept of "Democracy" as an "impure" and "degraded" social or political form. Brahma Kumarism is a rigid, unaccountable, untransparent, theocratic and totalitarian cult. As is its vision of a "perfect world" ... one world, one religion, with them at the top of the pyramid as an unchallengeable ruling dynasty for 2,500 years. In the old days, it even used to promote itself as a "religio-political" cult.

However, perhaps to be more accurate we should say ...
"Brahma Kumarism is a rigid, unaccountable, untransparent, theocratic and totalitarian cult ... with a few comfortable anarchies and attractive retreats around the fringes and suburbs for apologists in the West, and a 4 Star service for the rich, famous and powerful in India"?

Are the Kirpalani Klan trully indoctrinating individuals to become "perfect" for a "perfect world" ... or are they indoctrinating individuals to become the "perfect subjects" for their perfect court; submissive, unquestioning, silent, graceful ... but, ultimately, entirely dependent, disempowered and voiceless.

How can we oppose such an erosion of such essential and valuable human rights, human rights and values that very many actually fought and died to bring about and to free society from such religious totalitarianism.

One way to prevent the expansion of cultic influence within society is, as Henri Pena-Ruiz writes, to ensure that ...
Henri Pena-Ruiz wrote:“each individual is effectively in possession of all the rights the secular Republic gives them, and that they experiment the authenticity of these rights at the heart of economic and social life.”

- Henri Pena-Ruiz, What is Secularism? 2003

But is that enough alone?

That obviously does not apply amongst the vast majority of lower or lower middle class Indians the Kirpalani Klan target and use to finance their global imperial ambitions ... but why are Westerners, in well developed secular republics and democracies, so quick and willing to give up those same hard earned rights, and accept cultic domination by individuals without such morals, ethics, politics and even much education?

Karl Popper warned in his book, “The Open Society and its Enemies” that ...
Karl Popper wrote:Unlimited tolerance must lead to the extinction of tolerance.

If we extend unlimited tolerance even to the intolerants, if we are not ready to defend a tolerant society against the im- pact of intolerance, then the tolerant will be destroyed and tolerance with him.

- Karl Popper

Secularism cannot be thought of as society's or the State’s unlimited indifference because, for secularism to thrive, it is necessary that the State fights those who use the freedoms of speech, of religion and of association to harm the very fundamentals of these freedoms.

I imagine BKs would probably snigger conceitedly at the idea that were living in and supporting "religious totalitarianism" as the wealth and property the Kirpalani Klan has accrued, by their decades worth of deception and manipulation, has made their lives comfortable and they are able to enjoy their expensive retreats (at least for a few weeks of the year).

They may even say they prefer it as a state ... no need to think, no need to question, no need to do the hard work of proving their theories all they have to do is accept and adopt to the leadership. Perhaps for many in India, e.g. the lower or lower middle class women they primarily target as free workers, it's even a better option in a society that disallows women basic freedoms.

But is it really a step forward ... or are the Kirpalani Klan only actually exploiting those hard earn freedoms to turn the tide of time backward and return those under their influence to a more medieval way of life? Albeit the Middle Ages with central heating, business class air travel, and lots of 'someone else built and paid for' high technology ...

Of course, BKism is by no means the greatest threat to modern, secular societies at the present time. Islamist and other forms of fundamentalism are far more powerful and expansive. But does it really offer modern secular societies anything ... or is it just leaching off them by talking sweetly, purring quietly, and playing mother to the "damaged" or misfit " children" within those societies?

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