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Master Almighty Authority Doctorate Degree discourse

PostPosted: 06 Nov 2016
by onvalianthorwatch
Hi, from the title of the topic you can see that the ambition is great and dareisay will be NEW for many BK's or BK aware persons. I also hope that the topic will be a kind of backward look art our BK experience on the basis of our current knowledge. I do not know if it will 'work' but let's see, nothing ventured nothing gained. Don't take it all seriously except if you think you should :)

So let's pretend that we are signing up for a new course in the hope of attaining our Master Almighty Authority Doctorate Degree for the Present Age hehehe (please note that it is a MAAD Degree and this can be a a sort of pre-release version i.e the degree discourse toward our dissertation)

i'll kick things off with the assertion that any 'degree' (in this context BK teachings) which lacks universal credentials will never have just claim on imparting the Supreme Wisdom. In retrospect how can Divinity without fact based Truths enable me to see Maya accurately?

The BK God has not revealed any truth containing the power to unveil to us the great deception that every single human on the planet lives under at this point in history. So what is Gyan good for? Educating a student to a point where she finds herself on a forum engaged in crazy discourse with an imaginary who'er may care to be curious enough to ask questions ?

Don't be shy, let's think of it as developing our reality student life aka exploring the important things about our world that Shiv Baba never bothered to tell us about. Perhaps that is even a higher degree of Gyan ... a bit like the in the freemasons.

Master Almighty Authority Doctorate Degree discourse

PostPosted: 19 Nov 2016
by onvalianthorwatch
As I enter a different aspect of the Matrix that we humans seem to inhabit I find myself wondering if as a BK student I had a 'particular 'typical profile' so to speak. I wonder at the percentage of BKs who would regard themselves as having had a 'general all-round informative education'? An education that equips them to discern fact from a faction's particular agenda?

I confessed elsewhere that my journey out of the BKs was one that started without my being fully aware of what was happening to me. I remember sitting and being dazed as waves of doubt and hairline fractures of disbelief developed into fissures in my hitherto unquestioned 'commitment'.

If you are a BK reading this how much knowledge would you say you have of the history of the world we live in and the institutional systems that hold sway and shape our perceptions of the world that we live in? Do you find that the world view presented by Gyan stands up to open-minded enquiry?

If you are a BK please do not feel that that these are only questions a BK ought to consider.